USA: Christians confront Satanist ‘666’ ritual in Lancaster

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Members of the Satanic Temple of Los Angeles were confronted by a disgruntled group of Christian protesters in Lancaster on Monday. The satanists were performing a special 6/6/16 ritual, using GPS technology to outline a five-pointed pentagram around the city.

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Polygamist Mafia: Escaping The Kingston Clan

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Although the mainstream Mormon church abandoned polygamy over 100 years ago, many splinter groups across Utah still practice plural marriage. One such group is the Kingston Clan, known to members as The Order. The Kingstons live in Salt Lake City and run their religion like a secretive business empire.

VICE meets Joe Robinson, a young man banished from The Order and trying to build a new life around his true passion: being a magician.

The Mexican Mormon War:

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Kansas City, Kansas church mourns Ethiopian Christians murdered by ISIS

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A recent video showing killings committed by ISIS is hitting close to home for one Kansas City, Kan., church.

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Indianapolis Church of Christ Young Professional’s Christmas Party 2016

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Pastor Joique D. Bell- Sermon Clip

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A small clip from Pastor Bell’s sermon from when he shared with us on our friends and Family day at Gilt Edge. Dr. Bell is teh pastor of Bethel Baptist church in Louisville KY.

Gilt Edge Missionary Baptist Church
1713 Green Street
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

(812) 283-6395

Pastor D.L Motley Jr. is Senior Pastor

Harvest Church Dothan Sermon for Sunday, March 15, 2015

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By All Means: In this sermon, Pastor Ralph Sigler of Harvest Church in Dothan, AL talks about doing whatever it takes to be a witness for Christ. As a Christian, you are strategically placed. How can you put yourself in a position where God can use you even more?

John Hagee’s CUFI Lunch for Pastors-Mesa, AZ

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Project Strait Gate greeted pastors attending CUFI’s (Christrians United For Israel) pastors’ luncheon. CUFI & founder, John Hagee, want pastors to sign their Israel Pledge and recruit students from churches to attend there Christian Zionist conference in Washington, D.C. Two of our friends attended the lunch and you can read a report on our website:

Warrior Dudes (Men’s Responsibility)

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Livingway Family Church Brownsville Texas
Warrior Dudes Fishing Trip
Arroyo City , Texas

Ps. Bill Moore

Live Streams available at

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VIDEO: Birmingham pastor speaks out against Church of the Highlands

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VIDEO: Birmingham pastor speaks out against plan for Church of the Highlands inner-city campus to help combat crime.
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RAW: Christians protest against Satanists’ Baphomet statue in Little Rock

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Christian protesters gathered outside the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock, Thursday, to demonstrate against a gathering of Satanists who are calling on the local government to install a statue of Baphomet on Capitol grounds.


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Islamic Trajectories in Early Christianity by Dr Jerald Dirks

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Were Early Christians Trinitarians?

Is the Trinity really an ancient pagan belief?

Is Jesus God?

Did Jesus ever claim to be God?

Dr. Jerald Dirks received his Bachelor of Arts (philosophy) from Harvard College in 1971, his Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 1974, his Master of Arts (clinical child psychology) from the University of Denver in 1976, his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree in clinical psychology from the University of Denver in 1978, and his sessions program certificate in Islamic studies from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in 1998.

In 1969, he obtained his License to Preach from the United Methodist Church and was ordained into the Christian ministry (deaconate) by the United Methodist Church in 1972.

He converted to Islam in 1993 and completed the ‘Umrah and Hajj in 1999.

His vocational history includes over five years teaching in American colleges and universities and over 20 years spent in the private practice of psychotherapy. In addition, he has taught at the middle school level at two different private Islamic schools and has served as the psychoeducational consultant at one private Islamic school.

Dr. Dirks is the author or co-author of over 60 published articles in the behavioral sciences (primarily in psychosomatic medicine), over 140 published articles on the Arabian horse and its history, and over 220 published articles or formal presentations on Islam, comparative religion, and private Islamic education in America.

He has lectured widely on Islam at American universities (Tabor College, University of Kansas, University of Denver, Oklahoma State University, Missouri State University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Georgetown University), in American mosques (in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia), and at regional and national conventions of the major Islamic organizations (ISNA, ICNA, and MAS).

In addition, he has been interviewed about Islam by newspapers in California, Colorado, Missouri, and Saudi Arabia and by television stations in Kansas, New York, Texas, Utah, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. He is the author of four books that explore the commonalities and differences among the three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism): The Cross and the Crescent, now in its second printing; Abraham, The Friend of God; Understanding Islam–A Guide for the Judaeo-Christian Reader; and The Abrahamic Faiths–Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

His fifth book, Muslims in American History–A Forgotten Legacy was published in 2006 and celebrates the centuries-old history of Muslims in America. His sixth book, Letters to My Elders in Islam, was published in 2008. Dr. Dirks has also proofread and/or edited several books for other authors.

The Topic: Islamic Trajectories in Early Christianity

A talk by Dr Jerald Dirks

Fellowship Defined Walker 3 25 18

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Liturgy: Third Antiphon and Entrance

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Resurrectional Apolytikion, Tone 5 (English & Arabic) with Psalm Verses;
Entrance Hymn;
Resurrectional Apolytikion;
Troparion for St. Arethas & His Fellow Martyrs;
Troparion for Ascension;
Kontakion “O Protection of Christians”

Holy Ascension Orthodox Church (Antiochian)
with Bishop BASIL
October 24, 2010 – Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
Norman, OK USA