Beware of Cheap Chicken Coops!

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You get what you pay for, so beware the cheaply made chicken coop. Matt discusses all the reasons why this typical cheap chicken coop doesn’t work well for you or your chickens. The homeowner who bought this coop just bought an American Coop to give her hens a better home. Matt discusses the importance of ventilation, having a covered run, and the pit falls of those pull-out trays in the henhouse. Carolina Coops prides itself on building amazing custom made chicken coops that make it easy to keep backyard chickens.


2014 Cheap Truck Challenge! 93′ S10 vs 95′ Grand Cherokee vs 75′ International – Dirt Every Day 32

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What happens when you take three low buck trucks driven by cheap truck drivers on an off road shoot out? You get Cheap Truck Challenge. Put on by Petersen’s 4Wheel and Offroad Magazine, Cheap Truck Challenge is the annual low buck truck competition where Fred and his pals must buy and build a 4×4 for under $4000. On this Dirt Every Day Fred finally takes his Chevy S-10 to Reno, Nevada for a battle of the budget beater rigs!

Dirt Every Day appears every fourth Thursday on the Motor Trend channel.

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furnished and unfurnished rooms for rent in raleigh nc on craigslist thats cheap roommates wanted

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Own this Cheap 5.05 Acres Beautiful Desert Land to Build or as your Weekend Getaway

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Are you looking to Own a Gateway to Ride your AV , camping or build an off-grid Cabin?

This 5.05 acres parcel is a flat vacant desert land, 10 miles Douglas town of Cochise county of Arizona. This parcel is 59 miles from Sierra Vista, 121 miles from Tucson and 233 miles from Phoenix. You will have easy access as this property is along with the E Cll Principal road. Another advantage for accessing the property is this property is close to North Lee Station Road and Pan American Ave Road. This property is just 11 miles from Bisbee-Douglas International Airport. The surrounding area is wide space places of rugged desert lands. Most exciting side of this desert land is it is only 19 minutes from Douglas town, where you will get hospital, bank, shopping malls along with all the required places. Within 10 miles (15 minutes) you are getting two elementary schools, a junior high school, an academy school and a church. Also the Pirtleville town is only 9.7 miles away and Bisbee is 35 miles away. Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge is only 12 miles away from this place. This area is great form hunting, trail hiking, bird watching and nature photography. If you works in the nearest towns but want lead a quite, calm and low cost living rural place, then this parcel will become your first choice. The Douglas town is enriched with cultural and historic places. You will find lots of things to here like go to Queen Mine tour, Tombstone, Double Adobe Campground and Shotgun Sports, Cochise County Fairgrounds, Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch and many others.

Foreclosure Homes Greensboro NC – North Carolina Home Shopping Cheap Deals

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Search Our Foreclosures In NC Database – UPDATED 2x DAILY!

Foreclosure Homes Greensboro NC – North Carolina Home Shopping Cheap Deals

Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure, Short Sale & Rent-To-Own ILLUMINATED

North Carolina FORECLOSURES Good Deals

Foreclosures are residences that were already taken back by the financial institutions because the original home owners were unable to continue on making installments on the dwelling. When shopping for a foreclosed dwelling take into consideration these small number of strengths:

1. Home prices are lower now than last year, and down in most states according to the National Association of Realtors.

2. Foreclosed homes are offered up for auction to the highest bidder and there are some really good deals to be had at that point.

3. To find a home that has been through foreclosure you can begin your search online at

4. Through foreclosures you can purchase a home, at a reasonable cost, and create a home for your family.

5. Luxury homes, vacation homes, and even mansions may be included in foreclosure listings.

6. You are able to buy homes that are quite inexpensive, fix them up, and sell them for a profit or use them for yourself.

7. Foreclosure houses are also good properties to look into because there is a large selection available throughout your area and all over the country.

North Carolina PRE-FORECLOSURE Great Deals

Pre-Foreclosures are typically residential properties which experts state are usually in the finishing stage right before they are transferred back by the banking company or lender. This indicates that the owner continue to be in charge of the residential property, but if they don’t make any endeavor to resolve their position the bank or financier will reclaim the residence.

The number one advantage of Pre-Foreclosures is the lower price associated with such properties. The holder has to sell the house before the bank or lender takes it and is more predisposed to pay attention to any offers that they take in. It is considerably possible to come across Pre-Foreclosures that are as much as 50% off of the market price.

North Carolina Real Estate SHORT SALE Bargains

For homeowners who can no longer afford to continue to keep mortgage payments up to date, there are some other options to bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings. One of those choices is called a “SHORT SALE.”

