Strip Club Owner Leaves Business for Higher Calling

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When Aaron’s daughter asked to spend the day with him at work for Career Day, he was too embarrassed to admit he was a strip club owner. He began to rethink his life, and wondered how he could make a change.

Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

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Ghost Hunt Weekends took on the Jekyll Island Club Hotel located on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. Chad Morin, Paranormal Researcher and Author along with his Crew were invited to explore the claims of the hauntings of this island resort that once belonged to some of the wealthiest families in the world.

On October 25-27, 2013, The Jekyll Island Club Hotel invited Chad Morin, Paranormal Researcher and Author to host a Ghost Hunt Weekend where guests of the Hotel can participate in a two day investigation of this reportedly haunted hotel in Georgia.

In this documentary, Ghost Hunt Weekends’ Chad Morin interviews the Jekyll Island Club Hotel Staff, as they tell their personal stories and experiences. The Club Hotel Staff was never permitted to speak of the Island’s hauntings, so this is the first time the Jekyll Island Club Hotel Staff is permitted publicly that this area is a real haunted location in Georgia.

Follow us as we get to listen to the claims of the paranormal, eyewitness accounts of haunting and reports of ghost guests that may have never checked out. In the upcoming chapters of this video documentary, we will include the findings from the October 25-27, 2013 Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Jekyll Club Hotel.

Built in the late 1880’s as a hunting lodge for the elite, it’s rich and haunted history include being hunting grounds for Indian Tribesmen, Early Spanish Explorers and Millionaire Tycoons, is this now a playground for ghosts? We’re here to find out.

Jekyll Island, located off the coast of Georgia, it’s only 7 miles long by 1 1/2 wide, home to pristine beaches, unspoiled wildlife and uncommercialised beauty. It became famous as a private winter haven for some of the world’s wealthiest families who paid to be members of this ultra exclusive island resort. A secretive club house was built and opened it’s doors in the late 1888 to accommodate these members, it was known as the Jekyll Island Club.

0:00 Chad Morin Paranormal Researcher Intro
0:18 Ghost Hunt Weekends at Jekyll Island
0:25 Jekyll Island Club Hotel Intro by Chad Morin
1:07 Ghost Hunt Weekends invited to Investigate Haunted Claims
1:30 Haunted Hotel Claims by William
3:04 Haunted Jekyll Club Restaurant by Sherri
3:50 Haunted Hotel Room at Jekyll Island Club Hotel by William
4:03 Haunted Spencer Room at Jekyll Island Club by Mike
4:59 Samuel Spencer Haunted Room Story by Sherri
5:30 Haunted Hotel Switchboard by William
6:27 Jekyll Island Ghosts by Carl
7:18 Haunted Accounts at Jekyll Hotel by Barb
8:07 Ghost Sightings at Jekyll Island Club Hotel
8:30 Jekyll Island Club Pub Ghosts by William
8:59 Jekyll Island Hotel Haunted Rooms
9:20 Haunted Rooms Stories of Jekyll Club
9:58 More Haunted Reports of Jekyll Club
10:20 Haunted Jekyll Island and Ghost Hunt Weekends by William
11:00 Haunted Locations in Georgia and Jekyll Island

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Does a Ridng Club Need a Blessing from a Dominant to Start

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Does a riding club need to get a blessing from a dominant MC to form up? Well, technically…”No” … but, of course, that depends… well, it depends on a lot of factors. Black Dragon will explore the topic in this video.
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The 700 Club – January 15, 2019

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Joe always wanted to provide a life he and his wife could enjoy—even through retirement. His prayer was for a “witty invention” that could help sustain them after retiring. You’ve got to watch and see what happened next. ► WATCH more stories:

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KTVA reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club

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KTVA Charlo Greene just quit on live TV after revealing she was the founder of the AK Cannabis Club.
Read the full article on Alaska Dispatch News:

Final ‘Last Call’ For German Club At Ft. Bliss

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Tonight, a Fort Bliss tradition comes to an end after 50 years.

The German Club on base has provided opportunities for German troops stationed there an opportunity to meet and mingle with each other, American soldiers, and the El Paso community.

When you walk into the German Club at Fort Bliss you open a door that has connected two countries since 1963.

At the club you can eat authentic German food, and in the evening enjoy German Beer with friends.

The beer garden outside of the club becomes a popular place to be every fall when the first keg is tapped kicking-off local Oktoberfest celebrations.

The draw-down of German forces from Ft. Bliss has prompted this shutdown, bringing to an end a long legacy of celebrations from promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, and of course Karaoke Night.

Marco Hauff, First Lieutenant with the German Air Force Air Defense Center, and Public Affairs officer says with the troop drawn down, the club will no longer be able to afford to keep the club doors open.

“Around 500 German soldiers have been here in El Paso, and now we cut down our number of soldiers to 100 to 120. So we can not afford to keep the club open,” says First Lieutenant Hauff.

For the past 50 years the club has been the place where many friendships where established, with some even leading to marriages. The Club has served as a home away from home for many soldiers. Hauff, himself has fond memories of this club.

“We had a big celebration for the birth of my son, so I am really close with this club,” says First Lieutenant Hauff.

Over the years, the club has been owned and operated by different groups ranging from churches to non-profit groups.

Master Sergeant, Marco Andresen, with the German Air Force is the manager of the German Club. He says the club has gone through different changes, but it has always served as a place for German soldiers and their families to meet and share their culture with Americans.

“That is the most difficult part,” says Master Sgt. Andresen. “Hearing the Americans say that it’s a shame the German Club is closing, it’s hard.”

Since the announcement of the shut down many people have returned for one last visit to the club to share memories of a place that has hosted so many memorable events.

This club has provided an opportunity for Lennart Marzinke, a civilian contractor from Germany to make many American friends.

“Many Americans hang around here, and the atmosphere is always quite relaxed,” says Marzinke.

The Club may be closing it’s doors for good, but the memories and stories of this place will last for generations.

Copy of Boulder City Christmas Parade – BC Rhino Club (Bret Runion – Desert Sun Realty)

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Bret Runion – Desert Sun Realty sponsors this crowd-favorite entry, The Boulder City Rhino Club. Every year, these off-road enthusiasts decorate their side-by-side ATV’s for the “Santa’s Electric Night Parade” in Boulder City, NV.

Copy of Boulder City Christmas Parade – BC Rhino Club (Bret Runion – Desert Sun Realty)

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Bret Runion – Desert Sun Realty sponsors this crowd-favorite entry, The Boulder City Rhino Club. Every year, these off-road enthusiasts decorate their side-by-side ATV’s for the “Santa’s Electric Night Parade” in Boulder City, NV.

Port Royal Club Naples, Florida Destination Wedding

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Well, we’re about ready to just pack up our bags and hop on a plane back to Naples after finishing this film from Melissa & Brett’s stunning wedding. It was such an honor to capture their day, and boy, you just can’t beat that soft pastel light from that Naples sunset! Thank you for trusting us to capture your day and recreate it in this way. We just LOVE what we do!!

Wedding Videographer: Better Together Cinema
Wedding Photographer: Allie Ryann Photography
Getting Ready: Hyatt House Naples/5th Avenue
Wedding Ceremony: St. Anne’s Catholic Church
Wedding Reception: Port Royal Naples Florida
Entertainment: DJ Dayve
Makeup Artist: Matthew Wells