New Orleans Classic 1994 TV Commercials

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TV6 News Tonight Promo, Coutesy Honda, Werlein’s Music, Adler’s, Cadillac DeVille, Circuit City, Landrieu Bros., Saturn of New Orleans, Don Bohn Ford, Christmas City, Mervyn’s, Weiner’s, Rush Limbaugh, Levitz Furniture, Flamingo Casino Downtown at Riverwalk, Jeep Eagle, Macys, Chrysler Plymouth Voyager

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Classic New Orleans TV

Best Classic Jerry Springer 70s 80s Cincinnati Mayor & News Anchor Moments

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My favorite old school (both serious and fun) videos of young Jerry before his TV show. I’d love to see more if someone has old VHS or Betamax tapes.

-1984 first newscast clip on a teamster’s union
-1991 coming out of a country DJ story with his co-anchor Norma Rashid, first serious saying what an advocate he was, then joking around and Norma flirting with him!
-1977 sworn in as mayor, and 1980 flashbacks wrestling a bear for charity
-1990 election newscast intro
-1992 commentary clip on Jesse Jackson and poverty
-1987 abortion clinic bombing by a pro-lifer
-1985 Ethiopia famine documentary clips
-1988 Riverfest fireworks and rock music party clips, and weatherman tooting a horn
-1990 sports commentary and “take care of yourself and each other” sign off where he sings a little
-1972 interview after working as a trash collector for a day
-1978 warning people not to drive in a blizzard
-1985 coming out of a bowling story
-1983 blooper getting interrupted walking down the street doing a report on a magazine ad
-taking his shirt off as mayor in ’77 with the Mr. America guys who were way buffer, and ’90 Riverfest clip joking with Norma saying he’d never do it again
-1989 News 5 Tonight promo
-God commentary and pretend kissing Norma ’84 bloopers
-1985 desk basement promo on baseball drug testing and Home State Savings Bank
-Fountain Square ’90 celebration clips when the Reds beat the A’s including fans chanting “Jer-ry Jer-ry” for the first time ever, and introducing “U Can’t Touch This”.
-1969 first public speech clip protesting the Vietnam war as a lifelong liberal
-after spending a night in jail for prisoner’s rights in ’72
-Winning an Emmy for best local TV anchor in ’87
-1982 interview clip and church talk when running for Ohio Governor
-Introducing WEBN show “Rock Around the Block” like SNL ’80
-Nightbeat commentary on college promo ’83
-Tandem skydiving intro ’92
-1979 mayor clip on going green and offering residents lower bills if the city cleaned its coal usage
-following up Pat Barry with a cheesy joke, and one about Dolly Parton, then partial teaser for later newscast about a rock star visiting town ’87
-1986 Vatican promo about helping in Ethiopia the year before
-First interview clip as mayor on his future plans, and about bringing food to snowed in residents during the ’77 blizzard
-1981 WEBN radio commentary on busses clip and disco dancing and driving his Cutlass, and interview clip on running for Gov.
-commentary clip on Pete Rose gambling in ’89 and how Giamatti wasn’t being fair or practical about it
-In Pittsburgh for the ’90 world series
-86 news promo clip about the Challenger
-1993 “Take care of yourself and each other”
-Bus drivers’ strike (88) and other late 80s commentary flashbacks
-Ruth Lyons and helping kids (88) and Marge Schott/racism in baseball (92) clips.
-1971 rare early hipster interview on how he’d be in his future
-1974 press conference clip after he apologized for paying the hooker with a check
-86 Seger concert intro
-87 coming out of a story on kids’ newspaper
-82 Governor commercial
-Healthworks PSA ’89 commercial outside a hospital
-joking about how he’s not good with water sports, and Fernald/Ohio River ’88 briefs
-85 bloopers, Elvis final thought, and talking about “Vice” literally as in a dominatrix with a whip
-News intro and sign off ’91
-1973 speech on first black mayor Ted Berry
-92 KKK and racists right to a rally commentary

Road Trip Through California, Arizona & New Mexico 1930s 1940s ~ Classic Video

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From the Prelinger Archives at ~ A trip through the Southwestern United States sometime during the 1930s or 1940s. Here’s the description

Includes: Mount Wilson sign; road to Mount Wilson; “The Huntington” hotel or resort scenes, somewhere in Los Angeles or the West; desert cacti and plants; sign: “Apache Trail Junction Ahead”; San Francisco skyline seen from Fairmont Hotel tower, with windowwasher cleaning window in foreground; Petrified Forest; Painted Desert; Indian Village; U.S. Highway 66 Association promotional sign; Trading Post; Old Albuquerque; New Mexico State Line sign

Note: Time marks noted are from description on Prellinger Archives are not entirely accurate, but in the ballpark. Roam around the video and you’ll find all the sights mentioned. It’s worth the effort.

Amateur home movie footage of San Francisco late 1930s

21:00:51:06 VS California coastline along Pacific Coast Highway 1 approaching what looks like Rocky Creek Bridge near Monterey heading toward San Francisco; rocky coastline, sea otters basking on the rocks; middle-aged 1930s woman standing on rocks on edge of surf.

21:02:59:08 High-angle shots looking down over San Francisco toward Ghiradelli Square as seen from Nob Hill area, Alcatraz visible in the bay; LS the Bay Bridge; Coit Tower

21:03:28:23 Great shot from inside building of window cleaner hanging outside of building wiping window; high-angle shot pan shot of

21:03:49:17 Great shot of window cleaner hanging by harness cleaning window, shot from inside building facing window cleaner.

