Biblical Proof the Jews are NOT God’s Chosen People

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Pastor Ricky Temple: Taking Charge of Your Time Before It Runs Out

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Tag You’re It: Elder J. at First Baptist M.B.C. Jonesboro, AR

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Elder Jervonne Newsome preaches a powerful sermon to the youth of First Baptist M.B.C. in Jonesboro, Arkansas on February 8, 2015 regarding the appointment of David as King.

Lord chosen members dance inside the mud after the rain during evangelism

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Lord chosen members dance inside the mud after the rain during evangelism. Not like the dance isn’t beautiful though, the question is, they could have avoided the mud, buh why choose to dance therein?

Pastor Joanna Wand, House of Hope Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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House of Hope Outreach Center & Sanctuary – Captured Live on Ustream at