Most CREEPY Abandoned Tunnels Around The World!

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Most CREEPY Abandoned Tunnels Around The World!

From mysterious and scary discoveries to ghosts and haunted people, these are the top 10 dark and underground tunnels with absolutely scary stories behind them! Enter at your own risk!

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10.) Moonville Tunnel
Back in the 1800s, Moonville was a booming mining town in Ohio with a population in the hundreds. Today, it is known more of a ghost town surrounded by poison ivy, wild rose, and greenbriar.

9.) Church Hill Tunnel
Church Hill Tunnel is an old Chesapeake and Ohio Railway tunnel built in the early 1870s. The tunnel extends about 4,000 feet under the Church Hill section of Richmond, Virginia and has been causing problems since construction started.

8.) Shanghai Tunnels
The Shanghai Tunnels are known as one of the most haunted locations in America and has been the interest of several paranormal investigations, including the TV show Ghost Adventures.

7.) Chi Chi Tunnels
The Chi Chi Tunnels were built with hand tools, by the Vietcong before and during the Vietnam War. The Chi Chi tunnels are thousands of miles long.

6.) Screaming Tunnel
The Screaming Tunnel is located in the Northwest corner of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. It is known as one of the top 20 haunted roads in the world.

5.) Gold Camp Road Tunnels
Gold Camp Road is a highly scenic dirt trail from Colorado Springs with a length of 8.6 miles one way. There is an old “Keep Out” from the original Gold Camp Tunnel that collapsed decades ago.

4.) Blue Ghost Tunnel
The Blue Ghost Tunnel, which is more formally known as the Merritton Tunnel, is located in southern Ontario, Canada, and has been creepy since construction.

3.) Hoosac Tunnel
The Hoosac Tunnel is a four to five mile active railroad tunnel in western Massachusetts. The nickname of this tunnel, which started during construction, is the bloody pit.

2.) Steam Tunnels at Virginia Tech
The majority of college students at Virginia Tech know there are steam tunnels under the campus that used to lead from one building to the next.

1.) Atlantic Avenue Tunnel
The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, more officially known as the Cobble Hill Tunnel, is an abandoned railroad tunnel underneath downtown Brooklyn in New York City.

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ABANDONED!! Church Deep in the NC Mountains (Creepy Basement with Items Left Behind!)

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Abandoned Church, decaying in the NC mountains.

Creepy items left behind!!

Old Brownsville Texas City Jail Paranormal Investigation – Audio Enhanced

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The Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations team investigated the Brownsville, Texas Old City Jail building back in February 2012, here is the investigation and paranormal evidence. The audio has been enhanced and made louder on this video, due to the sound quality on the previously uploaded video. Graveyard Shift Paranormal maintains the commercial right to everything in this video.

Top 10 Mysterious Abandoned Cities In America

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Check out these top 10 abandoned cities in America! From haunted ghost towns to mysterious and creepy deserted places, these cities are absolutely bizarre!

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10. Virginia City & Nevada City in Montana
Virginia city and Nevada city are about a mile apart from each other, along the Alder Gulch in Montana. They are at the site of one of the most valuable deposits of gold that have been located in the Rocky mountains, with an estimated one hundred million dollars worth having been found throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. In the first three years alone, about thirty million dollars worth of gold was recovered, which made the two cities popular places for gold seekers.
When the gold ran out, however, people left- and there was only enough wealth to just about keep Virginia City running, with no chance of upgrading the infrastructure. Today, it is still the way it was then. A ghost town, a frozen reminder of the Old West. In a turnaround of fortune, it’s now a popular tourist destination where you can go to experience the thrill of the gold rush, albeit without any gold, for yourself.

9. Bodie, California
The Californian gold rush between 1877 and 1888 spawned its own series of towns full of gold seekers, with one of the largest being Bodie, in the eastern Sierra. In its heyday the town was home to more than 10,000 people; all reliant on the nearby treasures of which more than thirty five million dollars worth of gold and silver were found.
Of course, as happened with many places like this, when the gold became scarce the people began to move in search elsewhere. This soon left Bodie as an abandoned town, one that has been kept in a state of “arrested decay” for visitors to explore. The 170 wooden buildings haven’t been touched since they were abandoned, with bottles and desks still sat where they were left in the schoolhouse, saloon, church and barbershop.

