BridgeWay Church | Denver | June 24, 2018 | Pastor Simon Obert

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“Passionately touching heaven, Significantly changing earth.”
5201 E Warren Ave, Denver, CO 80222 | 303.695.8400
Senior Leader: Pastor Peter Young
9:30a Sundays | 10a Children’s Ministry Check-In closes | 1st Sunday Communion
YouTube Channel: BridgeWay Church Denver | LiveStream has Chat

Zoe Church LA: Highlights of 2016

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We want to say a huge THANK YOU to every volunteer and supporter (locally, nationally and globally) that have given so generously of their time and money to the vision of the local church. This year as a church, we’ve seen over 1,200 people say YES to Jesus and have given $41,000 to churches around the world! Check out this video to watch our ZOE LA highlights of 2016!

I Came to Tell You – Trinity Baptist Church Inspirational Choir – SC

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Trinity Baptist Church – North Charleston at a program – June 2015 at Ebenezer AME 44 Nassau St. Charleston SC

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GC of SDA allows Transgender as Elder in Hollywood Church. Pope Francis calls for Interfaith Unity

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“At the time of Christ’s first advent the priests and scribes of the Holy City, to whom were entrusted the oracles of God, might have discerned the signs of the times and proclaimed the coming of the Promised One. The prophecy of Micah designated His birthplace; Daniel specified the time of His advent. God committed these prophecies to the Jewish leaders; they were without excuse if they did not know and declare to the people that the Messiah’s coming was at hand. Their ignorance was the result of sinful neglect….” –{Maranatha, p. 10}