Big heroin problem in small town Cumberland, Maryland

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The drugs come to Western Maryland from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and DC. And the heroin is strong. The Cumberland area recently had a death from what’s called krokodil. It’s heroin mixed with gas and paint thinner that literally burns the flesh off the body.

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DJI Inspire 1 Drone over Cumberland, Maryland CSX Train Roundhouse 4k

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Flying a DJI Inspire 1 around South Cumberland, over the CSX Train Yard. Also known as the Cumberland Terminal Subdivision. A nice view of the Roundhouse and CSX Buildings.

Although I did check the Cumberland Airport schedule, and there were no flights within my flight window, I kept my distance from their airspace 0.6 miles (1 km) radius from their property as well as keeping below the max legal limit of 400 feet.
This did severely limit my safe flying zone, but nobody wants an airborne collision, with any aircraft unmanned or not!

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First Cumberland Presbyterian of Chattanooga – Cumberland Youth Foundation

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This is a look at the Cumberland Youth Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee from nearly 50 years ago!

Old Bluff Church IN Wade OF Black River Township of Cumberland County North Carolina

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My Nanny has been visiting this church since she was a small child, she says there has always been strange stories about this church years ago,that her granny had told her, She told us about a grimm reaper on the stairs to the river at the edge of dark, that would hide behind the trees, Lots of stories she grew up on as a child of this church and cemetery !his church along with Long Street Presbyterian and Barbeque Presbyterian Churches provided the Scottish population of the Upper Cape Fear Valley with longtime formal congregations. The present Greek Revival structure was built in 1858. The present day Bluff Presbyterian Church congregation, located in nearby Wade, maintains the old church. As you face north entering the Old Bluff churchyard and cemetery, you are pointed in the direction in which the lead element of Union Gen. William T. Sherman’s Left Wing advanced on March 14, 1865. Over two days, the wing’s 30,000 officers and men, with their supplies and equipment, passed by in the face of sporadic and increasing Confederate resistance. That resistance culminated in the Battle of Averasboro on March 15–16 and the Battle of Bentonville on March 19–21. Early on March 15, half a mile north along the Fayetteville-Raleigh Stage Road, Confederate cavalrymen skirmished with the Union vanguard at Silver Run Creek and Mill Pond. Later, Sherman established temporary headquarters there. The rainy weather that week made the roadway nearly impassable and the soldiers miserable.


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