My Movie Brown Home Church Covenant Period 2018

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This is a videoed message and teaching from The Brown Home Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. The message title is, “Covenant, Period.”(implying covenant is final).This teaching on biblical covenant focuses on the difference between an everyday concept of covenant vs God’s concept of covenant and how these differences in concepts, as well as others will determine whether or not we experience the promises of God in greater measure. If you have questions or want to comment on this video email me at: [email protected]

New Covenant Church of Philadelphia

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Cleveland and Samuel Lynch are part of the Bishop Assistant Ministry at New Covenant Church (NCC). Bishop C. Milton Grannum enjoys investing his time in the youth. Here is a clip from their first gathering. They enjoyed breakfast, activities, and discussion on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Faith Covenant Church – Atlanta, Georgia – Pastor Mark Moore

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If you are looking for a life changing word and a ministry that is concerned about seeing you grow spiritually, then you need to make your way to Faith Covenant Church 2315 Whites Mill Road – Decatur, Georgia 30032. For more information, call (678) 895 7773 or visit

1 Lord…1 Faith…1 Baptism

Who is Covenant Christian School?

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Covenant Christian School’s administrators, Mr. Currie and Mr. Lugo, tell us who CCS is. Did you know Covenant is non-denominational? There are over 35 different churches represented! Also, CCS has been newly accredited by AACS, which is the only Christian accreditation agency that is recognized by Alabama law.

Covenant Christian School has 3 core values:
1. We always strive to treat people with Christ-likeness.
2. We are family focused and thrive on parental involvement.
3. We teach towards the top with our high academic standards.

Covenant Community Church Birmingham Sanctuary Choir 5-18-08

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Covenant Community Church Birmingham Sanctuary Choir 5-18-08
Covenant Community Church
An Inclusive Community of Faith in the City of Birmingham, Alabama for 27 years
“Offering Hope + Showing Faithfulness + Sharing Joy.”

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