GONE- the Nathaniel Cooper Concert Choir of Memphis, TN

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Easter is not Easter in Memphis, TN until somebody sings this song and pews are flipped! From the community of Binghampton, the Nathaniel Cooper Concert Choir is one of the most historic and legendary traditional Gospel choirs of our time!!! Pastor Cooper has played, written, and sung

3rd Day of the NYVMC 2018 Saturday Night Acappella Concert

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Multistreaming with

This is the 2nd Day of the NYVMC 2018 Summer Gospel Music Camp in Athens, AL. This camp is hosted by the Southside Church of Christ in Rogersville, AL This camp has been a powerful for our children across the globe. For more information about this camp check out www.nyvmc.org or www.southsiderogersville.org.

New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir 50th Anniversary Reunion Choir Concert “I Can’t Feel at Home “

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The New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church Choir (Flint, MI) celebrated 50 years on Saturday October 17, 2015 with a reunion choir concert. The Choir (known as the Inspirational Voices) recorded 10 albums and brought many gospel standards to the world. This video is a clip of the reunion choir singing “I Can’t Feel at Home” This song is and old church standard sung by many people form various backgrounds, ethnicities and denominations. The churchy gospel rendition that most know was recorded by the then New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir circa 1979/1980 and lead by Joann Anderson. The church was led over 40 years by the iconic Bishop Odis A. Floyd. The church is now under the leadership of Pastor Patrick Sanders.

1990 HeartSong Video (Concert Video)

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(c)1990 Joyful Heart Music

This was the HeartSong video I ordered from Amazon, and is the first of two special uploads planned for this week.

First, some background. During the early 1970s, Peter Jacobs was one of a series of youngsters involved in the Jesus Music movement during the early 1970s (many of whom came out of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa). Jacobs had been part of the group “Children of the Day” (best known for the song “For Those Tears I Died” for you Christian music history buffs) but left before their final album came out; in hindsight a wise decision as the group soon imploded when lead singer Marsha (Stevens) Carter came out as a lesbian. Peter & Hanneke Jacobs stayed with Maranatha into the 1980s (which by then was mainly producing praise and worship releases and children’s music — such as Ernie & Debby Rettino’s Psalty the Singing Songbook), creating the Colby the Computer character as well as the lesser-known Nannybird series before striking out on their own.

Around 1989; the Jacobs began working with a group of teenagers from various churches in the Southern California area; beginning as a Bible Study (in a sense, similar to how Chuck Smith had discipled Jacobs and many others who came to the Lord in that area nearly 20 years earlier) and then adding music and choreography in the formation of the vocal group HeartSong.

ORDER OF CLIPS (some of which are familiar from later appearances in Colby’s Clubhouse episodes):
1. Come Praise the Lord
2. My Turn Now (cover of an early Steven Curtis Chapman song)
3. Jenny Ng shares her testimony of being saved after dabbling in drugs and battling depression
4. In a World That Needs Love
5. Song Inside My Heart
6. All I Really Wanna Do (original version)
7. Marianne Dotson shares on how she really became “sold out” to the Lord, even to the point of breaking up with her boyfriend
8. Whatever You Do
9. You’re My Rock (original version; thus no “We Will Rock You”-style claps at the top and a little more synthesizer emphasis)
10. Phil Metzger testifies on how he learned to cast his cares on the Lord after seeing his parents’ marriage end in divorce
11. Trust in the Lord (original version; I REALLY like this rendition)
12. I Wanna Be Ready for That Coming Day
13. Dave Walter shares how God delivered him from thoughts of suicide
14. Just the Way You Are
15. HeartSong
16. Who Made Up the Rule (apparently released as a single; see Colby’s Place video)
17. Judy Lin shares how her life was spared from a stabbing attack, as well as her later putting her trust in Christ
18. The Reason We Sing (First Call cover)

MEMBERS (some of whom worked with the Jacobs on the earlier Colby projects or with the Rettinos on some of the Psalty projects)
1. Jason Andrews
2. Julie Bonney
3. Cathy Cagle
4. Paul Chang
5. Scott Cunningham
6. Marianne Dotson
7. Dave Eason
8. Micki Folmar
9. Kristen Harvey
10. Mara Hylton
11. Christi Jacobs
12. Oriana Kim
13. Judy Lin
14. Phil Metzger
15. Andrea Mutschler
16. Jenny Ng
17. Cara Olinger
18. Missy Olinger
19. Michelle Peterman
20. John Randall
21. Aaron Seltzer
22. Christi Smythe
23. Tony Tagliaferri
24. Moses Toth
25. David Walter

Daniela Aiko live concert @ Shibuya GLAD 23/10/2017

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Singing my new original songs which will be featured in my first solo mini album to be released on December 2017!

01. Tangled
02. A wish in the night
03. YOU

Follow my official accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for pictures and updates!

©Daniela Lepre – all the music, lyrics and videos are my property

The Legacy of Ola Belle Reed: Concert

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In celebration of the legacy of the pioneering old-time musician Ola Belle Reed (1916-2002), Reed’s son Dave Reed, her nephew Hugh Campbell and members of the acclaimed bluegrass band Danny Paisley and Southern Grass gather to perform bluegrass and gospel songs of their Appalachian heritage.

For transcript and more information, visit

Southside Church of Christ Friday Night 2017 Homecoming Concert

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Tonight the Church TV Network presents LIVE the Southside Church of Christ Homecoming Concert. Friday night kicks off a weekend of celebrating the “Power of Unity We’re Taking It Back”.

Swedish Lucia Concert in New York 2011 (the Swedish Church is organizing)

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The Swedish Lucia Concert (celebration) organized by the Swedish Church, in New York City.
December 10, 2011
Here the Lucia and her maids are leaving singing Sancta Lucia.

