Salt And Light Bible Tv (Portage church of Christ)

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Salt & Light Tv is a work of the Portage church of Christ in Portage Michigan and works with other congregations to bring you the best Biblical teaching available through multiple sources. Our goal is to teach pure non-denominational Christianity.

The Beth-El Temple Voices of Christ, Baltimore MD, “Use Me Lord”

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A throwback from The 1993 Choir anniversary of the Beth-El Temple Voices of Christ in Baltimore, MD singing “Use Me Lord” with Lady Christine Evans and the Late Apostle Robert Evans, Jr. on lead vocals, enjoy!

Full Service – 07/01/2018 – Christ Church Nashville

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Mark 5:21-43

Jesus was constantly interrupted during his ministry—interrupted by opportunities to heal, teach, feed, or care for someone. Can we learn to follow Jesus’s lead by welcoming the interruptions of life?

The Israelites: Your Church Ain’t Teach You About Christ

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Muslims Cover Christ during worship at Mormon church

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The following clips are from a TV news story originally aired by KUTV in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 2nd 2011. The story was accessed that same day at the following url:

It features a Mormon church in Missouri allowing the worship of Allah at the LDS-owned structure. It shows poor discernment. By allowing Muslims to worship on LDS property they give tacit approval of their worship of Allah.

Christians believe that Muhammad is a false prophet and that the concept of Allah as God is antithetical to the God of the Holy Bible. This presentation by no means condones intolerance nor prejudice and bigotry towards others. This is strictly a religious issue.

Highly recommended:

A Muslim comments at the url where the news article was found:

“Actually swampdog0, the covering of images is not because it is Christ’s image. In fact all images are to be covered so as not to distract a praying person from directing his worship to God alone. That’s why mosques are not supposed to have any pictures at all, nor should prayer rugs have images either. Also in Islam all the prophets of God are not to be pictured, including Muhammad, Jesus and Moses (peace and blessings upon them all) because we feel they r perfect examples & pictures of them or actors playing their role might depict a less than perfect image. This should’ve been explained in the article to avoid the misconception of disrespect.”

If that’s the case, then perhaps a hotel banquet room or a civic center would be a better place to worship.

Putting coverings over Jesus while worshiping Allah is pretty blatant.

Tom and Nilo’s Wedding July 4, 2014, Christ Episcopal Church, Sausalito, CA

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On July 4, 2014, Thomas John Bauer and Nilo Discartin Ventura were married at Christ Episcopal Church in Sausalito, California by Father Chip Larrimore after 19 years together.

At long last, here is what we were able to salvage from our wedding video. As some of you may know, we attempted to Live Stream the wedding so our friends and family around the world could watch it live as it was happening. Unfortunately, the broadcast failed six minutes into the ceremony and as a result, the video does not contain the entrance of our wedding party and us nor does it have the wonderfully delivered readings done by Nick Galante and Jean McGrath-Bauer.

The video picks up from the gospel reading. Please make sure you listen to the remarkable sermon by our friend, Father Chip Barker Larrimore who got almost as much attention for it as we did for getting married. It was pretty incredible as was our nephew Christopher Stebner who performed a remarkable violin solo of the Ave Maria. The end of the video shows the butterfly release we did in honor our deceased parents, my Mom,Mary Ann and Nilo’s parents Magdalena and Faustino.

Thank you to Kevin Chak for filming the wedding and to Alex King for editing the film. Without the two of you, we would not have this remembrance of our very special day.

We hope that you find the video as beautiful, special and moving as we do. This was the most special day we have spent together in 19 years and we are very happy to share it with all of our friends.

The Crushing of Christ – Paul Washer – 2011 Conference – reGeneration Session 6

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This message was preached at the March 2011 reGENERATION!® Conference in Sacramento, California.

For more information about reGENERATION!®, visit the website here:

Session 1: Phil Layton
Having a Right View of God
Session 2: Paul Washer
The Problem of a Good God
Session 3: Rod Santiago
Why the Gospel is Impossible
Session 4: Paul Washer
Blessed Justification
Session 5: Greg Stoever
The Scandalous Shame of the Cross
Session 6: Paul Washer
The Crushing of Christ