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Curtis Lee (born October 28, 1941, Yuma, Arizona, U.S. is an American singer of the early 1960’s, who twice over was one of the beneficiaries of 1961 productions by Phil Spector. These were “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” (U.S. #7) and “Under the Moon of Love” (U.S. #46).
Lee began his recording career in 1959, travelled to New York in 1960 to cut a demo for Dunes Records. He wrote some songs with Tommy Boyce, in this period. Lee’s first three singles were “Special Love”, “Pledge of Love,” and “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”.[1] In the UK, “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” was a minor hit record, peaking at #47 in 1961.

Without Spector’s guiding hand, Lee’s hits dried up. He went into the construction industry with his father in 1969.

“Pretty Little Angel Eyes” has been covered by Zombina and the Skeletones and Showaddywaddy.

Steven Curtis Chapman- “Glorious Unfolding”/ “Take Another Step” ,LIVE @ The Glorious Unfolding Tour

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LIVE @ Sagebrush Community Church ,Albuquerque. New Mexico
THE GLORIOUS UNFOLDING TOUR……..With Steven Curtis Chapman ,Laura Story and Jason Gray.

Deaf Church Service in ASL (and spoken English) by Curtis Noland 10/21/18

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The Hands to Heaven Deaf Ministry closed on Sunday night October 21, 2018 with an ASL signed sermon (with spoken English) by Evangelist Curtis Noland from Sacramento, California.
Interpreters who would like to practice voicing may benefit from listening to Kyle Noland voice for his father Curtis Noland.
Check out his AWESOME Sunday School lesson recorded earlier this morning.

History of The AOH Church of God Inc “1916” Our Rich AOHCOG Heritage…

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The Late Right Reverend William Thomas Phillip (1893-1973) one of the greatest religious leaders of this Christian era was thoroughly convinced in 1912 that holiness was a system through which God wanted him to serve. He was called to the ministry in 1913. Though his initial literary training was limited, he committed himself to the inevitable. He dedicated his life to God without reservation to perform the task for which he felt he had been chosen and went on to become one of the greatest religious literary and church leaders of his day.

The spirit led him to go to Mobile, Alabama where he began evangelical work on March 16, 1916 he organized the Ethiopian Overcoming Holy Church of God (an all-black organization).

The Church was locally incorporated on July 14, 1920. Realizing that Gods message was to all people, the name of the church was later changed on April 1, 1941 the church was incorporated in the State of Alabama as the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God.

The church spread to many parts of the United States and into foreign territories. Bishop Phillips led the church successfully for 57 years. He passed away on November 30, 1973 and Bishop Jasper Roby served as the National Presider until May 2000. In June 2000, Bishop George W. Ayers Ph.D. was voted by the Executive Board as the National/International Presiding Prelate. His position was reaffirmed in June 2002 and he presently serves.

The Church has purchased property, which shall be used to expand the physical plant of the Body in facilities for relief, education and recreation. The church presently has missionaries serving Western, Southwest and Southeast Africa.

The Church publishes youth literature and a quarterly magazine, THE PEOPLES MOUTHPIECE. It also publishes the Manual of the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God and a Members Orientation Guide.

The local churches are united under districts which are governed by overseers and district or diocesan bishops selected and approved by the National Presiding Prelate and/or Board of Bishops.

The Annual Pentecost Meeting convenes annually (June 1-10) and consists of bishops, overseers, pastors. missionaries, mothers, convention leaders, evangelists and laypersons, delegates and visitors.

The Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God is set up on the foundation laid by Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

We believe that the work that Christ began must be continued to bring mankind to complete reconciliation with God.

The church must seek out and provide the message of love to the lost. It is the responsibility of the church to disseminate the apostolic spirit and life to as many as possible. We have been charged to teach and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all people. Ministers, missionaries and laypersons have, therefore, dedicated their lives to objectives that will accomplish this goal.

Our Rich AOHCOG Heritage


By: Minister Robert E. Bonner

Rev. Tellis Chapman at Dr. Frank Ray New Salem Missionary Baptist Church

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Live @ New Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Don’t QUIT
The Reverend Tellis Jerome Chapman is a very dynamic individual and one of the more charismatic leaders and devoted Baptist Ministers in the Greater Metropolitan Detroit area.

Reverend Chapman is the Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. He was born in Newton, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Jackson State University, Jackson Mississippi, and has received Honorary Doctoral degrees from Natchez College, Natchez, Mississippi and Dallas Baptist College, Dallas, Texas.

Reverend Chapman has been a pastor at several churches prior to his tenure as the present Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church. He served as Pastor at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Jachin, Alabama and Little Hope Baptist Church, Toomsuba, Mississippi.

Reverend Chapman has been called many times to serve in a leadership capacity among his ministerial peers and Christian associations. He has served in a leadership capacity with the Michigan District Baptist Association and Congress. Respected for his knowledge, he is well versed in parliamentary procedure and serves as Parliamentarian for the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of the State.

Reverend Chapman has been involved in Detroit’s growth as it relates to mass transit. He was a board member of the City of Detroit Department of Transportation Commission. For two years he had served as the First Vice President of the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of the State. Currently he serves as President of the Baptist Missionary and Educational State Convention of Michigan.

In 2007, Pastor Chapman was honored by the Detroit Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as Pastor of the Year.

Dr. Chapman is also a board member of the National Baptist Convention USA, Incorporated

Maranda Curtis Willis at Church at New Orleans 10282016

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here are some snippets of Maranda Curtis Willis at the Church At New Orleans.

Maranda Curtis live at T.N.T. 2016 Kansas City

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Psalmist Maranda Curtis live at T.N.T. 2016 Kansas City.

Faith City Church
Kansas City, Kansas

Live 2-Track Mix: Lester Page
Video Engineer: Monte Cushman
Stage Manager: Curtis Boyd

Drums: Jermaine Ballew
Bass: Jamial Black
Keys: Lamar Cherry
Organ: Deangelo Collins

Jennifer McNeal
Chris Conway
Tasha Conway
Patricia Thompson-Hooker
Brittany Nicole
Tobbi White-Darks

Event Coordinator: Raeshida Williams

Host Pastors: Pastor Tellis Bolton and Bishop Cortez Vaughn

Curtis May Interviews Virginia Beach, VA Church Pastoral Team

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Curtis May interviews the GCI (Grace Communion International) Virginia Beach, Virginia Church Pastoral Team.

D-Now 2014 at Curtis Baptist Church in Augusta, GA

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