Minister Alvin L. Daniels, Jr.: Not an Issue part 1: Hope Church of Christ

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The mission of Hope Church of Christ is to minister and serve the whole man. We have formulated and will expand upon core ministries that impact the mind soul and body of all men. Our ministries are geared to meet the needs of people wherever they are while guiding them to the Hope of eternal life.

Gaining: Through our evangelistic thrust by casting the net of the gospel in word, ministry and worship all ministries have a reach for the lost.

Grounding: Every member will be challenged to grow in knowledge and empowering grace to develop an intimacy with God and a love for service.

Growing: in love, fellowship and membership. As God give increase we will expand the borders of the Kingdom to heights unknown.

Glorifying: Through us and not about us. All things done in worship and work is to glorify Him, who is worthy to be praised. God is central in everything.

Impelled by Christ

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On This Episode of The Power of Love: Can you imagine a black belt in martial arts and a Sheriff’s deputy on fire with love of Jesus. This person is not a priest or religious ….but a Catholic married man who is committed to the gospels, Jesse Romero. Interviewed by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD.

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Hi guys some of you maybe aware im coming on a ministry trip to the USA in 2020 and we are trying to raise funds for a van if you feel led would you please consider donating to this ministry trip here is the link to the go fund me page and also a link to a video I made discussing what we doing the lord bless you Laura

our God he is alive Westside Church of Christ A Capella

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This is the Westside Church of Christ singing Hymns of praise to Jesus Christ our savior. We are located at
1705 Starview Dr
Salem, VA 24153

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Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19).

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord (Colossians 3:16).

Why do some churches teach that it is wrong to use musical instruments to accompany our singing during Christian worship assemblies when the above verses don’t precisely forbid it?

I think most will agree that God has specifically instructed (even “commanded”) Christians to sing as part of the worship that He expects (even “demands”). Since He has not commanded nor even suggested to us to play musical instruments in worship, we can be absolutely certain that if we don’t use musical instruments, then He will be pleased with Christians singing if their worship comes from the heart.

Sermon – 08/19/2018 – Pastor Greg Brewer – Christ Church Nashville

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Scripture: 1 Kings 3:3-10 (New King James Version)

Sermon Title: What do you really want from God?

Sermon Emphasis:

For many of us, we live our lives as though we have no choice or voice in matters involving God. But this is not what we see in 1 Kings 3. We discover that God desires to know the petition of our hearts. However, do we truly know what we want from God?

“We Believe” – Christ Church Choir

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“We Believe” – Christ Church Choir
Written by Dan Scott and Nathan DiGesare
Arranged by Christopher Phillips
Orchestrated by Phil Nitz
The Christ Church Choir
Solos – Dan Scott (Senior Pastor), Jenn Crider (Worship Leader), Phil Nitz (Worship Leader / Staff Arranger)
Christmas with the Christ Church Choir and Orchestra
Sunday, December 4, 2016

Keep Christ In Christmas Mini Movie for Church |

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Keep Christ In Christmas Mini Movie for Church | Download Here:

This Christmas in all the hustle and bustle of gift buying and giving, don’t forget the reason for the season. The most important gift of all is the gift of Jesus the Messiah! Though in the very nature God, He humbled Himself and became a man. We can get so busy “serving” God, even in religious activities, that we forget the God we serve. Keep Christ in Christmas! “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33).

Get this Christmas mini movie and over 80,000 church graphics & worship media for only $17/m! You’ll have unlimited access to the latest and greatest in sermon PowerPoints, church motion graphics, church countdown timers, worship video loops, worship backgrounds, church bulletin covers, church flyers, church mini movies and more! All fully downloadable and customizable in UHD 4K, HD, SD, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, No Text and more! Learn more and get started today:

Come On In The Room-Metropolitan Spiritual Church Of Christ Choir

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Gospel classics are songs that are special, they’ve been around for a long time. We all know them word for word; love them, they have a special meaning in our lives, and they will never be forgotten.

