How to Receive Expansion | Pastor Keion Henderson

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How to Receive Expansion
Isaiah 54:2-4

A) Understand Your Present Position
B) Forget to be Ashamed
C) Strengthen and Stretch Your Cords

We welcome you to watch this inspiring sermon “How to Receive Expansion” by Pastor Keion Henderson of The Lighthouse Church. Come and Join with us on Sunday at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 1:30 p.m. and Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

The way you receive affects the one who gives. Tune in as Pastor Keion uses Isaiah 54:2-4 to teach you how to properly receive the expansion that God is about to bring into your life.


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First Liberty Defends Diverse Nebraska Church From Unlawful Discrimination

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First Liberty Institute and Attorney Sam Diehl of the Gray Plant Mooty law firm filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska in response to the Village of Walthill’s continued and repeated denials of building and use permits to Light of the World Gospel Ministries, a small, multi-ethnic local church in the village.

The church purchased several old buildings directly across the street from its current meeting place, hoping to tear down the rapidly deteriorating structures and build a church and related facilities to serve the community. But, even though the Village initially approved the church’s building permit, the Village later revoked the permit without a valid reason. The Village also denied without valid reason multiple permits from the church to demolish and clean up dangerous structures on the church’s property, and other permits the church sought to use its property to worship and minister.

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Things That Wasn’t So From The Beginning (William Branham 61/01/19M)

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Things That Wasn’t So From The Beginning by William Branham preached in Beaumont TX 1961/01/19M

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Jimmy Swaggart Crusade Albuquerque, NM 1983: Four Women of the Gospel

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Sermon Title: Four Women of the Gospel

Scripture Reference: John 4:13-14

This message was preached by Jimmy Swaggart on Friday, May 13, 1983 during the Albuquerque, NM Crusade and includes music from Jimmy Swaggart, John Starnes, Janet Paschal, Wendy Watson and the Crusade Team.

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Roy Moore Church Service Hampered By Protester

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(CNN)Embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was interrupted by protester Wednesday evening as he spoke during a church service in southern Alabama. They don’t want conservative values,” Moore said from the pulpit of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore. Moore then referenced reports of sexual misconduct brought against him. Moore said he believes his prosecution of drug cases when he was a district attorney angered certain people, and that this is at “the heart of this conspiracy” against him. David Gonnella stood next to Moore at the lectern and called the protester a plant. “I understand how people can be deceived by lies.

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The Antisemitism and Antinomianism of Replacement Theology and the “Church Fathers”

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Who Am I – Bro. Dennis Anderson

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During the second Pastoral Anniversary service, Bro. Dennis Anderson (Arkansas District Superintendent UPCI) sang for the congregation of Sanctuary Church. This is his powerful rendition of Who Am I.