The Assemblies of the World Council of Churches (short version)

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A look at the history of the WCC through its assemblies from the foundational assembly in Amsterdam (the Netherlands, 1948) to the WCC 10th Assembly in Busan (Republic of Korea, 2013).
A longer version of this video is available here:

In 2018, we are marking 70 years since the founding assembly in Amsterdam. More information:

The Role of Omaha’s African American Churches in partnership with REACH.

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The Role of Omaha’s African American Churches in partnership with Douglas County Health Department to battle health disparities through the Omaha REACH Experience.

Baptist Churches Southfield-Find Out Why Were The Best Church For Your Family

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If you’re looking for a Baptist churches in Southfield Michigan, you are personally invited to visit Romulus Community Baptist Church for Sunday Praise and Worship at 11:00 am.
Find out more about our church at
There is even a what to expect section for our visitors from Southfield Michigan at

Visit our facebook page at https;//

This video offers some basic information about Romulus Community Baptist Church and extends a special invitation to visit us. It is directed to all Christian worshippers.

Romulus Community Baptist Church is located at 6200 4th St, Romulus Michigan. You can call us at 734-729-0630 or email us at [email protected]/.

The King James Version (kjv) of the bible is used at Romulus Community Baptist Church. It is read from in the Pastors sermons.

The church is somtimes refered to as a black Baptist Church Service. However, all believers are invited and the church has a diversity of membership.

Our baptist church praise and worship service begins at 11 am. The first thirty minutes are for the Deacons devotion. This is followed by the main Praise and Worship service. The Pastors sermon, altar call and benediction end the Sunday worship service which is usually around 1:30 pm.

If you are looking for a baptist church service near Southfield Michigan, then check us out. We would like to show you what our church can offer your entire family.

Join us in giving glorious praise to our wonderous king every Sunday.

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Baptist Churches Soutfield

Texas Under Liberals Bible Banning attacking Churches, Private Healthcare Under Attack

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Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long Fredericksburg Tea Party President our Grassroots expert is live again from Austin. Committees have been assigned, Texas and State Sovereignty are under attack by a Democrat Controlled Congress and the LGBT militant activists are attacking churches and aiming to ban biblical teachings. Austin just passed a law that Churches must higher practicing LGBT people and can’t teach what the bible says about it.

Dale Bellis Liberty Healthshare joins us and will weigh in on the recent Kamala Harris comments where she wants all Private Haelthcare to stop and everything to fall under the State. Dale has warned about this previously and we will again educate our audience on the dangers of a state run program.

Ken Thornberg Freedom Encounters joins us to discuss the spiritual impact of laws like those just passed in New York and how we as believers can impact the natural by what we do in the spiritual.

Michael Daugherty author of the Devil Inside the Beltway joins us to discuss China complaining about the arrests of their tech giant. Foreign nations continue to attack our technology.

California Churches For Sale

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California Churches For Sale
For more Info visit:
Phone: (407)272-8154
Email: [email protected]

Churches, School Properties, and other Religious Real Estate for sale in California

Are you looking looking to BUY or SELL a Church, School Property, Religious Real Estate or Land to build on to continue building your ministry’s vision? We can represent you in acquisition throughout the entire United States.
We are known NATIONWIDE as the “Church Real Estate Specialists”

Contact us today:
Search For Churches:
Phone: 407-272-8154
Email: [email protected]
Principal, Religious, Education & Not-For-Profit Group

Irvin Peña “Irv The REALTOR®”
Empire Network Realty
6000 S. Rio Grande Ave Suite 104,
Orlando, Florida 32809

**Se Habla Español**

CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA | 7 Churches Revelation Series | Sermon by Pastor Peter Paul

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CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA | 7 Churches Revelation Series | Sermon by Pastor Peter Paul

Cornerstone Asian Church Canada
Join us for service in Urdu, Hindi & Punjabi every Sunday.
Watch our weekly Sermons on or on our YOUTUBE/FACEBOOK page.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Cornerstone Asian Church

YOUTUBE CHANNEL- cornerstonechurch1

TWITTER: cornerstonech1

INSTAGRAM: cornerstoneasianchurch

ABCnews 20/20 Investigates: International Churches of Christ – ICOC – BCOC – NYCOC – 1993

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In this video you can see ABCNEWS 20/20’s report about the history and operation of the ICOC, includes Interview with Al Baird, who is one of current leaders from Los Angeles International Church of Christ’s leadership group. 20/20 is an American television newsmagazine combine hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories.
The ICOC used internationally different names, for example, in Hungary adopted the name Krisztus Magyarországi Egyháza in 1996, in Kiev: Христова Церковь Киев, etc. The other affiliated organizations is the HOPE Wordwide and the International Missions Society, Inc. (IMS) this organisations informally operated or managed by the ICOC.
The ICOC is a network of christian organisations, an offshoot from the mainline Churches of Christ.
The ICOC have been surrounded by controversy over the years; media sources from Christianity Today (an evangelical periodical) to town newspapers to popular magazines (such as Rolling Stone) have included articles about members and by former members.