Around the Corner with John McGivern | Program | #408 — South Milwaukee

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[Latest Airdate: August 9, 2018]
[Original Airdate: February 26,2015]

South Milwaukee has a sports memorabilia museum that makes your jaw drop, the only NASCAR store in Wisconsin, a Martial Arts Master and a huge park to play any sport you want. We didn’t just find sports seekers in Grant Park. We found Nels the historian and bird nerds, and down the block, the only hosta-holics we ever met. South Milwaukee also has everything you need to woo your loved one. There are flowers, jewelry, a night at the theater and a restaurant with 20 flavors of margaritas! (8 of 13)

A Thanksgiving from the Farm at Frost Corner

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A Thanksgiving Holiday Segment done for the PBS program, New Hampshire Crossroads, from The Farm at Frost Corner. Starring Virginia Taylor – Author, Operator, Owner, Homestead Farmer.


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Here we are in Paradise, that’s Tucson, Arizona on a beautiful afternoon at an outdoor cafe. It’s the corner of Church and Congress St and we can see the former Valley Bank Building, site of the 1956 movie “A Kiss Before Dying” starring Robert Wagner and Joanne Woodward. In the movie we see a beautiful panorama of the city more than 50 years ago right before he throws her off the top of the building. With us at the cafe is lovely Dorothy McCutcheon (Dorothy Haas), 1961 graduate of Catalina High School.

The Little Church Around the Corner – New York

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When you come upon this oddly beautiful historic structure amidst modern high-rise condos in the burgeoning Madison Square neighborhood, you will once again be awed at the diversity of New York. Also known as The Little Church Around the Corner, this Episcopalian house of worship with its twists and turns has been compared to a “holy cucumber vine”.