Paul Colman “This House” McDowell Mountain Community Church in Scottsdale, AZ, Oct 25, 2009

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Paul Colman singing his new song “This House” at McDowell Mountain Community Church in Scottsdale AZ on October 25, 2009.

Pathway Community Church needs an upgrade…now!

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Pathway Community Church had been planning on upgrading their mixing console, but when their current system imploded things needed to happen NOW! They called in CSD Group and received more than emergency care.

Hometown Maine – Hallowell

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In this weekend’s Hometown Maine, WMTW News 8’s Norm Karkos takes us to Hallowell where there is a long standing piece of history helps represent the city’s true spirit. Subscribe to WMTW on YouTube now for more:

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Karenni Singer Hackett Visit Winston Salem, North Carolina USA

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Karenni Singer Hackett Visit Winston Salem, North Carolina

Calvary Karenni Baptist Church !!

Winston Salem, North Carolina !!!

Led Zeppelin,The Stones and The Who at Quest Community Church,Lexington Kentucky

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Its the “My Generation” Series at Quest and this week we get to hear some Led Zeppelin,The Stones and The Who at Quest Community Church.
Anyerin Drury and the worship team do an awesome job. Helen Musick shared a great message afterwards. You can see the service in FULL at

Fort vs Rothschild MS Boys Basketball Columbus, GA Part 2 of 2

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Watch as some of the best athletes in the world compete

South Sudanese Community Church Youth Choir in Seattle Washington praising God in Kakwa Language

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These children are all born in America.They are singing songs from the Kakwa song book. They are from different tribes.

September 3rd 2017 at Grace Temple Baptist Church (Los Angeles CA.)

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Members of Cedar Grove Baptist Church 7623 8th Avenue Los Angeles California 90043 (A California Religious Corporation) visited their sister church Grace Temple Baptist in Los Angeles. Please visit our Facebook page and our website
[email protected]

Cornerstone Baptist Church Choir-Arlington.AVI

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Arlington Public Library’s Black History Month program featuring the Cornerstone Baptist Church Choir – February 25, 2012

Anne Gimenez – Rock Church – “Two Kinds of Life”

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Bishop Anne Gimenez ministering at the rock church International on “Two Kinds of Life” Bishop Anne Gimenez began her journey in ministry as a young female evangelist from Corpus Christi Texas. In 1968, along with her husband Bishop John Gimenez she founded the Rock Church International in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The couple also organized the Washington for Jesus and America for Jesus events, bringing thousands together in unity to pray for the nation. She is now the overseeing Bishop of hundreds of Rock Churches around the world throughout the United States, Liberia, India, and the Fiji Islands.

Bishop Anne’s Website:

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