The Israelites: The Prophets Teach Cusseta Road Christian Center The Truth

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City/State: Riverdale , GA 30238
School Address: 8476 Hwy 85
Contact Number: (855) 484-4842 (IUIC) Extension: 711
Primary Contact: Deacon Malachi
Original Royalty:

Pastor’s Appreciation 2015 at Allen Temple AME – Phenix City, Ala.

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Allen Temple AME Church located in Phenix City, Alabama recognizes and honors their Servant Pastor, Rev. Brandon L. Thornton on Sunday, October 11, 2015. The Guest Speaker was Rev. D’Andre Gillespie of the Kingsville Baptist Church in Cusseta, Georgia. Take a look at the highlights from the program…

Mormon Missionaries meet Cusseta, GA tornado 720p HD

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On November 23rd, 2014 four missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (listed below) serving in the Georgia Macon Mission were traveling from Cusseta, GA back to Columbus, GA. The area was already under a tornado watch and on the way back they received a Wireless Emergency Alert for a Tornado Warning on their phone which is “announced” by Elder Jordan Jones at the beginning of the video.

I find it funny that Elder Jones made the comment about it dying down. What he does not know is that the weather “calming down” suddenly in a tornado warned storm can be an indicator that a tornado is close by. They find that out in this video. When I did tornado clean up in Arlington, Texas in 2000, I had MULTIPLE survivors say that it got VERY quiet right before the tornado struck. I asked them how long they had between the time it got quiet until the tornado struck. They ALL said a few SECONDS.

You can start to see power flashes at 0:13 which indicate where the tornado actually was..

At 1:30 you can see a what looks like a street sign off to the side of the road?

At 1:41 you can see a bent “Do Not Enter” sign.

The tornado passed right in front of them, they were NOT in the direct path. I believe this was a first for all 4 missionaries. The sister missionaries Owusu and Tevi, were traveling behind them. This tornado was of EF0 strength when it passed through Cusseta in this video. It later strengthened to EF2 when it was in Thomaston, GA. This long-tracked tornado was on the ground for about 118 miles. And yes, Elder Jones is always this happy.

I told them (multiple times) that next time they need to get OUT of their vehicle and take cover in a nearby ditch because being SURROUNDED BY GLASS in a tornado isn’t a good idea :/

The NWS created a page about this tornado event. It can be found here:

Elder Jordan Jones from Liberty, UT.. (front passenger..I made his face the thumbnail pic)

Elder Ryan Mullinax from Las Vegas, NV (Driver)

Elder Jaren Franchina from Riverton, UT (Lefr rear behind Elder Mullinax)

Elder Parker Owen from Cottonwood Heights, UT (right rear passenger behind Elder Jones)