Mark Taylor & Mary Colbert Part 1 | Something More

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Mark Taylor & Mary Colbert Part 2:

Fireman Mark Taylor and co-author Mary Colbert team up to tell you about what’s called the Trump Prophecies — the once hard-to-believe details of what God told Mark about America, Israel and the world.


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This was filmed in the OLD PARADISE CHURCH. The Essence of Praise dance troupe of the Paradise Missionary Baptist Church Youth Ministry known as P.H.A.A.T HOUSE put together an AFRICAN tribal dance to celebrate their cultural heritage. This was in recognition of BLACK HISTORY MONTH. This was an exciting day for the children there was a lot going on at this 3:00 program in Paradise. This is just a small portion of the days events.

The City of Hope Church Baltimore, Md. Stephen Colbert, Pastor ” Its On” Part 2 3/14/2010

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The City Of Hope Church
1923 Ashland Ave
Stephen Colbert, Pastor
‘Where Hope is Contagious”
Join us for Worship Sundays at 11a.m.
Sermon ‘Its On” 3/14/2010

Stephen Colbert discusses the Charleston church shooting

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“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert tells “Face the Nation” about his reaction to this year’s deadly shooting at an historic black church in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Rev. Jacqueline Colbert – First Baptist Church, Madison, WI Sunday, September 30, 2013

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On this date, the congregation of First Baptist Church had an all-church retreat in Green Lake, WI. Rev. Colbert was basically given the church to conduct Sunday morning worship for the day. In addition to bringing the message, Rev. Colbert planned the worship experience and brought the Women’s Chorus from Mt. Zion Baptist Church to provide the music.

Sermon Title: “Who Will Help Lazarus?” – Luke 16: 19-31