Wink Burcham – “Cleveland Summer Nights” – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK – 11/12/16

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Wink Burcham – “Cleveland Summer Nights” – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK – 11/12/16 – Horton Records Rock n Folk n Chili Cook Off — Wink Burcham – acoustic guitar / vocals, Stephen Lee – guitar / backing vocals, Paul Wilkes – upright bass, Roger Ray – pedal steel, Jake Lynn – drums / backing vocals

Video & editing by Press Pause Films; Audio by Red Cat Event Audio

This is the annual fundraiser event for Horton Records, a non-profit, volunteer-based music organization in Tulsa. The event features live music, live art, raffles, silent auctions, and a chili competition from local restaurants, as well as a musician chili competition. Food donations and winter coats are gathered each year to help those in need in the Tulsa area. All proceeds support Tulsa-area musicians through recording, distribution, band management, booking, touring, promotion, workshops, and administration. For more information, visit

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Looking back on Bishop Richard Lennon’s legacy in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland announced his retirement on Dec. 28, 2016, after requesting early retirement from Pope Francis in November. Bishop Lennon has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Take a look at some key events that happened during Bishop Lennon’s 10 years of service.

HUGE Abandoned Church and School | Nativity BVM Cleveland, Ohio

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Arcade Game Rentals in Columbus, Ohio – Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron

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Rent arcade games in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Toledo, Ohio. Largest selection for arcade game rentals for corporate events, tradeshows, holiday parties, bar mtizvahs, church events, and all other special events. Largest selection of arcade games for rent in Ohio!

Lawton Public Schools: Cleveland Thanksgiving Meal

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Cleveland Elementary held their first Thanksgiving lunch for parents and community members. The school was lucky to have volunteers from Cameron Baptist Church as well as the Cameron Women’s Basketball team to help with the event. We talked to some parents about why this is such a special event for them.

MIDNIGHT MASS – The ABANDONED Masonic Temple | Abandoned Cleveland

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✪ Episode 10 ✪
The Newburgh Masonic Temple is a 100 year old structure in the Miles Park neighborhood. It has sat vacant since 1977. I explored this building at night with Sean and it was very eerie.

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This Episode’s Song:

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Cleveland Nail Salon Fight Goes Viral, Owner Speaks Out

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A fight at a Cleveland nail salon went viral on Facebook and now the owner of Fantasy Nails on West 25th Street has released the surveillance video from the salon. He speaks exclusively to Sia Nyorkor March 30, 2017 for WOIO-TV in Cleveland, Ohio

Donald Trump Cleveland Ohio Charter School FULL Speech 9/8/16

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Donald Trump is insisting he opposed the from the beginning, even though fact checkers have repeatedly said that claim is false. Radio host Howard Stern in 2002 asked Trump if he supported the looming n. Trump responded, “I guess so.” Speaking at a charter school in Ohio Thursday, the Republican presidential nominee said that if had been in the Congress at the time, he would have voted against authorizing the military conflict. Trump made the comments while visiting Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, a charter school in the predominantly African-American Woodland Hills neighborhood on the city’s East Side. His position on the war is coming under increasing scrutiny as he attacks Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for voting to authorize the while she was in the Senate. He called his opponent “trigger-happy Hillary” on Thursday and repeated his defense that he always opposed the war.

McGregor at Overlook Assisted Living East | Cleveland OH | Ohio | Independent Living | Memory Care

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Call Us Today at 330-577-1824 or go to

McGregor is a beautiful 43 bed Independent Living and Assisted Living Community located in Cleveland, Ohio. McGregor is near Cleveland Clinic as well as other local churches, schools, senior centers, shopping malls, and Dr offices. This English speaking home provides transportation, medication assistance, showering assistance, incontinence care, dressing assistance, diabetes care, and general supervision. The restaurant style food is served in a calm and quiet environment which creates socialization and friendly conversations. This Independent Living and Assisted Living Community is licensed by the State of Ohio to offer the utmost care and service. McGregor is built on 42 acres and feels very much like a quaint college campus. The landscaping and the community is magnificently designed and laid out with every conceivable amenity on-sight. Your CarePatrol Senior Advisor has personally pre-screened and reviewed this Independent Living and Assisted Living Community’s care and violation history and would be happy to share it with you on or before your tour.

Are you looking for the best senior care in Northeast Ohio but not sure where to start? You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. CarePatrol of Northeast Ohio can help guide your family through this challenging time. Every facility is personally visited by a CarePatrol Senior Consultant to provide choices in senior care facilities that will be the best fit. Each senior living facility that is recommended is checked for care and safety violations. A CarePatrol consultant will tour with you at the facilities so you can make sure you or your loved one will be cared for in the manner you desire. Best of all, the personalized service provided by each CarePatrol of Northeast Ohio’s Senior Care Consultant is free to the family.

CarePatrol is your guide to find assisted living in East Cleveland, OH. We are the free community senior care referral service in Ohio. CarePatrol can assist you and your family in finding quality, top rated Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Nursing Homes and In Home Care.

