Chicago carpenter creates crosses for Texas church shooting victims

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After a gunman killed 26 people during a church service on Nov. 5, Greg Zanis packed up his truck and drove to Texas. He installed a cross for each victim in the massacre, with a bright red heart and photo affixed to each one.

Accordions | Accordion Player | Accordionist in Chicago, Illinois

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Accordionist – One Man Orchestra – Joe Martino – Accordion Players

Enhance your next wedding with live authentic Italian American entertainment; the beautiful sound of the one man electronic midied accordionist. For dinner music and to set the mood with beautiful Italian Songs and authentic Sinatra style songs Joe Martino can perform before your “DJ” Peter Martino starts.

Joe Martino – Midied Electronic Accordionist – One Man Orchestra – Entertainers & Shows – Live Entertainment – Italian American Entertainer in Chicago IL

Joe Martino is a singer and Electronic midied accordionist performing Italian and American standards for audiences around the globe. He has also released a CD entitled “Accordion to Sinatra”, an accordion and vocal tribute to Frank Sinatra. Here you can read Joe’s biography, listen to sound clips from the CD, and keep up-to-date on his upcoming shows and appearances. In addition Joe is the Italian American experience with authenticity with the most popular Italian and American standards.

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The Miracle Valley Shootout: Rural Cops Vs Chicago Cultists

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Miracle Valley, Arizona is a mere 8 miles north of the Mexican border, wedged on highway 92 between Sierra Vista and Tombstone.

In 1959, a traveling tent revivalist preacher named A.A. Allen was gifted ranch land and he based his ministry there as his HQ, reaching out through via radio, travel and eventually TV to spread the word of his ability to heal and, uhm…resurrect the dead.

One of his followers moved her Chicago based pentecostal cult like church to this same location in 1978 after A.A. Allen’s likely alcohol related death in 1970.

Four years later, after an accidental bomb explosion, multiple riots, one shootout and at least four deaths later, this cult mostly moved back to Chicago…

This is that story.

Want to know more? We recommend William R. Daniel’s book: Shootout at Miracle Valley:

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Jewish demonstration against Adolf Hitler in Chicago, Illinois HD Stock Footage

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Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD.

Jewish demonstration against Adolf Hitler in Chicago, Illinois

In Chicago,Illinois, Jews protest against Adolf Hitler and the rise of militarism in Germany. Houses and buildings along the sides of the street. Large crowd demonstrates against the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler. They carry signs and banners. An automobile with a large sign mounted on it, reading: “Join Jewish protest demonstration against Hitlerism, starts today at Roosevelt and Ashland”. Location: Chicago Illinois. Date: 1933.

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Historic Chicago Church For Sale

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2900 West Shakespeare Avenue

An absolute jewel of a building with great history and architecturally significant features awaiting a new church. Heart of Logan Square 600+ seat church with gorgeous stained glass windows, full fellowship basement perfect for Children’s Church and/or additional overflow, full commercial kitchen, and private offices and central air. Zoned tax exempt already for a non-profit. Looking for Church or other nonprofit Buyer or conversion of existing structure, not demo. Ideal location just east of Palmer Square. Small Parking in Rear, Easy Street Parking, other possibilities. Overall good shape needs TLC and clean out, price reflective. $799,000

Please contact Alexis Eldorrado: [email protected] or 312-612-9060

Joe Ziko From Chicago & Tiffany Best Gypsy Wedding Of Las Vegas ( Part 4 of 4 )

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Joe & Tiffany Ziko’s Wedding. March 30th 2009. At The Eastside Cannery Casino In Las Vegas,NV WallyMiller1
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