Georgia churches split by slavery confront painful past

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In “CBS This Morning’s” ongoing series, A More Perfect Union, we highlight what Americans still have in common. Two neighboring Baptist churches with a complicated history are working to forge a new relationship. James Brown spoke with their pastors and congregation in Macon, Georgia, about putting their past behind them.

Dylann Roof found guilty in Charleston church massacre

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The church massacre gunman Dylann Roof could face the death penalty after being convicted of 33 federal charges. A jury of 12 found him guilty Thursday. The same group will decide next month whether the 22-year-old should be sentenced to death. This self-described white supremacist admitted to killing nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Mark Strassmann reports.

Keith Ellison – Get Money Out of Politics

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Thom Hartmann talks with Congressman Keith Ellison,
U.S. Congressman (D-MN, 5th District), about the “Get Corporate Money Out Of Politics Constitutional Amendment” he introduced in the House on Tuesday.
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New details behind Charleston church shooting emerge

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Thousands turned out for a multi-faith prayer vigil to mourn the nine people killed in South Carolina’s church massacre. As the state and residents struggle to cope in the aftermath, accused killer Dylann Roof was arraigned on several charges, including nine counts of murder. CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues reports from Charleston, South Carolina with the latest on this story.

Nine killed at Charleston church, manhunt for gunman underway

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An intense manhunt has been going on all night for a white man who entered a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday night and started shooting. The massacre killed nine people, including the church pastor, state Sen. Clementa Pinckney. Police have put out a photo of the suspect and his black four-door car. Jeff Pegues reports outside the Emanuel AME Church.

Obama: Charleston church shooting “particularly heartbreaking”

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The president spoke of Emanuel AME church’s historical role in defending the rights of African Americans in the Charleston community.

Church pastor killed in Charleston massacre was a “bridge builder,” “family man”

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Rev. Dr. Norvel Goff is a presiding elder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina. He helps oversee Emanuel AME Church where pastor and state Sen. Clementa Pinckney and eight others were killed. Goff joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss how the community is coping with the news of violence.

Arrests after white supremacist talks at Texas A&M University

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A speech at Texas A&M by the leader of a white nationalist organization brought out hundreds of protesters Tuesday night. The students held signs and chanted as they gathered outside the campus building, where Richard Spencer was speaking. Spencer gained attention during the presidential campaign after a video showed him celebrating the election results, declaring “hail Trump.” Anna Werner reports.

Stephen Colbert discusses the Charleston church shooting

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“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert tells “Face the Nation” about his reaction to this year’s deadly shooting at an historic black church in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Suspect identified in Charleston church mass shooting

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Law enforcement sources tell CBS News that the suspect in the shooting at Emanuel AME Church is Dylann Storm Roof. Roof is accused of killing nine people inside the church and is still on the run. Police released photos of Roof and the car he may be driving. Jeff Pegues reports from Charleston, South Carolina.

Obama heads to Charleston as church shooting victims’ funerals begin

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The funeral for state Sen. Clementa Pinckney, the pastor of Emanuel AME Church, begins Friday morning. He and eight others were killed in last week’s mass shooting at the historic black church. Hundreds of people gathered Thursday to say goodbye to victims Ethel Lance and Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. Michelle Miller reports outside the TD Arena in Charleston, where President Obama will give a eulogy for Pinckney.

Aretha Franklin revisits church and childhood home in Detroit

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The family of Aretha Franklin continues to plan memorial events following the legendary singer’s death on Thursday at the age of 76. Back in 2011 for “CBS Sunday Morning,” Anthony Mason had the chance to visit the church that sowed Franklin’s roots with the Queen of Soul herself.

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Ex-member exposes secrets of New York church after deadly beating

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Nathan Ames is opening up about the 13 years he spent at the secretive Word of Life Christian Church in New Hartford, New York. The church is now at the center of a murder investigation after two brothers were beaten last month, during what police describe as a so-called “counseling session.” Don Dahler reports.