The International Church of Cannabis in Denver, a Community Center for Elevationist

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The International Church of Cannabis is a spiritual home for those seeking to partake of the cannabis sacrament in peace. Its mission is to offer a home to adults everywhere who are looking to create the best version of themselves by way of the sacred plant. Love… create… Elevate!

The International Church of Cannabis
400 S Logan St, Denver, CO USA 80209

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The Door Christian Center YouTube Channel Trailer (Highland, Ca)

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A quick video describing our channel and beliefs as a church. The trailer shows the viewer a quick summary of what the channel will be uploading and encourages those visiting to subscribe to the channel. This channel is to encourage the viewers so please refrain from leaving negative comments and spamming. They will be removed if out of hand. Lots of content coming so Sub, Sub, Sub.

Everything in this film was created with Royalty free content.

VIRTUAL TOUR of Alhatti Christian Resort and Retreat Center

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This video shows a 3 minute virtual tour of the beautiful, boutique style, historic Alhatti Christian Resort and Christian Retreat Center located in the San Jacinto Mountains above Palm Springs, California, off the I-10 Freeway. Call 951-309-8439 (select option 2) to schedule your TOUR today or request a QUOTE – We host private getaways, christian camps, marriage retreats, men retreats, women retreats, youth retreats, etc! we are the former film site of the hit tv series Bonanza – “The Ponderosa”.

House of Mercy Homeless Center, Janesville WI

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The House of Mercy is a 25-bed homeless center that provides homeless families throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois with short-term emergency shelter and access to housing, job placement and child care resources. Staff at the Center assist the homeless in assessing their needs, obtaining appropriate referrals and services, and designing an action plan aimed at achieving more stable housing.

How can I help?

– Volunteer your time – 8 to 12 hours per month needed.

– Call (608) 754-0045 for a “Wish List” of needed items.

– Make a financial contribution, payable to: House of Mercy, 320 Lincoln Street, Janesville, WI 53548.

– Invite us to your next gathering. House of Mercy staff will tell the “House of Mercy Story” to area service clubs, organizations and churches.

Salt Lake City Temple Square — North Visitor’s Center Tour pt 2

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We went up to the LDS Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We liked it so much we took a video. This is in the North Visitor’s Center downstairs. To see a video about the Restoration of the gospel click here:

Bay Area Entertainment Network: Easter Fun @ Fremont Hub Shopping Center

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Face Painters, Balloon Twisters, and the Easter Bunny appear at the Fremont Hub on Saturday April 5th. BAEN provides entertainers and talent for any occasion.

Angry Pro-Abortion Man – Sparks Fly near Falls Church Abortion Center

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March 26, 2016 (Holy Saturday) – Falls Church, VA. Angry, belligerent, pro-abort stops and yells at pro-lifers on public right-of-way. Loses senses and vents on pro-lifer holding a “Choose Life, We Can Help You” sign with a picture of an 8-month old baby in the womb. Near Falls Church Healthcare abortion center, 900 S. Washington Street.