Chicago carpenter creates crosses for Texas church shooting victims

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After a gunman killed 26 people during a church service on Nov. 5, Greg Zanis packed up his truck and drove to Texas. He installed a cross for each victim in the massacre, with a bright red heart and photo affixed to each one.

“Closer Than You Think” John 1:26-37 – Lincoln Crossroads Church

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In this message, Pastor Sean Swihart presents “Closer Than You Think” as a part of our Gospel of John series. Join us as we study John 1:26-37. Our prayer is that you will be challenged and encouraged by by God’s Word.

Crossroads Church
4401 N. 40th St.
Lincoln, NE 68504

Church Conf. 2018 | Pastor Wendy Perez

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Church LV is a multicultural and multigenerational church located in Henderson, NV, lead by Pastors Benny and Wendy Perez. At Church LV, we’re all about following Jesus and fulfilling His Mission. Our church began as a small gathering in the home of Pastors Benny and Wendy Perez and today it’s recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. We are determined to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for you and your family. All are welcome here! You will find that each experience is unique, fun, creative and relevant to your life with a life-changing message from Pastor Benny.

Have kids? Bring them over to Church Kids during any weekend experience. We offer programs that are age appropriate and fun! Our well-trained children’s staff will ensure that your kids are safe and have an enjoyable experience that will leave them eager to come back!
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Multiple dead in shooting at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas — live coverage on CBSN

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A gunman opened fire inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday, killing 26 people and wounding 20 others, authorities said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the attack the deadliest mass shooting in his state’s history. The youngest victim was 5 years old and the oldest was 72. Officials said 23 people were found dead inside the church, two outside, one transported and died later.

The shooting suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, CBS News has learned from federal law enforcement sources.

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Samuel Gebru’s Founder’s Day Address at St. Paul AME Church

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2017 Candidate for Cambridge City Council Samuel Gebru delivered the Founder’s Day Address at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Cambridge’s oldest Black Church, on February 12, 2017. Learn more and get involved:

Central Baptist Church Pretoria — SACRE TV Live Stream

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Live from Central Baptist Church Pretoria

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Sweet Mary by Joyce Lambert (and St. Mark Catholic Church Choir)

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A lovely tune dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Sung and written by Joyce Lambert of Gonzales, Louisiana, with back up vocals provided by the choir from St. Mark Catholic Church of Gonzales, LA. It was recorded at the church sanctuary in 1975.

What is the International Church of Christ? Inside Edition Investigates on ICOC (1994)

