Who Stole My Fig Leaf? Pastor Scott Mulvey, City Church, Fairfield, CA 2

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What substitute “fig leaf” of Jesus have you employed? Tune in as Pastor Scott Mulvey makes it plain about how we need to stay in and rely on Christ.

Estes Park Church Of Christ Video | Church in Oklahoma City

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We are a church family that believes in the power of Christ working through ordinary people accomplishing the extraordinary. We have a simple faith and seek the simple truths of the Bible and call ourselves simply Christians. We are lovers of the Word of God and do our best to model our lives after Christ Himself, and everything we do is focused on “Building for the Glory of God.”


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“Compelled by Love” – Blaise in Kansas City @New Day Church

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Blaise speaking at New Day Church KC, 11/10/13

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Kansas City Missouri Temple

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Watch at for more information, temple goodness, and to avoid awkward “Related” videos.

A Nice Day – Sclolex

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Guest Speaker: Bishop Victor S. Couzens Pastor of Inspirational Baptist Church – City of Destiny

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Pastor Stanton E. Thomas
New Vision Missionary Baptist Church
3851 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212

The Purple Church – A Foundation Legend

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A documentary made for Dr. Caleb Lack’s “Science vs. Pseudoscience” course at the University of Central Oklahoma. In it, Katherine Jones examines the legend of the “Purple Church,” an alleged Satanic church in the Oklahoma City metro area.

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