Westboro Baptist Church Chickens Out On Protest of Army Ranger Pfc. Cody Patterson Funeral

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I arrived early enough to see Cody James Patterson’s casket removed from the hearse and carried into Oregon State University’s LaSells Stewart Center. It was very quite at that time and chills ran through my body. Cody had recently been at national controversy when his family was not paid death benefits by the Federal Government, due to the Government Shutdown of 2013. Full Story-

Pfc. Cody A Board KIA – Military Honors Oct 2010

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Cody A. Board – Memorial Tribute
This video highlights the events of Pfc. Cody A. Board, KIA Oct. 4, returning Oct 14, and interment on Oct. 16, at Ft. Sills National Cemetery.

The North Texas Patriot Guard Rider Deputy State Captain, Mike Lambert, file this report on their website.

PFC Cody Board, United States Army
McKinney Service, Procession To Fort Sill National Cemetery, Oklahoma
And Interment

Approximate Number
Of Bikes: 150 Approximate Number
Of People: 300 Approximate Number
Of Cages: 13

Weather Conditions: We could have never expected such a beautiful ride day with perfect temperatures and fair winds. This was a day that offered a memory of a beautiful ride and a lasting tribute to yet another American Hero.

The day started with a picturesque sunrise and the day seemed to have a special shine. The Parents were escorted from their home by the McKinney PD Motor Unit and members of the Patriot Guard flying big flags. Upon arrival at the church, hundreds of people had gathered to show their honor and respect for this young man. The flag line was posted around the church, manned by Patriot Guard Riders and people from the community. Hundreds of people lined the streets by the church, holding American flags and homemade signs saying “We love you Cody” and “Thank you Cody”. The motorcycle escort was staged across the street in another church parking lot. As the service came to an end the Police motorcycles led out from the church and picked up approximately 150 riders from the Patriot Guard Riders and members of the Blue Knights motorcycle club. As the procession snaked its way onto highway 380, the traffic had stopped and people were standing beside their vehicles showing honor to Cody. From McKinney to Decatur people had come out to honor this young man. Fire trucks with flags, local Police and local residents were at each intersection along the way. At Decatur the procession turned North on hwy 287 and once again, all traffic was stopped to allow this young hero an unimpeded journey. The procession with flags flying in the wind and all heads held high thanking God for such a beautiful day. Just short of Wichita Falls we slowed and took the exit for a short pit stop. The exit was lined with riders standing the flag line; the community had also turned out to welcome this hero. Twenty minutes later the procession once again pulled onto the highway, this time led by the Oklahoma Patriot Guard, followed by the Texas Patriot Guard. As we crossed the state line we were picked up and escorted by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The OHP turned the procession over to the Lawton Police and we proceeded to the National Cemetery. The cemetery was covered with flags and the Army from Fort Sill had turned out in numbers. Full military honors were rendered and tears were shed for Cody Board, a true American Hero.

I would like to thank all the law enforcement agencies who offered their services and, without their support, this would never have worked. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority stepped up and took care of all tolls including any riders who returned home on the turnpike.

Each of you were the key part that made this come together and on behalf of Cody Board’s family -Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!

A special thank you goes to the Parents of Cody Board. We appreciate you allowing us to be a part of the honors for your son. This is a loss we all share. Cody and both of you now hold a special place within our hearts

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike “Gunner” Lambert
Deputy State Captain

This is a
USFallen.org Video Presentation Oct 2010
Jerry Castillo

Cody + Colleen, Wedding Anchorage Alaska by Sugar Six

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A purple and white themed wedding in anchorage alaska summer 2014. Photographed by Samantha Gawrys with Sugar Six Alaska Wedding Photography. The wedding was held at a church with wedding reception at the Alaska Zoo. Wedding photography portraits at the church in Anchorage as well as near Rabbit Creek.

First day runing the dogs 2015

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first day we ran the dogs no kills but still fun. enjoy

Cody Church Recreational and Investment Tract – 1,627.50 +/- Acres FOR SALE

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For more information, please visit:

Cody Church Recreational and Investment Tract sprawls though both Leon and Jefferson Counties in north Florida. A beautiful property, it has gently rolling woodlands that have been in timber production for many years. It has a variety of land types to include thinned planted and natural pine, small clearcuts, scattered forested hammocks, and forested wetlands along drains and creeks that meander though the property. Burnt Mill and Sweetwater Branch Creeks with associated hardwoods provide an abundance of habitat for native wildlife.
Located just 12 miles east of Tallahassee with over 2-1/2 miles of road frontage on US 27, the property is suitable for the continuation of timber production, recreational hunting, conversion to irrigated agriculture or estate residential home development.