DC Students Pay Tribute to 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing

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Fifty years ago, the racially motivated bombing of an African American church in Birmingham, Alabama killed four little girls. The attack became a milestone in the American civil rights movement and galvanized support for the equal rights campaign. Chris Simkins reports.

50 years ago, Baptist church bombing shakes nation

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Tonight, a few lives remembered from the Civil Rights era. They would have been in their early 60’s now — grandmothers, perhaps. Denise McNail, Carol Robertson, Addie May Collins and Cynthia Wesley were killed 50 years ago today in one of the worst acts of violence during the Civil Rights Movement. Also remembered tonight, Demetrius Newton, a Civil Rights attorney and Alabama legislator.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast (1).wmv

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A breakfast and lunch program to celebrate the accomplishments of Rev. Martin Lutther King Jr. at the hitorical St. James AME church in Columbus, Georgia

Anchorage Baptist Temple: United in Jesus Christ

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Celebrating their 38th Pastoral Anniversary, the Anchorage Baptist Temple begins with a song that needed a montage. This is a blending of Jerry Prevo, his church, his brethren, and the battle for equal rights in Anchorage Alaska over the summer of 2009.

Martin Luther King, Jr. His Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama

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Here is a brief tour of Montgomery’s downtown, a city filled with American history. Here you can tour Martin Luther King”s Baptist Church, walk on the steps of those who marched from Selma to Montgomery, witness the Capitol, etc. Unfortunately the day was overcast. Enjoy.
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Rap Critic: JAY-Z – The Story of O.J.

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Rap Critic looks at Jay-Z going in a… different direction with his latest video with “The Story of O.J”.

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Lawton Churches Offer Support to Muslim Community After Hate Crime

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Local church leaders across the city met on Saturday to show support for the Muslim community in Lawton. This is after the pig-dumping hate crime incident outside the Islamic Center in Lawton earlier this week

As we told you Thursday, surveillance footage shows a pig falling off the back of a pickup truck that had pulled up to the center sometime Tuesday night. The incident is considered offensive to Muslims, because members of the Islamic faith are forbidden to eat pork according the Qur’an.

Dr. Hassan Ahmed, Director of the Islamic Center of Lawton says it’s overwhelming how much support they’ve received since this incident.

“Let’s continue this kind of discussion into faith and let’s be together in all times,” said Ahmed. “Whoever did what they did, we are here to forgive them, to educate and welcome them.”

The Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations–or CAIR– is now calling on the F-B-I to investigate this hate crime.

1963 The Year That Changed Everything

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1963 changed the direction of the country and Birmingham, Alabama was front and center through it all. “1963- The Year That Changed Everything” chronicles many of the events that happened that year. See and hear first-hand accounts of the boycotts, the Children’s March, the integration of the University of Alabama, and the tragic bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. This film offers unique insight into the conditions so prevalent in the South at the time, and the bravery of those who were determined to change things. The film features special appearances by Carolyn McKinstry, Shelley Stewart, Sara Collins Rudolph, Barnett Wright, Joe Langston, Dr. Jesse Lewis and some of the unsung “foot-soldiers,” who as children, marched and were jailed.
A film by John Jenkins. 59 Minutes. Wide Screen. HD.

Church Bombing Survivors Win Case Against KKK | HuffPost Reports

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This woman lost her sister, Denise McNair, in a Ku Klux Klan bombing more than 50 years ago. She returned to the site of the attack, Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church, to remind people of its place in civil rights history and the importance of fighting hate today.

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Fr. John O’Connor: The Marxist Subversion of the Catholic Church

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In this talk, Fr. John O’Connor O.P. lays out the destruction, subversion and infiltration of the Catholic Church by revolutionary Marxists and communists as well as Homosexuals.

Father O’Connor shares his experience as a seminarian, and a priest seeing the hierarchy of the church being taken over by “Gay” Sodomite priests, and his prophetic words ring more true today then they ever have. This talk, which was given in the early 90’s, explains how we now have a Pope, who stands by while homosexual couples are blessed, who denies the existence of hell, and who supports communist and marxist ideals within society.

Father O’Connor also exposes the Radical Left-Wing agenda of the subverted, post Vatican II Church, showing how Communist leaders such as Bella Dodd, sent these leftists into our Catholic seminaries, which has brought about an almost near destruction of the Church in the West.

Father John O’Conner was a Dominican priest, born in Chicago in 1929. He studied at Notre Dame University and joined the Order of Preachers in 1949. He obtained degrees in philosophy and theology, and was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in San Francisco in 1955. He taught in Catholic colleges in Madison, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas from 1955 to 1966. He was associate pastor in New Orleans from 1966-1969, and since then, as a Dominican preacher, he has travelled over 300,000 miles over the United States and Canada giving missions and retreats to the laity.

Endangered Slavery-Era Churches in Lexington USA: UNESCO World Heritage?

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Following the powerful civic response of the historic Main Street Baptist Church of Lexington, Ky., to a proposed threat to her viability where located for the last 145 years, noted civil-rights attorney and First Amendment scholar Amos N. Jones presents context and ideas in this mini-documentary. Voice-overs are from his Sept. 22, 2017, invited Emergency Lecture held in Main Street Baptist’s chapel building at Main and Jefferson. Answering an audience member’s question about how we can leave for our children what our slave ancestors built and left for us, Jones recommends specific methods for preserving Main Street Baptist’s historic location and its commodious campus, exploring UNESCO World Heritage designation to hedge against urban revitalization’s tendency to expunge black historic sites. The next day, the African-American Trust for Historic Preservation vowed to avenge the other four church sites that could eventually be threatened. All five of the churches are introduced in the tour in this video, along with highlights of their historic significance. All five are, Jones explains, extant monuments to religious liberty, erected among a significant indigenous civilization unique in the world — and against the greatest of odds. Jones and others oppose politicians’ and developers’ current efforts to raze these sites to make way for public recreation sites. The tour in this video was filmed on site on the morning of Saturday Sept. 23, 2017, and is presented publicly here, courtesy of the African-American Trust for Historic Preservation with videography by DMZ Productions of Richmond, Ky. Read more about the organized efforts and get involved via www.athp.us.

Tour of DEXTER AVENUE MLK BAPTIST CHURCH + more in Montgomery, Alabama

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We had a great day exploring Montgomery, Alabama. The experience at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church is pretty inspiring and our host was just a bunch of fun!

Confederate White House
Alabama State Capitol Building
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