Nurse arrested after vulnerable patient gives birth in US clinic

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“The Agape Medical Clinic: Dental Side” – October 13th, 2018 – Pastor Furman Fordham II

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Welcome to Riverside Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Nashville, TN. We hope you enjoy the worship experience!

Catholic Priest Hit with Car by Clinic Volunteer at Columbus OH Abortion Center

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On April 8, 2017, Father Joseph Klee, a Parish Priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, was injured and almost run over by Michelle Davis, a local abortion clinic volunteer, as she steals Father Klee’s lawfully displayed anti-abortion signs from the public sidewalk. The incident took place in front of Founder’s Women’s Center in Columbus, OH.

Video footage clearly depicts Ms. Davis stealing Father Klee’s pro-life signs and attempting to speed off with them. Ms. Davis injures Father Klee by almost running him over as he attempts to retrieve his property. Blood is clearly seen dripping from Father Klee’s hand.

Doctor Fired From Ohio Clinic After Claiming She Will Purposely Give J Patients Wrong Medication

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Abortion Clinic Schedules Appointment for Healthy Mother to Abort Healthy Baby at 30 weeks

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This call is to the clinic of Abortionist Warren Hern in Boulder, CO. Abortion Free New Mexico is working with Priests for Life to raise national awareness about late term abortion.

Serving a Greater Good: the Doney Clinic in Seattle, Washington

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Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and other volunteers donate their time and expertise to provide much-needed veterinary services for Seattle’s low-income and homeless population…for free. (This video was produced in association with the AVMA Convention News program in 2009.)

Actual Health Star Clinic Patient Testimonial in Montgomery, Alabama

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Actual patient of Health Star Clinic, Autumn Lewis, explains how she feels so much better after seeking treatment at Health Star Clinic for her shoulder injury.

Our facility uses a team approach of Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurses and Physical Therapists to determine the best course of treatment for responsible pain management.

The Remix Clinic | Warren Brown ~ Little Rock, Arkansas

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The Remix Clinic | Warren Brown ~ Little Rock, Arkansas

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Four Years After Murder of Dr. George Tiller, His Wichita Abortion Clinic Reopens Despite Threats

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– Today marks the fourth anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a 67-year-old abortion provider who was shot point blank in the forehead as he attended church services in Wichita, Kansas. Tiller’s clinic was one of a handful in the nation that performed abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy. He faced constant threats and incidents of violence and vandalism in the decades leading up to his death. The man who assassinated him, anti-choice extremist Scott Roeder, is serving a life sentence and was recently reprimanded in prison for making intimidating remarks against other abortion providers. The four years since Tiller was murdered have seen a wave of new abortion restrictions. Eight states now ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Meanwhile, clinics across the country have been threatened by laws aimed at shutting them down. After working with Tiller for eight years, our guest Julie Burkhart joins us from South Wind Women’s Center, the newly reopened abortion clinic where Tiller worked. She is director and founder of the Trust Women Foundation. “We have had approximately 200 patient visits in just the two short months that we’ve been open. We are just so happy to be back in this community,” Burkhart says. On threats made against the clinic and her life she says, “These threats are definitely to be taken seriously and they are chilling. However, women still need abortion care. … I don’t think that the rights of women in this part of the country should be curtailed just because we have extremists.”

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Crossroads Center Medical Clinic – Interview with Hershel Adams

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Missionary Bettye Scott interviews Hershel Adams, Director of Missions for the Choctaw Baptist Association during the renovation of the Crossroads Center Medical Clinic at the First Baptist Church of Valparaiso, Florida. Recorded April 2009.