The song-Come On In The Room, was penned by Alex Bradford (1927 – 1978) in 1952. Alex began his singing career at the age of four. Began performing in vaudeville at the age of five, and by age of thirteen had his own radio show. After a tour of duty in 1947, he landed in Chicago, and began working with Roberta Martin; many of his compositions were published and recorded by Roberta Martin. He worked with and traveled with the Mahalia Jackson Singers. Alex Bradford was the most important and popular composer of black gospel during the period 1952-58. His songs were recorded by the Roberta Martin Singers, Davis Sisters, Caravans, and several choirs. Some of his other compositions include “Let God Abide,” “Since I Met Jesus,” “After It’s All Over,” and “Leak In The Building.” In the 1950s he formed his first group the Bradford Specials. His fist hit was “I’m Too Close Heaven” in 1953 on Specialty records, and that led to a string of other successful recordings on various labels over the years. He got his Broadway start in 1961 in Black Nativity a gospel musical in New York, and toured with the show in Europe. It was no surprise that gospel singer Alex Bradford spent the last part of his life on Broadway, for it is commonly agreed that he was a most theatrical and flamboyant gospel singer and one of the most talented. With a big and robust voice and possessing antics that he had been developed from the age of four, Bradford could “take a house” at any time. Alex settled in Newark NJ, and became the musical director for the Abyssinian Baptist Church recording two albums with them. In 1978, he was in the midst of a struggle with another hit, Your Arms Too Short to Box With God, when he had a stroke and died.

The choir-The Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ Choir. The church was founded in 1925 by Elder L. L. Boswell and Rev. William F. Taylor. Elder Boswell the first musical director and Rev.Taylor, a former gospel recitalist, its first pastor. Services began in several private homes in the Kansas City area. They later held their services in the home of Mrs. Murray. Twenty-four persons became members whom Rev. Taylor baptized in the Big Eleven Lake in Kansas City, Kansas. A large crowd witnessed the baptizing. The foundation of Metropolitan became established in this first step of a “dream come true.” The membership outgrew the house, so now Rev. Taylor and Rev. Boswell began to look for a larger place. They found a large house located at 1231 Garfield Ave., (now the parsonage). The house offered great possibilities, soon they made arrangements to purchase the property. On September 22, 1925, the church became the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ, founded by Rev. Taylor and Rev. Boswell. Services were held on the first floor. The membership continued to grow. The house was enlarged, and additions to the building, extended the property to the east of the parsonage. The church was dedicated in 1926. In 1927 a new church entrance was dedicated on East 13th Street. Rev. Taylor was elevated to the office of Bishop at climax of the Ninth Annual Spiritual Congress In 1934. The church started broadcasting live on the radio in 1935. Bishop Taylor passed away in 1942. The choir released their first album in 1958. The Diocese now has churches worldwide, and two of the most famous churches in the Diocese in the United States are, First Church of Deliverance in Chicago, and Prayer Tabernacle in Detroit. The church in Kansas City is known as “The Mother Church,” and it’s currently under the leadership of Bishop James D. Tindall, Sr. Bishop Tindall was ordained in 1976, by Rev. Clarence H. Cobbs, at climax of the churches Fifty-First Anniversary service.

Come On In The Room is from the 1958 album by the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ Choir, titled Great Day.

Disclaimer: Photographs and music copyright are owned by their originators. No infringement intended.

VH1 special report on the Israelite Church of God In Jesus Christ. This is not a hate group.

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VH1 special report on the Israelite Church of God In Jesus Christ.
This was back in 2004.
The Israelite Church is not a hate group. This was put out on broadcast television by God Almighty.
VH1 had requested they go and do an interview with the men of ICGJC.
And in the interview, they asked questions for hours. And we’re very intrigued by what the men were saying. And even more shocked at the proof in the bible.
Ofcourse VH1 cut out that part because it was too much power. And tried to make the men look bad.
There are people that hate the ICGJC. And there are those that Love the ICGJC.
I for one agree with what is being said by these men of the Israelite Church of God In Jesus Christ. And love them all.
Yes I am an Israelite as well.

Thank you.