Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love (SEA) – Whitesmith Farming Guide from CA to CR

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This is a farming guide on which monsters to farm after lvl 60+ where stats and gear alone can’t seem to keep up with the hp scaling of enemies. In this video, I show which monsters to farm once you get a certain amount of runes. Unfortunately , I couldn’t include gears to go along with it because it would make the scope of the vid too big.

I also show how to get to aggressive maps in this video.

Plot map links:
Orc Village South:
Kordt Forest Depth:
CREDITS TO: Ecrunale of the ROM Discord.

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CR 657 Railroad Crossing, near Notasulga, AL

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*originally recorded on 10-17-18*

Signal on the left: 2 pairs of Safetran 12×24 inch lights with WCH 2nd Generation LEDs, a Safetran gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of Safetran 12×24 inch lights with WCH 2nd Generation LEDs, a GE electronic bell, a Safetran gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.

After catching the train in Auburn, I chased it west over to just east of Notasulga, where I got to see it meet an eastbound train waiting on this westbound to come through.

This crossing was a high priority for me, despite having pretty modern signals. The reason is entirely for the bell, as this crossing features the only GE E-bell in the state of Alabama! As far as I know, CSX is the only Class I railroad here in the US to have ever used these bells, and they didn’t use them for very long, though there’s still a few scattered across the country on the lines CSX owns. A few other railroads and light rail lines probably used these as well, though the only one I’m aware of is a light rail line up in New Jersey. According to the FRA, these signals here were installed in about 2011, and replaced a pair of crossbucks. Just east of here is where a spur breaks off of the siding track and heads into a quarry. The spur crosses AL 14 (seen in the background) at a crossing with a pair of gated signals, though I didn’t get a change to record them, as I didn’t see any trains heading through it.

CR 83 Railroad Crossing, Cusseta, AL

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*originally recorded on 10-17-18*

Signal on the left: 4 pairs of Safetran 12×24 inch lights, a Safetran Type 2 electronic bell, a WCH gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.
Signal on the right: 4 pairs of Modern Industries 12×24 inch lights, a Safetran mechanical bell, a WCH gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.

After catching the eastbound in Opelika, I chased it east towards this crossing to record it. I thought I’d have less time to set-up than I did, and since I was parked on this side of the crossing, I remained over here. The sky was also cloudy when I set-up, but the sun came out just before the crossing activated, making the shot even more backlit.

However, the signals themselves are pretty nice. They appear to some SBD Safetran signals, though at some point in the 1980s CSX replaced the Safetran gate mechs with a pair of WCH ones. Later on, in the mid 2000s, the mechanical bell on the far signal (likely a Safetran mechanical bell), was replaced with the Safetran Type 2 that’s there now. Not entirely sure when the Modern Industries lights here were installed, though likely around the same time that the WCH gate mechs were.

Celebrate Recovery – 02/03/17 – Jocelyn T. Testimony

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Jocelyn T. Testiony

Recorded on February 3, 2017

Grace Church
Cape Coral – Fort Myers – Sarasota, FL

CR Weekend at Grace Walk Church on July 20, 2017

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“CR Weekend” at Grace Walk Church on July 20, 2017

Grace Walk Church Phoenix is a church located in Southwest Phoenix in the 85043 area code, near Tolleson, Avondale, and Laveen. 
7840 W. Lower Buckeye Rd, PHX, 85043

Norfolk Southern Local A81 at Huntsville, AL Depot – NS 3397

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NS Local A81 is eastbound at Church Street next to the Huntsville passenger depot. The train is moving slow, having just started after working the Huntsville and Madison County Railroad interchange.

The Huntsville passenger depot was built in 1860 by the Memphis and Charleston. It’s now primarily used as a city operated event building that can be rented for private functions, although groups can book tours. The ruins of the even older freight depot (burned by a wino) is across the tracks from the passenger depot.

The ex-Conrail SD40-2 is NS 3397


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This video is about the breathtaking property at 77 CR 7940 Jonesboro, AR (Brookland Schools) in the Terra Hills development.