Macedonian TV Report: 100 year old Macedonian Community in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Macedonian TV journalist Irina Gelevska did a report about the 100 year old Macedonian-American community in Fort Wayne, Indiana featuring highlights from the 43rd Annual Macedonian Ball. Camera: Risto Mishev.

Saint Sebastian Independent Catholic Community 10th Anniversary Service on 9/16/12

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Celebrating our 10th anniversary. Meet our Pastor and parishioners. We worship in Baltimore, MD. Check us out on Facebook at St. Sebastian Independent Catholic Community or

Analysis: The Need for Community

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How communities work and how belongingness affects us.

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The Art of Community: Seven Principles for Belonging
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Roundtable with Mike Ross and Tafokints:
Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013:
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Canada Cup issues lifetime ban:
Evo 2017 Panel: The History of EVO –
The evolution of extreme cooperation via shared dysphoric experiences –
Penn State Fraternity Hazing Death of Timothy Piazza –
Evo 2018 Tekken Top 8 LilMajin vs JDCR –
The Dillinger Escape Plan – 43% Burnt live @ The First Unitarian Church:
Dunbar’s Number:
Tenacious D – To Be The Best [Mockumentary] –
Keanu Reeves in subway –
Football players hazing freshman:
Apple becomes first trillion dollar company:
Loneliness more deadly than smoking:
Altruistic social interest behaviors are associated with better mental health –
Warren Buffet 3.3 million dollar lunch –
Warren Buffet charity lunch auction –
Warren Buffet advice from 2007 charity lunch:

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Conference: “Religion and the American-Muslim Community Post – 9/11” Part 1

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The ten years following the attacks of September 11 have profoundly affected global and domestic politics from the impact of the Bush administration-led war on global terrorism and regime change in Iraq to continued attacks by transnational and domestic terrorists. The fallout also ushered in a new era in American and European domestic policy in which established notions of freedom, security, and civil liberties have been challenged and threatened, specifically affecting the American-Muslim community. This program sought to answer such questions as: What lessons can we learn from the past decade as we embark on a new way forward? What impact has post 9/11 had on American perceptions of Islam and Muslims and on Muslim freedoms and civil liberties? How have these affected American Muslim attitudes, hopes and fears? And what can people of other faiths learn about their own practice and traditions in the wake of this tragedy?

Featuring: John L. Esposito (University Professor & Founding Director, ACMCU), David Cole (Professor of Law, Georgetown University), Linda Moreno (Attorney at Law), Arsalan Iftikhar (Founding Managing Editor, The Crescent Post)

with Keynote Speaker: Karen Armstrong

Eucharist with the Indonesian Catholic Community in San Francisco

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Every first Sunday of the month the Indonesian Catholic Community in the Bay Area holds a Eucharist celebration at St. Stephen Catholic parish (451 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco, California 94132). We welcome all to attend it and spends a social time with us after the Eucharist.

South Sudanese Community Church in Arizona: Spiritual Revival Conference – April 11 & 12, 2015

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San Diego and Arizona Sunday School Choir: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever – Hebrew 13:8

Hillside Church – Breaking Bread Ministry (Community Showers)

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Learn more about Hillside Church in Los Angeles, CA and our “Breaking Bread” homeless ministry at:

Glory to God!
“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” – John 15:12