“Tink of Me” arr. Stephen Holmes (Concordia Chamber Choir)

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Concordia Chamber Choir (Athens, GA) sings a transcription of “Tink of Me”, presumably arranged by Stephen Holmes, during its fall concert at First Presbyterian Church of Athens. Jason Bennett, director; Jake Coleman, accompanist

Website: ConcordiaChoir.org
Facebook: Facebook.com/ConcordiaChamberChoir

Community Connection – Las Cruces Chamber Ballet – Kevin Self

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In this next Community Connection, we meet with the Artistic Director of the Las Cruces Chamber Ballet: Kevin Self. Kevin tells us about how he got into Ballet, how long he’s been doing ballet and talks about the Chamber Ballet’s longest major production, The Nutcracker.

“The Pasture” by Z. Randall Stroope (Concordia Chamber Choir)

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Concordia Chamber Choir (Athens, GA) sings “The Pasture” from “Where the Earth Meets the Sky” by Z. Randall Stroope during its fall concert at First Presbyterian Church of Athens. Jason Bennett, director; Jake Coleman, accompanist

Website: ConcordiaChoir.org
Facebook: Facebook.com/ConcordiaChamberChoir

“Pange lingua” by Anton Bruckner (Concordia Chamber Choir; Bradley Naylor, guest conductor)

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Concordia Chamber Choir (Athens, GA) sings “Pange lingua” by Anton Bruckner during its spring concert at First Presbyterian Church of Athens, GA. Jason Bennett, director; Jacob Coleman, piano; Bradley Naylor, guest conductor

Website: ConcordiaChoir.org
Facebook: Facebook.com/ConcordiaChamberChoir

Reno Chamber Orchestra NCMF Masterworks II

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Nevada Chamber Music Festival Performance
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Location: South Reno United Methodist Church
Sinding Piano Quintet in E minor, Op. 5
James Winn, piano; Ruth Lenz, violin; Rebecca Hang, violin; Dustin Budish, viola; Brian Schuldt, cello

Maynooth University Chamber Choir at San Xavier Mission, Tucson Arizona

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The Maynooth University Chamber Choir surprised visitors to the Mission San Xavier del Bac just south of Tucson on Saturday morning. They performed a number of beautiful pieces in the sanctuary of the church and moved everyone present at the moment.

A National Historic Landmark, San Xavier Mission was founded as a Catholic mission by Father Eusebio Kino in 1692. Construction of the current church began in 1783 and was completed in 1797.

We were visiting the Mission this morning and we all felt so blessed and fortunate to have been there. Blessed to experience their beautiful angelic voices…in an amazingly beautiful church…with such great history…as a Roman Catholic…on Easter weekend….how could you not get emotional and feel that much closer to god at that moment.

The Maynooth University Chamber Choir is from Ireland and are currently on the “Choir of the World” tour. In July 2015, under the direction of Michael Dawson (BMus 2011), the choir made history when it became the first Irish choir to lift the coveted Pavarotti Trophy as “Choir of the World” at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

Nearer, Still Nearer – A Cappella Singing

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This congregational a cappella singing was from the 2009 4th of July Gospel Meeting in Springfield, Missouri.

Why does the Church of Christ not use mechanical instruments in worship? Ephesians 5:19, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord

St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois Inaugural Chamber Music Series

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St.Ohilip Neri Catholic Church, Inaugural Chamber Music Series, September 7, 2014, Father Thomas Belanger, Host Pastor, Mr. Tyrone Pittman, Music Director. Robert Fisher Artistic Director/Principal Musician and The Chicago Black Catholic Choir.
The CBC Choir is comprised of both Catholic and non-Catholic Christian singers. The Choir’s mission is to evangelize through song while preserving the rich musical gifts of prolific Black writers. The Choir’s repertoire includes an array of choral and other genres of music.
The CBC Choir has been ordained to sing God’s Praises. Our members come from churches in the Chicago land area, and the surrounding suburbs. We are a Catholic based choir who embraces all Christian faiths to join us in our mission to serve God’s Church. Our doors are open to anyone who has the desire to praise the name of Jesus.
Saint Philip Neri:

“What Do You Think I Fought For At Omaha Beach” performed by the Simon Carrington Chamber Singers

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Visit MelissaDunphy.com for more info.

Melissa Dunphy’s new composition “What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach?” was selected as the winning work for the 2010 Simon Carrington Chamber Singers Composition Competition. The Philadelphia-based composer’s choral work sets excerpts of public testimony given by a WWII veteran before the Maine Senate in a hearing to discuss the Marriage Equality Bill.

“What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach?” was performed on May 29, 2010, at Grace and Holy Trinity in Kansas City, MO and First Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, KS. This video was shot during the performance at Grace and Holy Trinity in Kansas City, MO.

The piece was selected from a pool of over 100 submissions, from over 70 composers, hailing from 10 different countries. In choosing the work from a narrowed-down, committee-selected pool of nine finalists, music director and conductor Simon Carrington gave his reasoning behind selecting Dunphy’s work as the winner. “There were plenty of excellent pieces in the sweet-sounding modern idiom which SCCS would make very beautiful, but the strongest (and most individual) piece was Melissa Dunphy’s What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach? — a bold and highly effective setting of a thought-provoking text.”


Good morning, committee. My name is Phillip Spooner and I live at 5 Graham Street in Biddeford. I am 86 years old and a lifetime Republican and an active VFW chaplain … I was born on a potato farm north of Caribou and Perham, where I was raised to believe that all men are created equal, and I’ve never forgotten that.

I served in the U.S. Army, 1942-1945 … I worked with every outfit over there, including Patton’s Third Army. I saw action in all five major battles in Europe… I was in the liberation of Paris.

(I have seen much, so much blood and guts, so much suffering, much sacrifice.)

I am here today because of a conversation I had last June when I was voting. A woman … asked me, “Do you believe in equality for gay and lesbian people?” I was pretty surprised to be asked a question like that. It made no sense to me. Finally I asked her, “What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach?”

For freedom and equality. These are the values that make America a great nation, one worth dying for.

My wife and I did not raise four sons with the idea that our gay son would be left out. We raised them all to be hard-working, proud, and loyal Americans and they all did good.

A YouTube clip of Spooner’s testimony can be found at

St Peter’s Episcopal Church Chicago, IL “Chamber Orchestra Performance” 2015

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St Peter’s Episcopal Church Chicago, IL “Chamber Orchestra Performance” April 3, 2015

Windham Chamber Singers – Shenandoah arr. Erb

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The Windham Chamber Singers singing the old folk song “Shenandoah” during their Spring 2011 tour in Presque Isle at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Conducted by Dr. Richard Nickerson.
It is being sung a capella (without accompaniament) with the choir acting as the “mountains” and the audience sitting in the middle as the “Shenandoah valleys”. It is very beautiful and if it doesn’t move you…gosh there must be something wrong.