Proof Antifa started the violence in Charlottesville. Read the description!

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Here’s what happened in this video. Eli Mosley was leading the peaceful protesters into Lee Park in Charlottesville. RevCom illegally blocked their path and assaulted them with weapons. John Michael Carico of Chattanooga, TN who was arrested for assaulting an old man in Burns, TN is seen thrusting people with a rolled up magazine, that’s why he got beat up. Renee Campbell Hall fell, and that’s how she busted her head. If you look closely you can see that Renee Campbell Hall assaulted someone and stole their hat. Anthony White of Chicago RevCom sucker punches Based Suitman, who was attacked many times that day and maced. Anthony White’s RevCom associates Lucha Bright and Maya Malika are also seen assaulting people in the video. Don Gathers, a deacon at First Baptist Church in Charlottesville is seen attacking people in the head with a wooden rod! All these thugs started a riot and John Carico lied to police. He was on bond for another assault while attacking people! Now the asshole is running for US Senate in TN. I am calling for the arrests of John Michael Carico, Renee Campbell Hall, Anthony White, and Don Gathers! Share this video and spread the truth! Free Chris Cantwell! Free Jacob Goodwin! Free Daniel Borden! Free Alex Ramos! Free James Alex Fields(his car was attacked causing an accident)!

Arrest all violent Antifa terrorists including:

1. Sean Gerwing Liter (Leader) (Dates Holly McGlawn-Zoller): Louisville, KY
2. Chandler William Coates: Louisville, KY
3. Corey Lee Lemley (Leader) (Dates Giovanna Angelina Romkee): Nashville, TN
4. Brent Vincent Betterly: Chicago, IL
5. William Cory Lovell/William Corey Lovell/Corey Lovell: Chicago, IL
6. Jeanette Hoppe Burleigh: Lebanon, OH
7. Kyle Benjamin Wright (Leader): Chantilly, VA
8. Rachel “Roody” Michelle Myles: Manassas, VA
9. Dan Nguyen: Maryland
10. Kyle Reedy: Washington, DC
11. Charles Allen Howard Jr. AKA Bear Allen [IN JAIL(Unrelated Charge)]: Virginia
12. Antonio “Tony” Wells: Charlottesville, VA
13. George Steppe: Charlottesville, VA
14. Owsi MacFearchar AKA Ötzi MacFearchar: Richmond, VA
15. Kristopher Cheney Goad: Richmond, VA
16. Daryle Lamont Jenkins (Leader): Philly, PA
17. Tom Keenan: Philly, PA and New Jersey
18. Paul Minton: Philly, PA and New Jersey
19. Shawn Menne: Moorestown, NJ/Philadelphia, PA
20. Lindsey Elizabeth Moers: Philadelphia, PA
21. Shane Davidson
22. John Michael Carico (Leader): Chattanooga, TN
23. Renee Campbell Hall [INJURED]: Chattanooga, TN
24. Alec Summerfield (Leader): Maryland
25. Alexandra Shiflett: Bel Air, MD
26. Cameron Rines: Severna Park, MD
27. Mik Plungis: Catonsville, MD
28. Julia Bates: Takoma Park, MD
29. William Healy: Maryland
30. Hawk Newsome (Leader): New York City, NY
31. Jermaine Soo-Tim: New York City, NY
32. Caleb Gibrahn Perkins: New York City, NY
33. Alexander Stokes Contompasis AKA Alex Stokes (Leader): Albany, NY
34. Caleb Michael Burroughs: Macon, NC
35. Zecharia Hayes
36. Anthony White: Chicago, IL
37. Lucha Bright: Chicago, IL
38. Maya Malika: Chicago, IL
39. Wyatt Reed: Elliston, VA
40. Tim “Sauce” Brown: Charlottesville, VA
41. Edmund Frost (Leader): Louisa, VA
42. Don Gathers: Charlottesville, VA
43. Sam Schafer: Louisville, KY
44. Nicholas “Nic” Evan Smith (Leader): Roanoke, VA
45. John Andrew “Andy” Mulligan: Perkasie , PA
46. Caeden Famiglio: Philadelphia, PA
47. Dwayne Emil Dixon: Durham, NC
48. Ronaldo Jahman Dixon: Morgantown, WV

And convict the already arrested

1. Deandre Shakur Harris (ASH Seven Hills Antifa) [INJURED] [ARRESTED]: Suffolk, VA
2. Corey Alexander Long (Flamethrower) [ARRESTED]: Culpeper, VA

Haunted Places in Virginia

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From Virginia Beach to Norfolk, Chesapeake to Richmond, Newport News, Alexandria, and more! Check out these haunted graves, schools, churches, buildings and other locations throughout the old dominion! These are our picks for the top 10 most haunted places in Virginia! Enjoy!


“The Ferry Plantation House” by L. Allen Brewer ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

“FerryPlantationHouseCooker” by Rlevse ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

“MarthaWashingtonInn” by RebelAt ( is in the Public Domain

“martha washington inn, abingdon va” by beccapie ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

“Bacon’s Castle 1972” by Jake E. Boucher/HABS ( is in the Public Domain

“Bacon’s Castle” by Sgam80 ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

“University of Virginia” by Daniel Latorre ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

“University of Virginia” by Phil Roeder ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

“Exterior of Rosewell Plantation Gloucester County Virginia circa 1900” by Unknown ( is in the Public Domain

“Facade of ruins Rosewell Plantation Carter Creek Gloucester County Virginia” by Historic American Building Survey is in the Public Domain

“Virginia State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia” by Ken Lund ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

“Virginia State Capitol” by Jim Bowen ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

“Swannanoa KSteele” by Colchicine ( is in the public domain

“Swannanoa – Stairs 20130914 153236 HDR” by Fopseh ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

“Cold Harbor battlefield” by Muhranoff ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 (

“Confederate Position, Cold Harbor, Richmond National Battlefield Park, Virginia” by Ken Lund ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

“Confederate Position, Cold Harbor, Richmond National Battlefield Park, Virginia” by Ken Lund ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (