St Mary & St Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church Live Stream

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The St. Mary and St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church serving the NYC Area by visiting our website:

St. Mary & St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church
606 Woodward Ave Queens, Ridgewood, NY 11385
PHONE: (718) 386-4111

St. Mark Coptic Church – Ripon- Modesto CA USA Consecration/ Holy Mass Oct.27-2015 Part 1

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Pope Tawadros the 2nd of Alexandria
Bishop Karas
Bishop Angalious
Bishop Buvly
Fr Abraham Azmy – Director of Database Operations and US international Relations
Fr Antonious Baky – St. Mary & St. John church – Pleasanton CA
Fr Anthony Hanna – St. Mary & St. Mina church- Concord CA
Fr Gawargios – St. Mark church – Ripon CA
Fr Karas St Antony – St. Mark church- Monteray CA
Fr Arsanious Nady- St. Mary church – Sacramento CA
Fr Bishoy Ray – St. Antonious church – Hayward CA

St. Mary & St. Abram Coptic Orthodox Church – Copper Dome Metal Fabrication and Installation

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Architectural Sheet Metal Systems manufactured and installed new copper domes for St. Mary & St. Abram Coptic Orthodox Church. There was expensive Coptic art work below the domes which provided unique challenges to the manufacturing and installation process. To over come these challenges, metal was rolled and welded to create a frame for the dome. The frame was skinned with 18 ga galvanized and covered with ice and watershield. Then the copper colored panels were installed. The sizing was critical to ensure a tight fit over the existing domes while ensuring that no slippage would occur to damage the expensive art work. To cap off the project, the crosses on top of each dome were repaired and repainted. The result – a quality job and a very satisfied customer!

Who are Egypt’s Coptic Christians?

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Just four months after a deadly attack in December, ISIL struck Egypt’s Coptic Christian community once again. This time it was a double church bombing that killed at least 44, and injured more than 100.

Who are Egypt’s Coptic Christians, and why are they under attack?

Bridging The Gap in the Coptic Community

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Bridging the Gap is presented by the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii and produced by TRUELITE PRODUCTIONS under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Serapion. It is intended as an educational video describing the challenges and some proposed solutions to the many issues facing Coptic Orthodox families outside of Egypt as a result of immigration and acculturation.

The video includes interviews with clergy, professional psychologists, parents and youth within the diocese. The four primary areas of exploration are:

1- Culture Gap: Differences and conflicts between parents and youth resulting from growing up in different cultures.
2- Generation Gap: Differences of tastes, values, outlook, and attitudes between youth and their parents.
3- Communication Gap: Differences in methods and styles of communication between youth and their parents.
4- Language Gap: Communication weaknesses within the family resulting from youth and their parents having different primary languages.

This documentary presents solutions for both parents and youth. Also, the role of our Coptic Orthodox Church outside of Egypt in helping families to bridge this critical gap. Produced by Shawn Gabra