Haunted Catholic Cemetery

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Tonight we are in Savannah Georgia visiting the Catholic cemetery in a is big and beautiful. I’m joined with Patty, Heather, and Sarah

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Abandoned Exploration Saint Agnes Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio (The Church) Video 1

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Saint Agnes was a former Catholic Church located in the Southern Dayton View Neighborhood which has been abandoned for a long time now. This is the church

How St. Mary’s Catholic Church engaged its diverse parishioners with Glory & Praise

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In this video, Alice, a volunteer-choir director at St. Mary’s Catholic Parish in Alaska, explains why she chose OCP hymnal Glory & Praise, Third Edition to engage her diverse community.

Nestled among the rugged forest, mountains and glaciers of Kodiak Island, St. Mary’s is faith home to some 500 families. Many are migrants who come from around the world to work in the bustling fishing and canning industry, and every weekend they unite to give thanks to God.

Over the past few years, St. Mary’s 20-year-old hymnals had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. Ultimately, Alice chose Glory & Praise, Third Edition for its familiar songs, volume of music in Tagalog and Spanish, and variety of Mass settings.

Catholic Mass on YouTube | Daily TV Mass (Sunday, October 14)

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Daily TV Mass – Sunday, October 14, 2018
» Father Thomas Lynch

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Old Catholic Church | Wikipedia audio article

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This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:
Old Catholic Church

00:02:11 1 Beliefs
00:02:59 2 History
00:03:08 2.1 Pre-reformation diocese and archdiocese of Utrecht
00:04:49 2.2 Overview: three stages of separation from Roman Catholicism
00:05:46 2.2.1 Post-reformation Netherlands: first stage
00:11:01 2.2.2 Impact of the First Vatican Council: second stage
00:12:58 2.2.3 United States: third stage
00:15:33 Polish National Catholic Church
00:16:40 2.2.4 Old Catholic Church of Slovakia
00:17:17 2.3 Recent American attempts at unity
00:17:44 2.3.1 Old Catholic Communion of North America
00:19:38 2.3.2 Conference of North American Old Catholic Bishops
00:21:49 2.3.3 Old Catholic Church, Province of the United States
00:22:44 2.4 Numbers
00:22:59 3 Ecumenism
00:24:45 4 Apostolic succession
00:25:24 5 Liturgy
00:27:47 6 See also
00:27:57 6.1 Churches
00:28:14 6.2 Movements
00:28:39 6.3 People

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– Socrates

The term Old Catholic Church was used from the 1850s by groups which had separated from the Roman Catholic Church over certain doctrines, primarily concerned with papal authority; some of these groups, especially in the Netherlands, had already existed long before the term. These churches are not in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Member churches of the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches (UU) are in full communion with the Anglican Communion, and some are members of the World Council of Churches.The formation of the Old Catholic communion of Germans, Austrians and Swiss began in 1870 at a public meeting held in Nuremberg under the leadership of Ignaz von Döllinger, following the First Vatican Council. Four years later, episcopal succession was established with the consecration of an Old Catholic German bishop by a prelate of the Church of Utrecht. In line with the “Declaration of Utrecht” of 1889, adherents accept the first seven ecumenical councils and doctrine formulated before the East–West Schism of 1054, but reject communion with the pope and a number of other Catholic doctrines and practices. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church notes that since 1925, they have recognized Anglican ordinations, that they have had full communion with the Church of England since 1932 and have taken part in the ordination of Anglican bishops. According to the principle of Ex opere operato, ordinations out of communion with Rome are still valid, and for this reason the validity of orders of Old Catholic bishops has never been formally questioned by Rome, although not any female priests.The term “Old Catholic” was first used in 1853 to describe the members of the See of Utrecht who did not recognize any infallible papal authority. Later Catholics who disagreed with the Roman Catholic dogma of papal infallibility as defined by the First Vatican Council (1870) were hereafter without a bishop and joined with Utrecht to form the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches (UU). Today these Old Catholic churches are found chiefly in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Czechia. Union of Utrecht Old Catholic churches are not generally found outside of Western Europe.

New Catholic Bishop

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Incoming Columbus Bishop Robert Brennan introduced himself to the Columbus media Thursday morning with a few jokes, then addressed what will be on his agenda: releasing the list of priests’ names who are involved in the sex abuse scandal rocking the church. Retiring Bishop Frederick Campbell also talked about the list.


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HOLY MASS – JUNE 30, 3013





Please let me let you touch me, in this your holy place
Where you have come to be with me, to bless me with your grace

In the journey that I’m making, you offer me a sign
It is Christ himself incarnate, who gives me love divine

In the simple world I live in, when I don’t know that to do
In the holy place that you have built, I can always turn to you

The holy men that you have chosen, help me now come to see
That though I’m lost and wounded, with love you’re calling me

You are my holy Shepherd, and I so beg of you today
Be with me in my darkest hour, when I have lost my way

Help me believe you are my Father, that you really care for me
When I stumble and betray you, when it’s only me I see

Make me a part of your mystic body, the church in which you live
Together with your Blessed Mother, may I my adoration give

Help me be one with all my brothers, as you are one with me
In your gracious love that has no end, I pray that I may be

For the countless days and nights, that have come to make the hundred years
For your sacred love and mercy, that has calmed our doubts and fears

May we be forever grateful and do what we must do
To show your presence in our lives, as we make our way to you

© James G. Espinosa Sr. 2013

Illinois Catholic Bishops oppose marijuana legalization

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Illinois` Roman Catholic bishops have taken a stand against legalizing recreational use of marijuana. The six bishops issued a statement Monday that they oppose legalization because they are “committed to the common good.”

Little Rock Catholic Study Bible

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Open the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible and feel at home with the Word of God. Through accessibly written information and engaging visuals that highlight and clarify significant areas of Scripture, readers will easily gain an understanding of these ancient texts that can be carried into today’s world. Using the authorized translation in the New American Bible Revised Edition, this lasting volume is ideal for both personal use and group Bible study.

The valuable information in the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible is offered in small notes and inserts that accompany the Bible texts as well as in expanded essays, articles, and graphics. Key symbols help readers quickly identify the type of information they need, such as explanations, definitions, dates, character and author profiles, archaeological insights, personal prayer starters, and insights connecting Scripture and its use in today’s church. Colorful maps, timelines, photographs, and charts further enhance the study experience. Longer articles are dedicated to explaining study Bible fundamentals, the Catholic Church’s use of the Bible, and the people and places of the biblical world.