COPWATCH: Cops Dump 17 Rounds Into ‘Good Samaritan’ Veteran as He Tried to Break Up a Fight

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COPWATCH: Cops Dump 17 Rounds Into ‘Good Samaritan’ Veteran as He Tried to Break Up a Fight
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Murder of Alton Sterling – The Cops Body Cam Finally Released |

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Warning – Graphic Video

The body cam footage for Alton Sterling by a police officers camera has been released. What was caught on this body cam is murder. A modern day lynching. An aggressive attack by police officers who were sworn to protect all of us. Howie Lake II and Blake Salamoni.

These “professional cops” first words were I will shoot you in the head bitch. The police officer told him he would shoot him multiple times. Howie Lake also called Alton Sterling a stupid mother fucker right after he was shot and trying to hold onto life.

Even worse this same police officer guided help away from Alton as other officers approached and told them to leave him there as he was. Thus no 911 assistance was attempted by the police officers who are trained to perform CPR.

Alton Sterling’s voice was literally quivering in fear from what was happening to him. He was attacked. There was no justification to handle this situation like this and the police officers were the aggressive ones and attacked and then murdered Alton.

I will be making a video to discuss this newly released footage step by step, Please stay tuned. I see possible crimes committed and a cover up. Where is this gun everyone talks about. The cop walking to his car RIGHT after the shooting. No one has seen the gun once on tape.

This is murder and neither police officer Blake Salamoni or Howie Lake II have been charged with any crimes. Recently Howie Lake was fired for “losing his temper” during the incident.

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Did Cops Catch The Killer Of 2 Teens Found Dead In Indiana?

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Investigators who’ve been searching for the killer of two Indiana teens murdered while hiking may have a lead in Colorado. Police in El Paso County arrested a man Monday after he allegedly threatened several people with a hatchet, WLS reports. The suspect is a registered sex offender named Daniel Nations. Inside Edition learned the 31-year-old was previously living in Indianapolis, some 70 miles from where 14-year-old Liberty German and Abigail Williams were slain in February.

Bad Cops in Jackson Mississippi

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These cops stood in front of our signs, they let people throw stuff at us right in front of them, the allowed people to put a tarp over the head of one of our guys. The cops threatened to arrest us for not moving and followed us all over town just bullying us. Commander James McGowan hates the law and loves lawlessness.

The Miracle Valley Shootout: Rural Cops Vs Chicago Cultists

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*** Comments have been disabled as the call for rational discussion in the video was naive. It’s not worth the trouble. We hope you enjoyed the video regardless. ***

Miracle Valley, Arizona is a mere 8 miles north of the Mexican border, wedged on highway 92 between Sierra Vista and Tombstone.

In 1959, a traveling tent revivalist preacher named A.A. Allen was gifted ranch land and he based his ministry there as his HQ, reaching out through via radio, travel and eventually TV to spread the word of his ability to heal and, uhm…resurrect the dead.

One of his followers moved her Chicago based pentecostal cult like church to this same location in 1978 after A.A. Allen’s likely alcohol related death in 1970.

Four years later, after an accidental bomb explosion, multiple riots, one shootout and at least four deaths later, this cult mostly moved back to Chicago…

This is that story.

Want to know more? We recommend William R. Daniel’s book: Shootout at Miracle Valley:

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2 Texas cops, & one of their wives charged in double homicide in NY

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Two Texas police officers and one of their wives are charged in a double homicide after a couple were shot dead outside their upstate New York home after a custody battle Previously: GOP Texas judge frees criminals in court after losing to Democrat
Cuba extradites US attorney wanted for murder in NJ