8. Kennecott, Alaska
In 1900, copper had become a valuable commodity for the use in wiring as electricity became popular. Two prospectors found an area with the richest concentration of copper that had ever been found; the only problem being it was on a glacier in Alaska. Wealthy investors were brought in who provided the machinery and a railroad track and built a town called Kennecott. All they needed to do was hire a workforce, which they had to offer far higher salaries to, to make the job appealing.
By 1938, however, the mines had run dry. They were shut, along with the railroad, and Kennecott soon became a ghost town. It was later sold into private ownership, and then purchased by the park service in 1998, who have turned it into a National Historic landmark, and one of the most popular destinations in Alaska.

7. South Pass City, Wyoming
As a small gold rush town, South Pass city may seem no different to the others, but it was the site of two important historic events while the gold seekers were in town.
The city was founded in 1867 after Mormon prospectors found gold in the nearby Wind River mountains. Within a year more than 250 buildings had been built, with over 1,000 residents moving in. The half mile long main street featured hotels, restaurants, a bowling alley and dozens of saloons, but the success wasn’t to last long. After growing to around 3,000 inhabitants in 1868, the numbers began to dwindle by 1869 due to the small quantity of gold being found, and by 1872 there were only a few hundred people left.
During this successful time for the city, it also became the first place, in 1869, to introduce a women’s suffrage bill, which led to Wyoming being the first state where women could vote. Soon after that, Esther Hobart, a resident of the city, became the first woman in the country to hold a position in public office when she was appointed as the justice of the peace.
Despite all of this, South Pass city would eventually become a ghost town, with the last few people leaving for good in 1949. In 1966 it was bought from private landowners by the state of Wyoming as a present to its residents, and now is run as a tourist attraction.

5 TRUE Oklahoma Ghost Stories

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Spirits that play with children and un explained bumps in the night. Even an unfriendly force following someone negativly effecting their life.

Spirits that play with children and un explained bumps in the night. Even an unfriendly force following someone negativly effecting their life.

Spirits playing with Ponies? Haunted churches? Demons that come to you in the night. Trading your soul to Satan. Arkansas seems to have every story possible .

A Message from beyond the grave, a trickster at the movie theater, strange sounds in a home. North Dakota seems to have the more friendly type of spirits.

Sneak Preview | Urban Exploring with Freaktography Abandoned Power Plant

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Urban Exploration: Urban Exploration:
Sneak Preview | Urban Exploring with Freaktography Abandoned Power Plant

This Abandoned New York Power plant was built in the late 1940’s when the during a time when the hunger for electricity was rapidly increasing. The original design consisted of two boilers providing steam to a single turbine unit.

A few short years later two additional boilers were added to power a second turbine giving the plant a total output of 70MW. In the late 1980’s there was talks of converting the plat from coal burning into garbage burning however with a 50 million dollar price tag, it didn’t make it passed the planning stage.

By 2000 area residents were complaining about the increasing emissions from the plant. The plant owners blamed the increased emissions on high levels of sulfur in the coal & a state inspector was sent out & determined that the emissions violated federal standards.

Today the plant sits slowly decaying without a shred of hope of ever being powered back up again.



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ABANDONED 310 West Church St Apartments | Jacksonville, FL

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ABANDONED Annie Lytle Elementary School | Jacksonville, FL

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Built in 1917, it was abandoned in the 60s when I95 was constructed, the highway being located just a stone’s throw away from it. The Annie Lytle Preservation Group has been cleaning out this abandoned school in Jacksonville for the past few years hoping one day that someone will purchase this building and save it. You can see how it used to look here:

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Haunted Places in Alabama

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Haunted Places in Indiana

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Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and more! Check out our picks for the top 10 most haunted places in Indiana! The Hoosier State is full of the paranormal, supernatural, and otherworldly. From Notre Dame to national parks, bridges, cemeteries, and more! Enjoy!

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3 Scary Places I’ve Visited In Tennessee (Knoxville)

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Here are three Scary places i’ve visited in knoxville tn that I’ve personally had some experiences at.

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Weird Norfolk – The Headless Ghost of Sandy Lane, Dereham

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Weird Norfolk delves into our county’s best local legends and secrets. From spooky churches to big black dogs this is the place to come to remind yourself of the best forgotten folklore…

In this addition we investigate several strange sightings of the Sandy Lane Ghost in Dereham…

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