ORIGINAL SC | Small Town Chef Brandon Velie

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For a small town in South Carolina the town of Ridge Spring has got a little something for everyone. The town is known as an antique mecca and now has a cult like following for something else…corn chowder. Chef Brandon Velie and his wife Jeanne opened up Juniper after falling in love with the town and with the building that Juniper now occupies.

Velie’s “cape corn chowder” attitude has catapulted Juniper to become one of the top places to eat in South Carolina. His farm to table approach in cooking has caught the attention of 2 governors of South Carolina and even Governor Chris Christy from New Jersey. And Velie’s love of cooking all started with the fond memory of his mother putting him to bed with a cookie every night.

FOX8 Reality: Executive Chef with Leigh Hesling, Greensboro NC

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Watch FOX8 Reality: Executive Chef that follows Executive Chef Leigh Hesling (Print Works Bistro & Green Valley Grill restaurants in Greensboro, North Carolina) for a behind-the-scenes look at his busy kitchens. This show aired February 27, 2013 on FOX8 News. For more information on the restaurants: www.printworksbistro.com and www.greenvalleygrill.com

Palm Desert Food & Wine 2018 – Jr. Chef Bella Francisco | PALM SPRINGS LIFE

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Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival 2018 – Chef Demo

Jr. Chef Bella Francisco

Bella Francisco is a 13-year-old eighth grade student at St. Theresa School in Palm Springs. In 2016, Francisco applied to compete on Food Network’s Chopped Junior as a way to earn some money to redecorate her bedroom. She was invited to compete and filmed her episode, “Let’s Taco ‘Bout It” in November 2016. Francisco completed the three rounds and won! Her episode aired in May 2017.

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Burger Chef Hambugers, McMurry College, Jim Walls Conoco, Highland Park Baptist Church

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REMEMBERING IN ABILENE WHEN….This is a brief test roll of super 8 film that my dad (Rev. T. Gerald Cates) shot before going to the Holy Land in 1969. This was taken in front of the church he pastored for many years. There’s footage of McMurry College, Highland Park Baptist Church, a Conoco Service Station, and a rare glimpse of the first Burger Chef Restaurant on South 14th Street in Abilene, Texas. (Note the cheap gasoline on the sign). Oh yea, yours truly is at the end of the roll trying to learn how to ride a Unicycle. Thanks dad for taking this!

Sitka’s Secrets

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Decided to take a leap of faith and acquire work in Sitka, Alaska for summer of 2015. Not only did I learn more in 5months than I did in 5yrs, but I met a handful of the kindest folks a person could ask for. Work was long, but rewarding. In closing – it was a trip I would never forget.