2018 KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl Class 5A Championship – South Warren vs Covington Catholic

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The 2018 Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl Class 5A State Championship was held Sunday, December 2, 2018 at Kroger Field on the Campus of the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, Kentucky.

The is the full matchup between South Warren and Covington Catholic High Schools.

The Roman Catholic Church in Bible Prophecy – Frank Abel

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The Roman Catholic Church rules like an Empire. Historians say that the Church is more Roman than it is Christian. This talk is sounding the alarm! It is critical that you examine carefully Bible evidence.

The Church has redefined doctrine, claiming Church Councils have the authority to set religious teaching. Everything about the church runs counter to the teaching of Jesus Christ.
Frank Abel Speaking at Christchurch Prophecy Day 2015
Thr Roman Catholic Church in Bible Prophecy – Frank Abel
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Bible Truth & Prophecy is a remarkable on-line tool for establishing just how far removed from the teachings of the Bible mainstream Christian teaching has become.

End Time Prophecies are interpreted using the Bible, not man made ideas or notions.
Key Biblical subjects such as the Trinity, Devil/Satan worship, Holy Spirit Gifts & much more are all dealt with extensively from the Bible’s viewpoint and not man’s.We will demonstrate how Christian beliefs have become corrupted, and reveal the ‘Truth’ as taught by the 1st Century Apostles.

St James The Less Roman Catholic Church Groundbreaking Ceremony Perris ca

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After 25 years of fund-raising, the Catholic community of St. James in Perris has finally broken ground on a much-needed new church building. We’re one step closer, but we still need your financial support to finish our new church. Please share this video, and to make a donation, call 951-657-2380. God Bless You.
Después de 25 años de recaudación de fondos, la comunidad católica de St. James en Perris finalmente ha comenzado un nuevo edificio de la iglesia. Estamos un paso más cerca, pero todavía necesitamos su apoyo financiero para terminar nuestra nueva iglesia. Por favor, comparta este video, y para hacer una donación, llame al 951-657-2380. Dios te bendiga.

St. Austin Catholic Church Remodels

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Among the ever-changing face of the Drag, St. Austin Catholic Church has been the same since the 50s, but after some safety concerns, the parish now wants to remodel its façade. Rachel Steinkamp reports on how this historic church is changing with the times.

Made for Texas Newswatch March 2015.

Catholic Church and slavery | Wikipedia audio article

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This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:
Catholic Church and slavery

00:04:56 1 Catholic teaching
00:05:43 1.1 Development
00:06:20 1.2 Definitions
00:10:23 1.3 Slavery in the New Testament
00:13:15 1.4 Early Christianity
00:16:50 1.5 Augustine
00:17:51 1.6 Pope Gregory I
00:19:17 1.7 Thomas Aquinas
00:21:48 2 Early Christianity
00:25:36 3 Medieval period
00:31:05 4 Helping and freeing slaves
00:34:24 4.1 Wars against Muslims
00:35:47 4.2 Slavery incorporated into canon law
00:37:22 5 Revival of slavery in the Early Modern Period
00:38:45 5.1 Before Columbus
00:45:14 5.2 Spanish New World
00:49:42 5.3 Requerimiento
00:51:04 6 16th century
00:51:14 6.1 Slavery in Europe
00:53:07 6.2 Sublimis Deus
00:57:29 7 17th century
00:58:21 8 18th century
00:58:55 9 The movement towards abolition of slavery
01:02:00 9.1 iIn supremo apostolatus/i
01:04:36 9.2 Pope Leo XIII
01:06:16 9.3 United States
01:11:59 9.4 Concerning Ethiopians
01:13:53 9.5 Brazil
01:14:37 10 20th century and 21st century
01:17:14 11 Did Church teaching on slavery change?
01:24:53 12 See also

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– Socrates

The issue of slavery was one that was historically treated with concern by the Catholic Church. Throughout most of human history, slavery has been practiced and accepted by many cultures and religions around the world. Certain passages in the Old Testament sanctioned forms of slavery. The New Testament taught slaves to obey their masters, but this was not an endorsement of slavery, but an appeal to Christian slaves to honor their masters and accept their suffering for Christ’s sake, in imitation of him. In proclaiming baptism for all, the Church recognized that all men were fundamentally equal. After the legalisation of Christianity under the Roman Empire, there was a growing sentiment that many kinds of slavery were not compatible with Christian conceptions of charity and justice; some argued against all forms of slavery while others, including the influential Thomas Aquinas, argued the case for penal slavery subject to certain restrictions. The Christian west did succeed in almost entirely enforcing that a free Christian could not be enslaved, for example when a captive in war, but this itself was subject to continual improvement and was not consistently applied throughout history. The Middle Ages also witnessed the emergence of orders of monks such as the Mercedarians who were founded for the purpose of ransoming Christian slaves. By the end of the Medieval period, enslavement of Christians had been largely abolished throughout Europe although enslavement of non-Christians remained permissible, and had seen a revival in Spain and Portugal.
Although some Catholic clergy, religious orders and Popes owned slaves, and the naval galleys of the Papal States were to use captured Muslim galley slaves, Roman Catholic teaching began to turn more strongly against “unjust” forms of slavery in general, beginning in 1435, prohibiting the enslavement of the recently baptised, culminating in condemnation of the enslavement of indigenous peoples by Pope Paul III in 1537. However, when the Age of Discovery greatly increased the number of slaves owned by Christians, the response of the clergy, under strong political pressures, was confused and ineffective in preventing the establishment of slave societies in the colonies of Catholic countries. Earlier Papal bulls such as Pope Nicholas V’s 1452 Dum Diversas, or Romanus Pontifex from 1454, permitting the “perpetual servitude” of saracens and pagans in Africa, were used to justify enslavement of natives and the appropriation of their lands during this era.The depopulation of the Americas, and consequently the shortage of slaves, that came about through diseases allegedly brought over by the Europeans, and the harsh treatment of the native populations, inspired increasing debate during the 16th century over the morality of slavery. The first extensive shipment of black Africans to make good the shortage of native slaves, what would lat …

