1897 Pfeffer Organ, Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Thomas, Missouri

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Brent Johnson talks with Father Jeremy Secrist about the 1897 J.G. Pfeffer organ in the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle in St. Thomas, Missouri. He’s joined by Bill Stein and Mark Scholtz.

The organ was restored in 2016 by the Quimby Organ Company.

Photos of restoration:


Alive – Noemi Cagley -Testimony/ Music/Song

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The first part is a Powerful Testimony & the second is a Powerful Song PLEASE Listen & Enjoy

2013 Revival on Nov 11th @ The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church in Buckeye, AZ
Original Song by Natalie Grant

1999 Patrick J. Murphy organ – St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Brent Johnson talks with Wesley Parrot, organist of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Cathedral Road in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The specification of the organ can be found at

2017 C.B. Fisk organ – Christ Church Episcopal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Brent Johnson talks with Parker Kitterman about the new C.B. Fisk organ in historic Christ Church Episcopal in Old City Philadelphia.

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