Welcome to Treasure coast Church of God

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Treasure Coast is a Church with a vision for people that have lost their way in life and need direction, not from man but from God Almighty, a vision for the lost that has never known Jesus as their personal Savior. Our Church loves to worship and give God the praise for all He has done and also for what He is doing and going to do in our lives.

Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School

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Mother’s Day presentation by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School – May 2015
Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare – Malayalam Mariyan Song

Chollunna nimisham mathavin chare
Chellunnu japamala vazhiyayi….
Kayyilirikkunna unni Eashoyude chare ee njanum irikkum……2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oreyamma…..

Malakha nirathan sthuthi sagarathil en swaram aruviyayi cherum…2
Nairasha vaniyil prathyasha pakarum panineer pushpangal vidarum…2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Chollunna………)

Akatharilekum aathma sugandham snehathil onnaya bandham……2
Manavarkennum madhyastham eki saharekshakayayi nilpu…………2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Cholunna nimisham……)

Recorded via phone!

HYMN – Come Labor On (ORA LABORA) #2 LIVE (Church Service) & Postlude

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The last time I played with a choir, congregation or both was perhaps ten years ago. I was very honored that any professional musician/organist-choirmaster would think so highly of me to invite me to participate in a service in ANY church, much less this large Episcopal Cathedral of St. Luke, Orlando, Florida. So this morning September 18, 2011, I played the final hymn ‘Come Labor On’ a MAJOR favourite of mine, and the postlude improvisation on that hymn tune to a much crowded church sung by a 98% professional choir much to this amateur’s heart’s delight. I think that I did a good enough job to be invited again to participate in future services. I hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Megan and Cameron // Wedding Highlight Film // First Baptist Church, Dallas Texas

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Cameron and Megan made filming their wedding almost too easy. Between Cam’s awesome antics every time the camera was on him, and Megan looking beautiful, this wedding film basically edited itself.

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Music // Ben Rector – White Dress
Licensed from The Music Bed //

Filmed by Matt Johnson & Ashley Stineman
Edited by Matt Johnson

Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church, Seattle – Sunday Worship 4/19/2014

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Worshiping and Glorying Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Corner Stone, Alpha and Omega at Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church with worship leader Gelan and all Choir.