Crossroads Center Medical Clinic – Interview with Hershel Adams

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Missionary Bettye Scott interviews Hershel Adams, Director of Missions for the Choctaw Baptist Association during the renovation of the Crossroads Center Medical Clinic at the First Baptist Church of Valparaiso, Florida. Recorded April 2009.

Crossroads Church – March 26, 2017 – 11am Service

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Welcome to Crossroads Church in beautiful Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. On March 26, 2017, Pastor Dave Marsh brings the message.

Crossroads is a very informal gathering of people that worship Jesus. We believe that He is the son of God who died so that we could have a personal relationship with him.

We get together every week, worship him with a live contemporary band (yes drums, electric guitars, etc) and then we study the Bible and apply it to our lives.

Oh and I forgot to mention….we have a blast doing it!

You’ll laugh for sure, you might cry…but our prayer is that you will leave inspired to live for Jesus because he died for you.

The Battle of Parker’s Crossroads

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The Battle of Parker’s Cross Roads
December 31, 1862

As Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s expedition into West Tennessee neared its conclusion, Union Brig. Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan, with the brigades of Col. Cyrus L. Dunham and Col. John W. Fuller, attempted to cut Forrest off from withdrawing across the Tennessee River. Dunham’s and Forrest’s march routes, on December 31, 1862, brought them into contact at Parker’s Cross Roads. Skirmishing began about 9:00 am, with Forrest taking an initial position along a wooded ridge northwest of Dunham at the intersection. Confederate artillery gained an early advantage. Dunham pulled his brigade back a half mile and redeployed, facing north. His Federals repelled frontal feints until attacked on both flanks and rear by Forrest’s mounted and dismounted troops. During a lull, Forrest sent Dunham a demand for an unconditional surrender. Dunham refused and was preparing for Forrest’s next onset when Fuller’s Union brigade arrived from the north and surprised the Confederates with an attack on their rear; Confederate security detachments had failed to warn of Fuller’s approach. In the Official Records, Forrest’s report to Gen. Braxton Bragg records his uncharacteristic “surprise and astonishment“ at the appearance of the un-reckoned with Federal force, but he responded to the shock with more typical boldness: “Charge ’em both ways,” he ordered. The Confederates briefly reversed front, repelled Fuller, then rushed past Dunham’s demoralized force and withdrew south to Lexington and then across the Tennessee River. Both sides claimed victory, but the Confederate claims appear to have more credence, as they were able to escape what should have been a perfect trap and Forrest lived to fight another day.

The Rock Church Service 2 3 13 YOU WIN!!!

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Sunday Service at The Rock Church Orlando!!! The Rock Church 5515 W. Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy, Kissimmee FL 34746, Tel-(407) 396-7777

Reno, Nevada | Crossroads

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Crossroads is a public-private partnership between Washoe County Adult Services and Catholic Charities designed to identify, intervene and stabilize high-complexity homeless clients using a tiered housing approach.

Crossroads collaborates with numerous community partners to provide sober housing, substance abuse and mental health treatment, employment and educational services, and linkages to other services. Crossroads saves our community millions of dollars by preventing jail bookings, encounters with First Responders, Emergency Room and hospital costs, and ongoing court and jail expenses.

Crossroads has saved lives and improved the quality of life for hundreds of clients and the community at large.

“No Longer Slaved” Galatians 5. Lincoln Crossroads Church. Grady Strop

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