Abandoned East Cleveland

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East Cleveland was partially founded by Scottish immigrants, whose names can still be found in the city such as Shaw Ave. , McIlrath Ave. , and Eddy Rd. . East Cleveland incorporated as a village in 1895 and became a city in 1911. This charter included provisions for women’s suffrage, which at the time was unheard of east of the Mississippi River. Before the charter passed, the city of Cleveland unsuccessfully attempted to annex the municipality in 1910 and in 1916.
East Cleveland includes a portion of Euclid Avenue, which from the 1860s through the 1920s was known as “Millionaire’s Row.” The many estates along this stretch of road in East Cleveland including the home of the late John D. Rockefeller, the Standard Oil founder and “the world’s first billionaire.”
A ghetto city in Ohio, one of the most dangerous in the country. Every side is ghetto especially the eastside east cleveland and the westside in the city. Tags: Cleveland, ghetto, murder, homicide, slums, projects, graffiti, gangs, people nation, folk nation, crips, bloods, 7-all, 10-5, waste 5, hough heights, quarter boys, st clair wasteland, double glock, bone thugs, thuggish, trues, shootings, stabbings, most dangerous, bellaire gardens, garden valley, lakeview, riverview, olde cedar, cedar estates, cliffview, king lincoln, morris black, projects, outwaithe, longwood, Lorain, Elyria, Youngstown, mansfield, warren, East Cleveland, Euclid, St Clair, clark-fulton, superior, MLK, Buckeye ave, woodland, euclid, carnegie, 99th, ghetto, 130th, 79th, 55th, 65th, 116th, 123rd, LA Gunnaz, shaw, miles, harvard, lee, lakeshore, fights, Kinsman, Union, Broadway, Bartlett, Hough, Detroit, Madison, Storer, Denison, Bellaire, Puritas, Quincy, Addison

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Music provided by Ryan Manthey a Lakewood Ohio resident and Musician.
The song in the video is called three cords. The link to this full song and others
Is provided below
Ryan Manthey

Cleveland Hill FD Working Fire – 11 Trent sq

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Cleveland Hill FD Working Fire
11 Trent Sq – Cheektowaga NY
PD on scene with a 2 story 4-unit row house smoke showing.
Heavy fire on 1st floor extending to attic.
Crews make entry with 2 lines and advance to 2nd floor.
Cleve Hill Chief orders everyone out as fire conditions worsen.
30MPH winds push the fire through the attic for Defensive Operations.
Cleve Hill Ladder 6 sets up for Master Stream Operations
5 -1¾”, 2 -2½” Lines in use Plus 1 Deckgun & 1 Master Stream
ON Scene:
Cleveland Hill: Engines: 1 & 2, Ladder 6, Rescue 7 & Utility 5
U-Crest: Engine 1; PineHill: Ladder 6; Rescue: Engine 1
Forks RIT: Engine 2 & Rescue 7; Hy-View: standby at Cleve Hill
Damages: $ 150K
10-4-2014 – Time Out: 10:59 hrs

Toledo Restoration & Bethel Cleveland – St. Malachi Outreach Video

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March 17, 2018 – St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland, Ohio, was a turning point for the local outreach. Two documented Salvations and at least three notable healing testimonies were shared.

Please consider financial partnership and support for Jason and Isabel who are active members of Toledo Restoration Church:

Toledo Restoration Church and Bethel Cleveland join together each month to bring healing, freedom, and the power of a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ to God’s Children in Slavic Village and the Greater Cleveland area.

Music: Lindy Conant & The Circuit Riders “Every Nation (Every Soul)

Enjoy the full-length song here:

Ordinary People-James Cleveland

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The contemporary gospel style came into prominence in the 1970’s. It was started by the baby boomers that had grown up during the “golden era of gospel.” It’s a new style of gospel, with a different beat, some of it may include sounds of r&b, jazz, and other forms of music, and not always dealing with strict biblical teaching, rather offering a message of inspiration and thought. It has been said that Edwin Hawkins is the father of modern contemporary gospel, stemming from his breakthrough version of “Oh Happy Day” in 1969. However there were a few more before him, but his recording started the revolution.

Salem Baptist Church is a mega church located in Omaha, NE. The church is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention, USA (NBCUSA). In 1944, Reverend J.C. Wade Sr., pastor of the Riverside Baptist Church of Memphis, Tennessee, accepted the position as senior pastor and was installed in July of that same year. Under Pastor Wade’s leadership, the membership grew from 250 to over 1,000. In March of 1971, the structure at 3336 Lake Street was built. The church was completed in April 1972, with a seating capacity of over 650 in the Sanctuary, 150 in the Chapel, 300 in the balcony & a nursery. An education wing was built with several classrooms to accomodate up to 375 people. Pastor Wade led the church faithfully for over 40 years, but due to failing health, retired as senior pastor in 1987. On August 30, 1999, he went home to be with the Lord. In 1998, Salem’s vision was realized with a groundbreaking ceremony for a new edifice, at 3131 Lake Street. On January 23, 2000, the Salem family marched from 3336 Lake Street into their new church home located at 3131 Lake Street. Rev. Dr. Selwyn Q. Bachus was called by God to be the Senior Pastor of Salem Baptist Church in July of 2005.

James Cleveland know as the “Crown Prince of Gospel” in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He was later crowned the “King of Gospel.” During his career James performed with various groups and choirs, he even form his own group the James Cleveland Singers that accompanied for several years. James was instrumental in forming one of the largest choir organizations the Gospel Workshop Music Workshop of America, which is still in existence today. James won acculades from his peers in the gospel field, as well a numerous awards including Grammys. He also founded and pastored the Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church in Los Angels.

The song Ordinary People was penned by songwriter/gospel singer/Danniebelle Hall. She was best-known as a featured vocalist on several ’70s hits by Andrae Crouch & the Disciples’, including “Soon and Very Soon,” “Take Me Back,” “Tell Them,” and “Quiet Times.” Hall also penned songs that would be recorded by such notable artists as Eartha Kitt, Pat Boone, and James Cleveland. In addition, Hall formed a San Francisco-area gospel quartet, called the Danniebelles, as well as ministering at several different churches and recording a pair of solo albums in the ’90s. On December 28, 2000, Hall passed away near San Jose, CA.

This rendering of Ordinary People is from a 1978 album, “James Cleveland Presents The Salem Inspirational Choir,” their debut on Savoy records.

Disclaimer: Photographs and music copyright are owned by their originators. No infringement intended.