US, African comment on gay bishop consecration

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Washington, DC – 18 October 2004
1. Wide view of National Cathedral
2. Bishop John Chane walking to podium
3. Pan from Seal of the Diocese of Washington to Chane UPSOUND: “Where does that leave Gene Robinson?”
4 SOUNDBITE: (English) Bishop John Chane, Episcopal Diocese of Washington:
“I think it leaves Gene Robinson from my point of view with the women of the Episcopal church, who likewise are not permitted to exercise their authority as bishops in the Church of England. And one of the things that I think is unique about the Anglican communion is as difficult as it is and as untidy as it is, it gives provinces the opportunity to at least make a local response, as painful as that might be. But I think those painful responses gives us the opportunity to begin the kind of intensive dialogue we have to engage in and again coming back to the report today and that statement contained now gives us the opportunity to really look at that and see how we can live within a new order of life within the communion.”

Lagos, Nigeria – 18 October 2004
5. Sign for Archbishop Finning Memorial Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Nigeria, building behind
6. Banner reading, ‘Africa comes of Age’
7. Pan of congregation listening to sermon
8. Reverend Peter Adebiyi, Archbishop of Lagos Diocese, speaking to congregation 9. Congregation listening
10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Reverend Peter Adebiyi, Archbishop of Lagos Diocese:
“Our one concern is that the gay U (gay union) is like, introducing a new religion into this part of the world and that we do not succumb or accept social religion. And so that is why the Church of Nigeria has broken relationship with Ecusa (the Episcopal church).”
11. SOUNDBITE: (English) (no name) member of congregation, Archbishop Finning Memorial Cathedral
“My understanding of what the doctrine says is that, God opposes any relationship, sexual relationship, between men. It is supposed to be between men and women.”

Soweto, South Africa – 17 October 2004
12. Church service with congregation singing inside Saint Augustin Anglican Church in Soweto
13. Minister at podium
14. Close up minister at podium
15. Communion table with clergy and alter attendants
16. Woman receiving communion
17. Members of congregation receiving communion
18. SOUNDBITE: (English) Reverend Phyllis Mgquba, Saint Augustin Anglican Church, Soweto:
“I’m not ok with the gay priest who are given the pulpit because they are not preaching the right thing to the people because they are gays.”
19. SOUNDBITE: (English) Reuben Lethabane, member of congregation at Saint Augustin Anglican Church:
“There are so many people who are for the gays and there are so many people who are not, who are against gayism, so therefore I would rather prefer not to have a gay person in the church because I personally think it will split them.”

Washington, DC – 18 October 2004
20. Exterior and close-up view of St John’s Church
21. Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, Head of the Church of Southern Africa walking to podium
22. SOUNDBITE: (English) Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, Head of the Church of Southern Africa:
“The report does not discuss the detailed issues of homosexuality and neither shall I, as was its mandate it invites us to engage with wider issues of shared fellowship and how we handle disagreements and divisions within the Anglican communion, that is what is at stake here”
23. Cutaways
24. SOUNDBITE: (English) Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, head of the Church of Southern Africa:
“The recommendations of the report are a challenge to all of us, they confront us with what it means to take seriously the bonds of a faction that constitute our commitment to each other.”
25. Reporter listening


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