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church

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Los Angeles Videographer Nathan Prince based in Huntington Beach presents the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Wilmington, Ca as a captivating venue. As one of the oldest parishes in Los Angeles, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church makes for a beautiful wedding location shown here by Nathan Prince of PrinceWeddings.net

Saint Sebastian Independent Catholic Community 10th Anniversary Service on 9/16/12

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Celebrating our 10th anniversary. Meet our Pastor and parishioners. We worship in Baltimore, MD. Check us out on Facebook at St. Sebastian Independent Catholic Community or www.saintsebastiancatholic.com

Pittsburgh’s Heart Still Beats Catholic – SSPX Renovates Historic St James

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– In this video, we tell a real-life story illustrating how Catholic Tradition is the only possible future for the Catholic Church. The story takes place in Pittsburgh so a brief history is given of the Catholic Church in the Steel City. Sadly, the diocese of Pittsburgh has seen many church closings and parish mergers in her recent years. One such church that was closed in 2004 was St. James Catholic Church in the West End.

The story is about how St. James was brought back to life in 2015. Its resurrection was only possible through Catholics who have remained faithful to the Church’s Tradition. The video also gives a brief description of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) which has championed Catholic Tradition worldwide and especially in Pittsburgh through the restoration of St. James’s Church.

We hope to open the eyes of all Catholics to the reality of the situation in the Catholic Church and give them hope through this story. The video is especially intended for all Catholic individuals and families in Pittsburgh who want to remain faithful and perhaps are struggling to do so in their current parish. The video is also intended for those who have abandoned the Catholic Church, not knowing that Tradition is still alive in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in the world.

Above all, it is a call to arms for all Catholics, especially in Pittsburgh, to stop the revolution that is taking place in the Church’s liturgy, doctrine, morals, and cultural life. This alone is the goal of the SSPX and St. James’s Church. We hope that many more souls will be a part of it and join us in this work.

St. James Catholic Church
326 South Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
[email protected]

For more information, please visit sspx.org A website will soon be dedicated to St. James Church at sspx.org

Mass times for St. James:
Sunday – 9:00 a.m.
First Friday – 7:00 p.m.
First Saturday – 9:00 a.m.
All other Saturdays – 6:00 p.m.
Confessions begin at least 45 minutes prior to each Mass.

Beautiful Monarke organ for the Mary Queen Catholic Church, Friendswood, TX.

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At the end of 2011 a committee of the Mary Queen Catholic Church from Friendswood (TX) visited the Johannus headquarters in Ede to discuss the final specifications of the 4-manual Monarke organ for their new church.

Since the charter, parishioners of the parish have now grown to more than 2,000 families and households. A renewed vision for Mary Queen parish includes a newly constructed church, parish center and gym, rectory, renovated former church, and a current retreat-house-residence.

This pastoral vision is entitled “The Master’s Plan: Witness and Welcome in Gospel Love.” The new rectory has been completed since November of 2008. Construction of the new church began in the fall of 2010.

The church seating capacity is planned for over 1600 parishioners with a chapel that will hold 200 worshippers. The grounds will envision a small shrine to Our Lady of La Salette and several prayer gardens.

Part of of this vision also includes a new organ for the church. After a thorough selection process the Johannus company was chosen to build the new custom instrument. The 105 rank Monarke organ has 4 manuals and a floating resonance pipe division.

The organ and console are based on the 19th century French symphonic Cavaillé-Coll style. The sound of the organ will be prefectly distributed by its 60 audio channels and high quality loudspeaker cabinets.

For more Johannus organ videos please go to www.johannus.com

Bizet – Carmen Suite played by Todd Wilson on organ in Brooklyn Catholic Church

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Todd Wilson plays an organ transcription written by Edwin Lemare on famous themes from Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen on the restored Kilgen Organ at Our Lady of Refuge. A Catholic Church in Brooklyn. (Recorded Live and with no edits – this is one straight performance)

Todd Wilson is head of the Organ Department at The Cleveland Institute of Music and Curator of the Skinner Organ at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also Director of Music and Worship at Cleveland’s Trinity Cathedral, and House Organist for the newly-restored Aeolian organ at the Stan Hywet Home and Gardens, Akron, Ohio. More information on Todd Wilson:

The pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge Church, Brooklyn was installed when the church was built in 1933. Over the years it deteriorated until it became unplayable. It was this instrument that in the early 1970s planted the seeds of Joe Vitacco to start JAV Recordings. This Kilgen Organ was indirectly responsible for over 100 pipe organs being recorded all over the United States and Europe. In 2006 Joe Vitacco returned to the church to find it unplayable. The restoration work was carried out by Quimby Pipe Organs and A.R. Schopp’s Sons.

For 10 years Joe Vitacco worked as a volunteer with the staff and the clergy at the church to over see raising over $250,000 and overseeing the organs restoration. On October 18, 2013 the organ was dedicated by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and Olivier Latry. The funds for this restoration mainly came from outside of Brooklyn.

The restoration was paid for by people from around the world who just love pipe organs, most of the donors have never been to Brooklyn. These videos are for them. Learn more about the pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge in Brooklyn:

In 2016 Joe Vitacco resigned from all volunteer activity at Our Lady of Refuge and now lives in Washington DC.