A Nightmare in Las Cruces

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Based on actual events. Two killers walked into a Las Cruces bowling alley and changed the lives of seven people and their families; forced at gunpoint to the floor and shot multiple times, execution style. Left for dead in a burning building one heroic girl was able to call for help. Twenty years later the people of Las Cruces still seek justice with only two survivors remaining and killers still on the loose.

Episode 40-Haunted Courthouse in Las Cruces, NM

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This video was filmed on February 22, 2018, in Las Cruces, NM.

We love historical sites and buildings. This original (not pre-fab) adobe courthouse is one of our favorites. Plus, it is reportedly haunted!

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Random guy singing with the Mariachis at Delicia’s Del Mar in Las Cruces 5/22/2016

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Eating breakfast/lunch at Delicia’s Del Mar- Apparently, this place has Mariachis come in for an hour every Friday and Sunday- A bunch of us met up to eat…these mariachis came in and started singing….roaming around the place… they started in on this song, and some random guy sitting over in the corner eating, started to sing, and boy did he belt it out. I have no clue what the song is or what it’s about, but I’ll find out and edit this later-

Teen Girl Murdered at a party, July 29, 2017, Las Cruces

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Fourteen year old Jocelyn Trujillo was murdered after she snuck out of a window and ended up at party, hosted by college football players, where one of two brothers shot and killed her, on July 29, 2017.
This is a KFOX story, but over time, links go down, so I’m doing my part to make sure this story remains online for as long as possible. I don’t think google/youtube will be going down anytime in my lifetime or yours.

Community Connection – Las Cruces Chamber Ballet – Kevin Self

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In this next Community Connection, we meet with the Artistic Director of the Las Cruces Chamber Ballet: Kevin Self. Kevin tells us about how he got into Ballet, how long he’s been doing ballet and talks about the Chamber Ballet’s longest major production, The Nutcracker.

Cities: Skylines – Las Cruces (part 21) Botanical Garden + Observatory + finishing up Los Algodones

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Description is in the title.
Pina Colada- Silent Partner
New York, 1924- Ross Bugden
The Lounge-
Red Sea – Riot


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Almost 20 years later, not everyone remembers the Las Cruces bowling alley massacre, which is considered the worst crime the community has ever seen. But reminding people of the incident brings chills to people. It hurts, it hurts, said survivor Melissia Repass to emergency dispatch. It hurts? OK, Melissia I’ve got an ambulance and police officer en route, responded dispatch. Another lucky survivor was Ida Holguin who was the bowling alleys cook, in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was supposed to work at night time, but I changed the schedule and I put myself for the daytime, said Holguin. On the morning of Feb. 10, 1990, seven people, from staff to family and friends, were inside the bowling alley when two men walked in. Holguin was in the kitchen preparing food. He said this is a hold up come with me, said Holguin. The men took Holguin and pushed her into the business office with six others. The men stole an estimated $5,000 from the safe and the assassinations then began. They told us to get to the corner and so we all did, said Holguin. Then they told us to put our heads downthen they just started shooting us. All seven victims were shot execution style and Holguin was hit with several shots. I did feel the one when they shot me in the head, I did feel that one, she said. I was dying with my own blood, I was drowning. Repass was miraculously able to call police moments after the men ran off. They told me to get down and they shot me five times, she said to dispatch. “The bullet’s in my head.” Tell me how many people were shot? asked dispatch. 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Seven people are hurt, she said. Twenty-six-year-old Steven Teran, 13-year-old Amy Hauser and 6-year-old Paula Holguin (no relation to Ida) died instantly. Two-year-old Valerie Teran died at the hospital. They had never seen a crime of this magnitude and the city wasn’t ready for it, said Detective Mark Myers of the Las Cruces Police Department. Myers is currently in charge of the case and said very little was preserved from the original crime scene that could be used DNA-wise today. Would we have had some more tools to throw at the investigation? Some more resources to throw at the investigation? Absolutely. Does that mean we would solve it today? I don’t know, said Myers. There are the only sketches of what the men may have looked like and, so far, no one or any database has been able to recognize the faces. You had two individuals that put some thought into what they were doing, said Myers. But did they ever tell their secret to someone else? Since crime scene evidence has not come through, Myers hopes that may be the key to crack the case. I think some day someone’s going to gather the courage up to say, all right, it’s time, I need to get what I know off my chest, he said. And after sustaining three shots including one to the head, Holguin bravely tells her survivor story. But she, like the rest of the community, wants more. I hope that one day they do find them, I think I’ll be so happy, I really will be, said Holguin. The frightening story of that day has now found its way to the big screen, and beginning Wednesday, you can watch a full-length documentary film called A Nightmare In Las Cruces. Click on the links mentioned section of this Web site for show times.