How to repair any water damaged phone in 1 HOUR!!!

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Want to repair your water damaged phone? Did you know you can do it in an hour? Watch this video!

You will need:
1. A water damaged phone
2. 99% isopropyl alcohol
3. White rice (uncooked lol)

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Mulugeta Shiferaw of Cincinnati, Ohio, suffered brain damaged after being kidnapped

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An Ethiopian taxi driver named Mulugeta Shiferaw, who was kidnapped, stuffed in the trunk of his cab and driven around Cincinnati for hours, suffered brain damage and may never recover – WCRC Cincinnati

Ashley Williams was living in the abandoned commercial building in San Jose that was damaged by a th

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Ashley Williams was living in the abandoned commercial building in San Jose that was damaged by a three-alarm fire.

By: Mark Gomez
Published on: January 14, 2015

How to Repair & fix water damaged Mobile Phones at home | Pani me gire mobile ko thik kaise kare

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how we can fix water damaged phones , in this video i’ll show you how you can easily repair water damaged phone at home , i have also explain step by step what to do if your drop your smartphone in water , what you shout do when you phone drop in water and what you should not do these tips are very helpfull to repair any phone samsung phones , nokia phones ,iphone ,micromax phone , vivo phone , oppo phone , lg phones at to fix a phone with water damage a touch screen,how to fix a water damaged phone that wont turn on ,how to fix water damaged phone screen

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is video me mai aapko bataunga ki agar aapka mobile phone pani me gir jaye ya fir phone ke andar paani ghus jaye to aise me aapko kya karna chahiye apne phone ko thik karne ke liye ,kayi baar pani me pane chale jaane ki wajah se phone on nhi hota tab hame kya karne chahiye aur kya nahi karna chahiye , kaise hum paani me gire phone ko ghar par thik kar sakte hai.

अकसर हमारा फ़ोन पानी में गिर जाता है या फिर हमारे फ़ोन के अन्दर पानी घुस जाता है जिसके वजह से हमारे फ़ोन ओन नहीं होता बस लाइट जलता है या फिर कई बार फ़ोन में बस फ़ोन का नाम लिखा आता है और फ़ोन पानी में भीग जाने की वजह से ओन नहीं होता तो हम इससे कैसे ठीक कर सकते है ये विडियो आपको बताएगा की कैसे आप पानी में भीगे हुए फ़ोन को घर पर ही ठीक कर सकते है.
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How to fix 100% water damaged Mobile | Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tested

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Hi Friends,

In this video I will tell you step by step process to repair your dead phone (by water logging). You would need following things :-

1. Isopropyl Alcohol (99% Pure)
2. Rice
3. Plastic container bigger than mobile
4. Cotton Cloth
5. Hair Dryer (Optional)
6. Time and patience

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West Sacramento church damaged by fire

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A Russian Orthodox church in West Sacramento was badly damaged by flames Thursday morning despite firefighters quickly extinguishing the blaze. The fire was sparked about 8 a.m. at the church at 833 Water St. Someone called 911 to report flames coming from three windows on the church, and crews arrived to find the building fully involved in flames, said John Heilman, with the West Sacramento Fire Department. Get the full story in the video.

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St. Josaphat’s Roman Catholic Church – Damaged Spire – Detroit Drone Aerial Video

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By Eric D. Lawrence / Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

Add the Detroit skyline to the list of damage and destruction from this week’s powerful storms.

The iconic steeple of St. Josaphat Catholic Church, visible from I-75, was so damaged by high winds Sunday and Monday that it likely will be removed permanently, according to church officials. At times, the steeple, which towers 200 feet off the ground, could be seen swaying in the wind, said Joe Kohn, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Detroit.

“There was some immediate concern of whether it would topple,” Kohn said today.

The steeple is a familiar part of the Detroit skyline.

“When you drive down 75, you can see this particular spire rising above the city. … It’s a sight seen by multiple millions of people,” Kohn said. “It’s unfortunate to lose an icon like that.”

Safety concerns prompted authorities to block off Canfield Street, where the 112-year-old church is located. Detroit building officials have condemned the church, at least for now, and an inspection of the inside of the steeple found cracks and other support problems, Kohn said. The steeple is missing slate shingles, and the structure is leaning.

Kohn said the steeple likely will be removed and a new roof put in its place — a project expected to easily cost in the six figures. Church officials expect to begin receiving reports from contractors as early as Wednesday on what will need to be done.

“It’s not damaged beyond repair, but it would be a huge expense and well beyond what the parish budget can handle,” Kohn said, noting that the congregation has 850 families.

-Harry Arnold
Detroit Drone / iTVDetroit
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How To Replace Warped/Water Damaged Laminate Floor Boards

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I made this video showing how I replaced some warped laminate floor boards in our kitchen. It is fairly easy to do so hopefully this video will help save you some money.

How To Fix a Water Damaged iPhone

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Today I show you how to quickly fix any water damaged phone. This fast repair technique works with all types of phones, tablets & iPods! No matter how badly water damaged your phone is, you’ll be able to fix it in minutes for free! No need to send it off for repairs, just follow the easy step by step instructions & your phone will be good as new in no time. Please note this method works with all models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy as well as all other major phone brands.

Show everyone how simple it is to repair a water damaged phone!

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How to repair water damaged drywall in one day!!

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On this water damage repair project, the home owners had already removed the drywall. But they did not cut it out square or on a stud.
So, the first thing I had to do was cut the drywall square so it would be an easier and tight fight of the new drywall. Next I added a wood 1″ x 2″ furring strip to be able to secure the wall board since the it was cut just past the original framing of the home.

Please watch: “How to skim coat a wall in less then 10 minutes | Diy Drywall Tips and Tricks”


[Hindi Audio]-Water Damaged Repair Video: What to do and How to Repair?

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क्या करना चाहिए आपको अगर आपका फोन पानी में गिर जाए यार उस पर पानी पड़ जाए|
1. पहले तो उसके पावर बटन को कभी भी हाथ ना लगाएं
2. दूसरा जितनी जल्दी हो सके बैटरी निकाल दे
3. तीसरा फोन को खूब सुखा लें, कम से कम दो-तीन दिन दिन तक धूप में अच्छी तरह सुखा ले|

जब तक आपको भरोसा ना हो जाए कि फोन पूरी तरह से सुख चुका होगा तब तक कभी बैटरी में डालें और फोन को पावर ऑन करने की कोशिश ना करें| अगर आपके फोन से बैटरी नहीं निकल सकती है, तो पावर बटन को ना छुए और फोन को ऐसे ही सुखा ले| तो इन तीन बातों का ध्यान रखे आप अपने फोन को बचा सकते है|
तो आप अपने फोन को बचा सकते हैं, बस मेरी हिदायत का पालन करें और आपका फोन बच जाएगा|

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