Giving Thanks Video for Cornerstone Church in Nashville, TN

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Every Thanksgiving Cornerstone Church in Nashville, TN gives away over 1,000 Turley baskets to needy families. In 2012 Cornerstone asked Media Works to produce a short video documenting the large volunteer event. We were honored to be a part of it.

Cornerstone Church | Athens – I Am Cornerstone!

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Cornerstone Church in Athens, Georgia – the “I Am Cornerstone” featured video.

Visit our new location at:

Cornerstone Church | Athens
4680 Lexington Road
Athens, Georgia 30605

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Shout For the Harvest [Cornerstone Church Toledo, Ohio]

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Here at Music Experience, we have a whole library of Christian music from all kinds. This song is part of our library.

Song credits goes to Derick Thomas and the Cornerstone Church Choir in Toledo, OH. #harvest #blessing #sowing #reaping #blessed #favor

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