Bribery Evidence Found Against Netanyahu Lawyer

Jeff Sessions Has Resigned
11 men arrested on suspicion of child sex crimes in Idaho
Two teachers charged in ‘toddler fight club’ at St Louis day care
Thoughts on voting
Harley-Davidson recalling nearly 178K motorcycles for clutch issues
Alec Baldwin arrested after parking space bust up in NYC
2 Indiana cops are caught on camera brutally beating handcuffed man
Oklahoma mother ‘shoots dead son, 18, & injures her 2 daughters’
Baby left to die of diaper rash!
Judge orders detention of public defender for ‘acting like I’m some kind of idiot’
‘Let’s rock’ – Murderer’s last words before being executed by electric chair
Ex-magistrate gets life in prison only for Judge to grant new trial
Justice Ginsburg says Congress is the ‘obvious culprit’
Lachlan Murdoch says Megyn Kelly not returning to Fox, stock soars
Michael Avenatti ordered to pay $4.85M to former lawyer at his law firm
Sir Philip Green is named in parliament as injunction businessman
Law student ‘extorted schoolgirl for pornographic videos’

Swiss banker sentenced to 10 yrs for scheme to launder funds
Megyn Kelly is OUT at NBC, will likely walk with $69M US to send at least 800 troops to Mexican border / Trump vows to STOP migrants
Justice Ginsburg says Congress is the ‘obvious culprit’
Michael Avenatti ordered to pay $4.85M to former lawyer at his law firm
Sir Philip Green is named in parliament as injunction businessman
Law student ‘extorted schoolgirl for pornographic videos’
Judge tosses Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit against Trump

Authorities find 123 missing children in just ONE day

Nikki Haley abruptly RESIGNS as she makes joint appearance with Trump
Kavanaugh sworn in
NY Mayor Bill de Blasio dismisses homeless women during workout
New video emerges of Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky in Oval Office

Steven Seagal storms off interview after questions about rape
Amy Schumer & Emily Ratajskowki arrested while protesting Supreme Court nominee

Psychopaths, narcissists, sadists all show ‘dark core’ of personality
Pope doesn’t want Church judged by modern standards

Kazakhstan begins chemical castration of pedophiles

Lawyer is sentenced to 80 years is prison for forcing clients into sex

Selfie-taker falls to death in Panama, & the death by selfie phenomenon

How to let go

The Light and the Smoky Mirror

15 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Don Miguel Ruiz

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Whatever life takes away from you, let it go

Bodycam Of Woman Attempting To Assault Cops

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Cape Coral, FL – On December 11, 2018 around 6:47 PM, Cape Coral Police responded to a call for service at the 500 block of Cape Coral Pkwy E in reference to a report of an individual requesting an ambulance.

The individual called into 9-1-1 but did not provide much more detail. The 9-1-1 caller was later identified as Jessica C. Blick (W/F, DOB: 08/01/1981, 3518 SE 17th Ave). Blick was eventually determined to be at 340 Cape Coral Parkway E (Family Dollar) walking on the sidewalk with a large piece of concrete in one of her hands and the other holding a cellular telephone.

The first officer on scene made contact with Blick trying to talk to her to determine if she was the one who had called 9-1-1. As the officer spoke to Blick she continued to move around and did not answer the officer. Concerned for Blick’s welfare the officer continued to try to communicate and directed her numerous times to drop the “rock”. Blick continued to disregard the officer and was able to see another officer approaching her from behind.

Blick then drew back the piece of concrete like she was going to throw it at the first officer while saying that she was going to him. The first officer ducked away as the second officer moved up and Blick ran into the roadway of Cape Coral Pkwy E. The first officer drew his TASER and discharged both cartridges in an attempt to gain control but the probes missed Blick.

She went back onto the sidewalk and drew back the piece of concrete again but this time actually threw it at the second officer. The piece of concrete struck the second officer in the shoulder. That officer ran toward Blick and was able to force her to the ground and into some nearby bushes. Blick continued to resist officers from taking her into custody by pulling and twisting away from both officers. Eventually, officers were able to subdue Blick and secure her in handcuffs. After Blick was secured in handcuffs, she rolled over and kicked the original officer in the thigh and groin. Blick continued to kick at the officer to which the other officer utilized his O.C. spray to gain her compliance to stop acting in an aggressive manner.