21:04:40:01 CU New Mexico State Line sign; blue sky dotted with white clouds, great color; CU sign “Isleta Indian Curio”, LS of decaying adobe storefront, VS New Mexican adobe structures, adobe church, VS poor New Mexican village and villagers.

21:05:51:00 Little native-American girl in flowery dress with dark black hair and bangs walks toward camera over dirt street lined with adobe walls, little girls holds a White doll under her arm.

21:05:55:07 CU painted sign on adobe wall “Old Albuquerque Post Office”; LS pan over post office.

21:06:09:19 Woman bends down and holds out hand to poor little native-American boy, little boy runs away, then comes back and takes object from woman’s hand.

21:06:26:14 Covered wagon with painted sign “Continental Trading Post / Continental Divide / Elevation 7263 Feet”

21:06:42:18 Great shot two 1930s cars, one red the other blue driving desert road; billboard with painting of the Grand Canyon and text “The Arizona Unit U.S. Highway 66 Ass’n. Presents: World’s Mightiest Spectacle Grand Canyon of Arizona; Northern Arizona Greets You”; large native-American mural with two figures man and woman standing between a plant, very colorful and geometrical; LS painted sigh “Indian Village” in front of adobe house; CU sign for the Petrified Forest National Monument; VS the Painted Desert; VS petrified wood, old man with white hair explores huge logs of petrified wood.

21:11:22:04 LS sign “Apache Trail Junction Ahead”; VS along the Apache Trail

21:12:37:26 VS with great color; desert tree with bright yellow flowers; CU VS desert cactus and cactus flowers.

21:15:08:28 Art deco sign for “The Huntington”, possibly for the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco, pan down to street with 1930s cars; VS around the pool of a fancy hotel possibly the Huntington Hotel.

21:18:40:21 VS man feeding carrots to a deer; sign for Mt. Wilson; two metal towers with shiny metal domes peaking out from behind pine trees; CU silver metal dome; VS from car driving down mountain from Mt. Hood passing 1930s cars driving uphill in other direction.

This film is in the Public Domain

JBF Awards 2010: Mary & Titos Cafe (Albuquerque, NM ), Americas Classic Award

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Mary & Titos Cafe
2711 Fourth St. N.W., Albuquerque, NM
Owners: Mary Gonzales and Antoinette Knight

Carne adovada—long-braised pork in red chile sauce—might be the most characteristic of New Mexicos robust and deceptively simple dishes. New Mexicans argue the merits of various carne adovada preparations statewide, but aficionados nearly always rank Mary & Titos tops. The Gonzales family serves the fork-tender meat as the centerpiece of a plate, in overstuffed burritos, and also as a filling for enchiladas and empanadas.

Native New Mexicans and husband and wife team Mary and Tito Gonzales started their adobe cafe just north of downtown Albuquerque in 1963. Tito was the original cook and creator of the recipes. When he passed away, Mary hired more cooks and continued to run the front of the house, oversee the business, and raise their family.

From the worn but clean booths, tables, and a handful of counter stools, diners gaze over family and patron photos, the kids and grandkids sports trophies, and other mementos of family accomplishments.
Now past 80, Mary still comes in daily to greet old friends and new, while her daughter Antoinette manages the cafe. Other daughters help out too, and various grandchildren wait tables when theyre not in school.

—Cheryl Jamison, Cookbook Author and Food Writer

Fernley Rotary Golf Classic | Webisode #1

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Fernley 360 Community Talkshow Webisode #1

CJ Gueldner interviews Duane Jenson President of the Fernley Rotary, Chris Beni past president and Pat Spraklin of COMPASS. COMPASS is this year’s recipient for funds raised at the Gold Classic.

The Fernley Rotary Club Golf Classic of 2008 Netted More Than $10,000 for the Fernley Community

The Rotary Club of Fernley’s
3rd Annual Benefit Golf Classic

“What’s Raised Here Stays Here”

When: August 29, 2009
Where: Golf Club at Fernley
For more information visit:

*video produced by

Street level witnessing classic Jonathan Gainsbrugh

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Jonathan Gainsbrugh is an ordained Assemblies of God minister. Jonathan was saved in 1969 by Gods mercy, out of the counter-culture/rock scene of Haight, Ashbury. Jonathan has been in full time ministry for over 35 years. Jonathan traveled as a missionary evangelist taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets of America where it is hardest to find and so desperately needed. This classic video street level witnessing will bless you and stir you to reach the lost.

Jonathan is the author of the classic book,” Take Him to the Streets”. This E-book can be down loaded for free to read on witness depot.

Jonathan now travels as a teacher, consultant, and resource specialist. His life’s call is to help churches and pastors maximize their God- given potential by equipping them to work smarter, not harder.

For almost three decades he has traveled teaching 1000’s of pastors assimilation skills and healthy ways to grow their churches and leaders. Charles Hackett called my Winning the Backdoor War, “the best book in print on how to retain new people in a church.” Jonathan resides with his wife and children outside of Sacramento, California.


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Classic ’80s and ’90s Commercials Vol. 92

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A little over 19 minutes worth of classic ’80s and ’90s television commercials featuring Church’s Fried Chicken, K-tel, Ford, Hanes, and Diet Pepsi.
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