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Inside Edition is a thirty-minute American television syndicated news program. The show was originally a mix of tabloid crime stories, investigations, and celebrity gossip.
This investigation was made on the International Churches of Christ. From this report: “According to Dean Robert Thornburg: Church members lie to students, badger them to join, and then try to talk them into giving the church their tuition and book money…they are told that they leave it, terrible things are going to happen to them – their parents will die, worms will infest their body – and even when they have been out for a period of time the sense of fear and guilt that grips the student is just unbelievable.”
The ICOC used internationally different names, for example, in Hungary adopted the name Krisztus Magyarországi Egyháza in 1996 (previously: Krisztus Budapesti Egyháza), in Kiev: Христова Церковь Киев, New York City Church Of Christ (NYCOC) etc.
Some ICOC Churches:
Los Angeles International Church of Christ (LAICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo en Mexico A.R. (ICOC)
The New York City Church of Christ (ICOC)
Boston Church of Christ (ICOC)
Metro Manila Christian Church (ICOC)
Kiev Church of Christ (ICOC)
Antelope Valley Church (ICOC)
Chicago Church of Christ (ICOC)
Abidjan Church of Christ (ICOC)
The Hong Kong Church of Christ (ICOC)
Bay Area Christian Church (ICOC)
Lagos Christian Church (ICOC)
Nairobi Christian Church (ICOC)
Moscow Church of Christ (ICOC)
Jakarta Church of Christ (ICOC)
South Florida Church of Christ (ICOC)
Igreja de Cristo Internacional de São Paulo (ICOC)
Johannesburg Church of Christ (ICOC)
Indian Church of Christ – Bangalore (ICOC)
San Diego Church of Christ (ICOC)
Central Christian Church (ICOC)
DFW Church of Christ (ICOC)
Toronto Church of Christ (ICOC)
Chennai Church of Christ (ICOC)
London International Church of Christ (ICOC)
Denver Church of Christ (ICOC)
Hampton Roads Church (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo Internacional en Guatemala (ICOC)
Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ (ICOC)
North River Church of Christ (ICOC)
Novosibirsk Christian Church (ICOC)
Triangle Church (ICOC)
Phoenix Valley Church of Christ (ICOC)
New Delhi Church of Christ (ICOC)
Greater Houston Church of Christ (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo Internacional (ICOC)
Orlando Church of Christ (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo en Monterrey (ICOC)
The Charlotte Church (ICOC)
Seattle Church of Christ (ICOC)
Seoul Church of Christ (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo Santo Domingo (ICOC)
Medan Church of Christ (ICOC)
St. Petersburg Church of Christ (ICOC)
Taipei Church of Christ (ICOC)
Mission Point Christian Church (ICOC)
Iglesia Internacional de Cristo en San Pedro Sula (ICOC)
Port Au Prince Church of Christ (ICOC)
Greater Nashville Church (ICOC)
Columbia Church of Christ (ICOC)
Atlanta Metropolitan Christian Church (ICOC)
Mumbai Church of Christ (ICOC)
Montgomery County Church of Christ (ICOC)
Northern Virginia Church of Christ (ICOC)
Indianapolis Church of Christ (ICOC)
Puebla Church of Christ (ICOC)
Central Christian Church of Malaysia (ICOC)
Athens Church of Christ (ICOC)
Gateway City Church (ICOC)
Kingston Church of Christ (ICOC)
Igreja de Cristo Internacional do Rio de Janeiro (ICOC)
Greater Baltimore Church of Christ (ICOC)
Cincinnati Church of Christ (ICOC)
Eglise du Christ de Kinshasa (ICOC)
Greater Atlanta Church of Christ (ICOC)
DC Regional Christian Church (ICOC)
Kansas City Church of Christ (ICOC)
Atlanta Church of Christ in Gwinnett (ICOC)
Accra Church of Christ (ICOC)
Greater Hartford Church of Christ (ICOC)
Central Jersey Church of Christ (ICOC)
Odessa Church of Christ (ICOC)
Cornerstone Church (ICOC)
Surabaya Church of Christ (ICOC)
Tokyo Church of Christ (ICOC)
Oahu Church of Christ (ICOC)
Metro Cebu Christian Church (ICOC)
Phnom Penh Church of Christ (ICOC)
Igreja de Cristo Internacional de Belo Horizonte (ICOC)
Cape Town Church of Christ (ICOC)
Gainesville Christian Church (ICOC)
Milwaukee Church of Christ (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo en Guadalajara (ICOC)
The Tampa Bay Church (ICOC)
Austin Christian Church (ICOC)
Detroit Church of Christ (ICOC)
Tangerang Church of Christ (ICOC)
Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo en Cuernavaca (ICOC)
Vladivostok Church of Christ (ICOC)
Jacksonville Church of Christ (ICOC)
Monrovia Church of Christ (ICOC)
Minneapolis/St. Paul Church of Christ (ICOC)
Greater Richmond Church of Christ (ICOC)
Marietta Christian Church (ICOC)
Quito Church of Christ (ICOC)
Iglesia de Cristo en Tijuana (ICOC)
Harare International Church of Christ (ICOC)
Capital City Church of Christ (ICOC)
Cap-Haitien Church of Christ (ICOC)
Freetown Christian Church (ICOC)
The names of the local churches sometimes change. I can not continuously monitor changes in these local churches names. If you notice a mistake, please let me know!