After the O.C. spray was deployed, Blick’s aggression stopped almost immediately. Blick was transported to a local hospital by request of officers. Blick was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault on a LEO, Battery on a LEO, and Resisting Arrest with Violence. She was later transferred to Lee County Jail.

Police Bullet Kills `Cops’ Film Crew Member

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Omaha, Nebraska’s police chief says an officer-fired bullet killed ‘cops’ sound superviser Bryce Dion on Tuesday. Dion was recording officers responding to a robbery. (Aug. 28)

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Shakey Graves – Cops and Robbers – CARDINAL SESSIONS

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Shakey Graves is the man – here he is, performing a song called “Cops and Robbers” in a church in Cologne before his show. His americana-blues-folk is wonderful to listen to, his new record is amazing. Welcome back to Cardinal Sessions!


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Cardinal Sessions was founded in the summer of 2010. They challenge the classic music video and try to replace impersonal footage with immediate and emotional snapshots.

Bands from all over the world with their different genres present their songs reduced to the essence of the musical spectrum – only vocals and unplugged instruments. Due to the spontaneous live-aspect and the approach to record every song without any additional rehearsal, songs emerge that often sound significantly different to their album versions.

We film on locations that the musicians mostly choose by themselves: remote places, frequented streets, parks, woods, fields, bars; nothing is impossible. We have accomplished our goal if the location fits well to the background of the music we and the artists want to present. But our most important purpose is that there are no borders: we film everything that we like, no matter how popular, famous or also unknown a band might be. It is still important for us to support local talents and it will always stay part of our concept.

The Cardinal Sessions team can also be booked: for example to film short documentaries of album recordings, studio recordings or live concert moments that you want to capture.
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Cops Sat on Evidence That Might’ve Saved NC Teen: DA

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According to, Police sat on evidence that may have saved the life of a North Carolina teen raped and murdered out side of her home.
Robeson County DA Luther Johnson Britt said Wednesday, that deputies failed to act on evidence tying 34-year-old Michael Ray McLellan to a 2016 assault.
While the evidence was rediscovered last week, Britt says both the sheriff’s office and district attorney’s office were notified in 2017 but failed to obtain confirmation in the form of a new DNA sample.

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Cops along I-29 Kansas city, MO for trump’s motorcade

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Rolling down on I-29 south in MO, before Trump gets to Kansas city, MO. We will count some of the cop cars that are going to be in the rolling closure as Donald Trump travels from the airport to downtown and back.

President Donald Trump will be coming to Kansas City for the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a quick luncheon for Senate candidate Josh Hawley fundraiser.

Donald Trump is expected to arrive in Kansas City midmorning and speak to the VFW at Municipal Auditorium. He will leave Kansas City by about 2 p.m., according to an email sent to businesses close to the convention center.

The Convention Center District, will be completely locked down. Surrounding streets will be blocked off, parking garages and lots in the area will be closed and there will be no traffic allowed on foot or in cars for the duration. People in the area will not be able to walk to lunch.

Airport will be disrupted just for the time it takes for Air Force One to land — less than 10 minutes. There will be rolling closures as the motorcade travels from the airport to downtown and back.

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“Rollin at 5” Kevin MacLeod (
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Man Films Denver Cops Beating Suspect, Gets Arrested

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December 17, 2014 – Police in Colorado have arrested a man who witnessed an officer brutally punching a suspect earlier this month.


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Wealthy Neighborhood Calls Cops on Church’s Homeless Jesus Statue

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St. Alban’s Episcopal Church has caused quite the uproar in the wealthy neighborhood of Davidson, North Carolina. What’ve they done? They installed a “Homeless Jesus” statue, which neighbors have called the police over believing an actual homeless person had entered their community…

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Kids and cops help Kansas City church give out gifts to 270 families in need

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It’s a child’s dream come true; mountains of toys, board games, dolls and action figures, all within arm’s reach a week before Christmas. But these kids won’t take a single toy home.

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Ghost Hunt w/ the COPS Crew – Old Buckeye Jail – The Horror Show

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In this episode, The Horror Show goes on our very first GHOST HUNT with the Crossing Over Paranormal Society!

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