Central Baptist Church Pretoria — SACRE TV Live Stream

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Live from Central Baptist Church Pretoria

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Columbus Neighborhoods: Architecture in Central Ohio

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On this episode of Columbus Neighborhoods, we’re taking a look at historic architecture in Columbus and Newark. Discover a 1973 photo collection documenting High Street, a historic jewel-box bank in Newark and an 1850s church that’s now a fine-dining establishment on the North Side.

Historic photos: Courtesy of Ohio History Connection, Art Institute of Chicago, Emery Photography Inc., Licking County Foundation, Licking County Library, Photohio, Rogers Krajnak Architects

CHANGE | Templo, Central | Executive News

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You can’t erase the past but you can change your future by doing good things in the present.

But what motivates a person to change?

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Oh que esperanza – Coro iglesia adventista central Indianapolis

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Una de las canciones de la cantata navideña del 2017. Síguenos en YouTube y te deseamos una feliz navidad y año nuevo de parte de los jóvenes y iglesia central Si estas en el área de Indiana te invitamos que venga a nuestra iglesia hispana ubicada en 821 Denison St. Indianapolis, IN 46241.