SHORT SALES in properties, means the lender is accepting less than the overall amount payable. Why would a lender actually do this? If a financial institution decides to take residential property into foreclosure there are plenty of expenditures corresponding with a foreclosure undertaking.

Some of the expenses would or could include: the expensive paper work to be carried out by staff, the legal operations of foreclosure, possible renovating of the property, marketing and advertising the property, seeking out a agreeable investor, and so on.

Just the simplified arrangement and execution of a property foreclosure auction in North Carolina could financially impact the lender as high as $50,000, which is not a practical expenditure of money, most especially in the absence of an definite buyer or investor.

Foreclosure Homes Greensboro NC – North Carolina Home Shopping Cheap Deals

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Danish Lutheran Church Yorba Linda Wedding / Cheap Wedding Videography Riverside & San Bernardino

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This video is a 4-minute edited highlight trailer for a gorgeous wedding that took place at Danish Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda, CA. The video was filmed and produced by Golden Gate Sunrise Entertainment. We provide affordable wedding videographers, photographers, musicians, DJs, sound equipment rental and lighting design services in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. For availability information & booking details, please visit one of the following pages:

More wedding highlight trailers:

Please note that no copyright is claimed for the music played in this video and to the extent that material may appear to be infringed, we assert that such alleged infringement is permissible under fair use principles in U.S. copyright laws. If you believe the song has been used in an unauthorized manner, please contact us.

Review of Lakeshore Pecan – $0.79/SF Cheap Laminated Flooring – Home Depot

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This Glueless Hand Scraped Lakeshore Pecan Flooring at only $0.79 per SF this is some really cheap floating floor. I was very impress on the Quality and how simple this floor was to install. Here I will give you a quick demo of the floor and how it handles scratchs.

Cheap way to keep water out of your garage – Baton Rouge – Overhead Door

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Overhead Door Company of The Capital City
Authorized distributor for Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes
2155 Church St. Zachary, LA 70791
South Baton Rouge 225-755-6622
Baton Rouge 225-275-5510
Zachary 225-654-2859

Email: [email protected]

Baton Rouge Garage Doors

Lexington Kentucky Wedding Videography – Lesley and Ben – Lexington Country Club

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What a beautiful day for a wedding in Lexington Kentucky! Ben and Lesley had a fabulous wedding from start to finish at the impressive Lexington Country Club and the quaint Saint Raphael Episcopal church. Book us for your wedding or other videography need at or

Music Licensed through Music Bed – Found a Heart – Emily Hearn

DIY Flat Roof Repair – Easy Paint on Fix

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In this video we will be taking a look at a flat roof repair that will cover large areas, or the whole roof if you need it to. This repair uses a solvent based bitumen sealant, the advantage being that it’s low cost, dries quickly, and is waterproof fast.

If you think you need a new flat roof you can check out some of the options here :

For links to the types of materials I used in this project see here :

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[Hindi Audio]-Water Damaged Repair Video: What to do and How to Repair?

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क्या करना चाहिए आपको अगर आपका फोन पानी में गिर जाए यार उस पर पानी पड़ जाए|
1. पहले तो उसके पावर बटन को कभी भी हाथ ना लगाएं
2. दूसरा जितनी जल्दी हो सके बैटरी निकाल दे
3. तीसरा फोन को खूब सुखा लें, कम से कम दो-तीन दिन दिन तक धूप में अच्छी तरह सुखा ले|

जब तक आपको भरोसा ना हो जाए कि फोन पूरी तरह से सुख चुका होगा तब तक कभी बैटरी में डालें और फोन को पावर ऑन करने की कोशिश ना करें| अगर आपके फोन से बैटरी नहीं निकल सकती है, तो पावर बटन को ना छुए और फोन को ऐसे ही सुखा ले| तो इन तीन बातों का ध्यान रखे आप अपने फोन को बचा सकते है|
तो आप अपने फोन को बचा सकते हैं, बस मेरी हिदायत का पालन करें और आपका फोन बच जाएगा|

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For Sale – Commercial Building in Springfield, MO – 800 W Locust CHEAP!

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FOR SALE BY OWNER! (Realtors welcome, paid 3% on HUD-1). This is 800 W. Locust in Springfield Missouri for sale. It is a nice 1,000 square foot building with tons of potential. It has new decking, and new single layer roof, new facial and soffit, and other updates. It could use new doors, window and paint inside and out. This has great potential for a church, boy scouts or just local community center.