THE COSMIC CHRISTMAS STORY || Peace on Earth || Pastor Grant Pankratz

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Church of the Harvest is based in Oklahoma City with locations in Oklahoma City and the Edmond area. Along with our Senior Pastors Grant and Monica Pankratz, we have a vision for you to Know God’s Love and Join God’s Purpose.



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Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe Blu-ray preview 4 of 8 presented by Randall Carlson

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“A cosmic tempo based on Sacred Geometry, encoded in myth & mystical architecture throughout the Earth governs the unfolding of world ages, the rise and fall of civilizations & is ultimately the very basis of apocalyptic prophecy” – Randall Carlson

“No one can be told what the Matrix is. You must see it for yourself”

*Anyone purchasing this presentation will be able to immediately stream or download the presentation. The Blu-ray will be shipping on 12/15/16. This presentation can be purchased on our website*

“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth, and create the spirit of philosophy.”

Join independent scholar and 32˚ Freemason Randall Carlson as he presents an authoritative overview of the “master key” of the ancient mysteries, Sacred Geometry.

You will be shown the significance of the “sacred canon of numerical cosmology” and how it informs every aspect of life from the,”sub-microscopic to the super galactic.” Extending this pattern into the dimensions of catastrophism and Earth history demonstrates the overarching significance of these sacred proportions in space, time, and human history.

Nothing less than a new paradigm for humankind is invoked with Carlson’s synthesis of leading edge science and ancient myth.

A divine template which governs the unfolding of space and time, is redundantly encoded throughout the archaic world in a multitude of forms including; ancient myth, sacred architecture, language, symbolism and prophecy.

Dvd chapters and topics covered include:

The sacred canon of number

Sacred number embedded in the measure of geometry

Sacred number embedded in the dimensions of space

Sacred number embedded in the measure of time

Sacred number embedded in solar system architecture

Sacred number embedded in ancient metrology

Sacred number embedded in language (Hebrew and Greek Gematria, Kabbalah)

Sacred number embedded in scripture, symbol, and prophecy

Sacred number embedded in sacred architecture

Sacred Number in ancient calendrical systems of the Maya, Sumerians, Hindu Vedas and more.

The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and The Squaring of the Circle

The Dimensions of the sacred precinct, The Holy City, The New Jerusalem

Evidence for advanced geodetic knowledge in archaic times (The Great Pyramid, Parthenon and Stonehenge.)

See the overwhelming evidence that our distant ancestors understood the size and shape of the Earth and their relative position upon it with precision rivaling modern satellite surveys and GPS coordinate systems.

Decoding of religious metaphor and symbolism in the Old and New testaments

The great year (precession of the equinoxes) understanding the Horizon system of astronomy

Mysteries of archaic America and the North American mound Builders

Evidence for geomancy and precise astronomical knowledge in pre-Columbian America

The first christian church and the revelation of behemoth the number of the Beast 666

Catastrophes in the time of man: The tempo of global change

Evidence for the great flood which drowned North America ~12,900 Years BP.

A crash course In catastrophic geology
and much, much more!

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