Membership Class at Bethel Community Church in Clarksville, TN

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Are you thinking of making Bethel your church family?

Join us for our vision and values class that will help you prepare to make an informed decision about church membership! We go in depth about what we believe and what we are about as a church.

This Sunday class will be held in the back Pre-School Room during our noon service and lasts 2 hours. Childcare is provided.

Apostle/Pastor Anthony Daley – Tabernacle Church – Clarksville, TN

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WOW! Pastor Anthony Daley of the Tabernacle Church…we cannot thank you enough for obeying God and delivering that ON-TIME powerful word to the Bride! You make us want to repent and cry out to God so that we can SEE HIS BEAUTY! Thank you for being honest and whipping the Bride a little bit! LOL. We needed it. God help us to not see things based upon our past and MISS THE BEAUTY OF HIM AND HIS LOVE IN THE RIGHT HERE AND NOW FOR THIS LAST GREAT AWAKENING/REVIVAL!

For more about Pastor Daley, go to

180 Free Will Baptist Church in Clarksville TN

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| Come Visit 180 Church in Clarksville, TN or checkout past sermons.

VIP Welcome Meeting at Bethel Community Church in Clarksville, TN

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Our VIP Meeting is designed to get you connected! This 20 minute meeting happens once a month on Sunday morning and will give you the Vision and Mission of Bethel Community Church. It will also let you know about upcoming events and fast track you from being a guest of Bethel to being an instrumental member of Bethel!