Why we QUIT our Homeschool Co-op | Quitting Classical Conversations

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Hey y’all! Welcome to our channel. We are a large, loud and Jesus loving family from the rural Midwest. I am Nicci, also known around these parts as “mom” to my brood of 8 and as “babe” to my handsome other half. We live on a handful of acres in the rural Midwest where we raise veggies, chickens, berries, fruit and of course, KIDS! It is a busy, challenging and sometimes chaotic life managing a larger than normal family but is ultimately one of God’s greatest blessings that I am immensely grateful for! In no way have I “arrived” or “figured it all out”, but I am humbled to be able to share my experience with others!

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Rover’s Roost SKP Co-op Park Review : Pros and Cons from Drivin’ & Vibin’

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We’re Kyle & Olivia, a young couple traveling the country full time in our vintage camper. We hit the road in September of 2015, with the goal to live a minimal lifestyle and connect with the world around us. We hope our experiences can inform and inspire others to pursue a life of passion and adventure. Join the Vibe Tribe as we discover the joys and obstacles of RV life! In this video we discuss our experience at Rover’s Roost SKP Co-op Park.

We break it down by the pros & cons.

PLEASE NOTE: This park is not owned or operated by Escapees, Inc. It is an SKP co-op operated by a group of Escapee members.

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How we Made our New Bigger Better Chicken Coop!

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We finished our new in-barn chicken coop which will house our future flock. It came out so good and we are really happy with it. It features two sliding pop doors and a really clever angled door design that saves space and leaves more room for the dual communal nesting boxes on the front. We were able to upcycle wood from pallets and shipping crates, and even made use of the pickets from our old fence. Now we just need chickens 🙂

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OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: This chicken coop was $50 and took only 1 hour to build. This is the most viewed chicken coop video on youtube. Thanks for watching and share it with your friends. This is a great coop for meat birds, turkeys or what ever type of bird or any animal you need housed.

This build is so easy even someone with zero skills could pull it off =)

we suggest having one on your homestead for a standby

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BABY HELL (Garry’s Mod Hide and Seek)

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