We Be Brethren Live In Concert Charleston SC

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We Be Brethren (WBB) Biography
We believe that it was more than just fate, but instead part of God’s plan to bring a group of spiritually-minded brothers together in one place at the same time in 2002 to formulate a group of All–Male Accapella Gospel Singers, whose interest lied in spreading a message of hope and peace through song. It was so befitting that Charleston, South Carolina, nicknamed the “Holy City”, was chosen as the location where it all began. The vision of its leader, Mark Lawrence of Little Rock Arkansas, was to unite a group of brethren whose primary focus was not just to entertain, but to praise God and touch the lives of those in need of spiritual uplifting and to edify them in such a way as to remind them that God is real and able to provide, if they would simply put their trust and faith in Him. Bro. Lawrence also wanted to use only the instruments created by God, the human voice, in order to accomplish this mission.
In assembling the group, a Soprano voice was selected, who had his beginnings in Rochester, New York. Art Washington brings to our ensemble the nostalgic hymnal favorites of the past, which has aided us in keeping our Gospel heritage very much alive.
t a very young age after following in the Gospel singing traditions established by his ancestors. He has participated as a member of various School Choirs in the Charleston Region and we are very blessed to have him share his gift of range in bringing a unique style to our team of Gospel songsters.
Across the Cooper River from Downtown Charleston, in the city of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina resides a man of God who possesses the experience and talent to reach deep down into the very depths of his soul and bring out the strongest emotions of the heart. His name – Ron Conyers, who has previously recorded as an Alto and Lead Tenor with the locally known Gospel group “The Brotherhood.” We affectionately refer to Ron as the “Sam Cook” of our group and. once you heard him sing, you would be inclined to agree.
From Mississippi emerged Tommy Elliott to occupy the position of Second Tenor. After serving in the U.S. armed forces for over twenty (20) years, Tommy traded uniforms to serve as a soldier in God’s Army. He claims to be the “shy one” of the group until you hear him sing.
To fill the position of Tenor/Baritone, God sent us Jonathan “JC” Curtis from Augusta, Georgia. His love of the Lord and enthusiasm in offering praises to God provided balance to our arrangements.
No Accapella group is complete, of course, without that rich Bass sounds and rhythm. To achieve this task, the Lord delivered us one of Mississippi’s finest, Stephen Cooper. Stephen comes from a long line of Gospel singers and has performed with several Accapella groups including the Gospel Group “Committed” of Rogersville, Alabama. He adds a new dimension by serving as our vocal percussionist and he supplies the tempo that is so crucial to the success of any Accapella ensemble.
The name “We Be Brethren” may appear on the surface to be a play on words and has been described by some as a form of “Ebonics”. The truth is the name was derived from a passage in the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures found in Genesis 13:8. When Abram, who would later to be renamed by God as Abraham, and his nephew Lot found themselves faced with the dilemma of strife between them and their herdsmen, Abram was recorded as speaking these words, “ Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdsman and thy herdsman, for We Be Brethren.”
In a world where division and strife has become so common place, it’s time that we rise up and restore the peace and harmony that once existed predominantly in the African American community. We were once a people who were our strongest when God was at the center of our lives and we shared a common dream, to be free. However, true freedom can never be achieved until we start putting God first in our lives. Although the members of We Be Brethren come from diverse backgrounds and from different parts of the country, we are united together on a common mission to bring back the spirit and religious sound that made Gospel music what it is today. It is our belief that there is no sweeter sound than the blending of our voices together in making a joyful noise unto the Lord. We pray that the selections in our repertoire bring back to memory, some of the Gospel Classics and songs you’ve may have heard throughout the years or sang yourselves in the churches where you worship.
Genesis 13:8. “ Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdsman and thy herdsman, for We Be Brethren.”

Boosie Concert Shooting, Drone Footage Shows Suspect Open Fire | TMZ

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One of the multiple shootings at a Boosie concert was dramatically captured by a drone over the event, and TMZ has obtained the footage.


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Collectio Musicorum Concert – Christ and Saint Stephen’s Church, New York

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Concert of Music by Ronald Cross, Arnold Rosner, Arthur Sullivan, Mattheus Pipelare, and Josquin Dez Prez
Collectio Musicorum Festival Choir
Dr. Jeff S. Dailey, Conductor
James Wetzel, Organist


Festal Song (Rise up O Men of God)…………………………………Ronald Cross

Organ Solo – Ricercar……………………………………………………….Ronald Cross
Let Them Praise………………………………………………………………Arnold Rosner
Credo de Sancto Johanne Evangelista………………………Mattheus Pipelare
Bird of Light……………………………………………………………………..Ronald Cross

To All, To Each…………………………………………………………………Arnold Rosner

Organ Solo – Chorale Prelude of “Federal Street”……………..Ronald Cross

The Snow is Deep on the Ground……………………………………..Ronald Cross

Benedictus………………………………………………………………………Arnold Rosner

Organ Solo & Funeral Anthem from The Martyr of Antioch
…………………Arthur Sullivan

Tu Pauperum Refugium……………………………………………..Josquin dez Prez

El Grillo……………………………………………………………………….Josquin dez Prez

Filmed by: Asaf Blasberg

Audio Producer: Asaf Blasberg
Mastered by: Asaf Blasberg

Brian Stokes Mitchell Live Concert at Highlands Church, Scottsdale, AZ, US

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Brian Stokes Mitchell At Highlands Church, Scottsdale, AZ, US on Thursday, February 7, 2019
Streaming :
Artist : Brian Stokes Mitchell
Date : Thursday, February 7, 2019
Venue : Highlands Church, Scottsdale, AZ, US
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