The Rebuilt Message Series: Church of the Nativity Story | Rebuilt Parish

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This video recording of Fr. Michael White’s 2013 homily just before the launch of the book Rebuilt, reveals the story of how Church of the Nativity realized they needed to change the way they were doing things. It is the story of stopping everything, asking the WHY question, and then starting over.

Fr. Michael recounts the story of “Family Friendly Fridays.” It was at that event that Fr. White came to a realization of the deep impact of consumerism on the parishioners at Nativity.

Michael and his associate, Tom Corcoran, worked very hard providing more and more programs. The faster they ran, however, the more the demand rose. They found that the people in their parish were demanding consumers. They created consumers who became super-consumers.

What is the “WHY” of their parish? What is the mission of the Church? The why of their parish is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Christ gave us all a why; he said “Go, make disciples” (Mt. 28:19). The focus of everything they do, every ministry, is forming disciples.

The gravitational pull is always towards consumerism. Churches have become comortable consumer exchanges for the convinced. For this reason, they become irrelevant. As a Catholic Church, we have become irrelevant. When we make church all about us, and our comfort, then we make mass irrelevant. If parish life becomes about us, then we will never form new disciples.

Go, make Church matter to Catholics.

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Fr Hector Farewell Mass @ St. Philip the Apostle

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The final hymn sung at one of Fr. Hector Lopez’ last Masses he celebrated at St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church here in Bakersfield, CA. He was an associate pastor till the summer of 2014 when he was assigned to a parish in nearby Lemoore. Among the celebrants are: Monsignor Raul Sanchez, Deacon John Mosma and a visiting priest I don’t remember.

St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois Inaugural Chamber Music Series

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St.Ohilip Neri Catholic Church, Inaugural Chamber Music Series, September 7, 2014, Father Thomas Belanger, Host Pastor, Mr. Tyrone Pittman, Music Director. Robert Fisher Artistic Director/Principal Musician and The Chicago Black Catholic Choir.
The CBC Choir is comprised of both Catholic and non-Catholic Christian singers. The Choir’s mission is to evangelize through song while preserving the rich musical gifts of prolific Black writers. The Choir’s repertoire includes an array of choral and other genres of music.
The CBC Choir has been ordained to sing God’s Praises. Our members come from churches in the Chicago land area, and the surrounding suburbs. We are a Catholic based choir who embraces all Christian faiths to join us in our mission to serve God’s Church. Our doors are open to anyone who has the desire to praise the name of Jesus.
Saint Philip Neri:

Saint Anne Catholic Church Rite of Dedication

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Rite of Dedication Of Our New Church, February 6, 2016. Saint Anne Catholic Church, Richmond Hill, GA.

Tom Petty: “No One’s Got Christ More Wrong Than The Christians”

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Veteran rocker Tom Petty isn’t pulling any punches with his new song “Playing Dumb.”

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Petty said that he wrote the song about the decades of child sex abuse in the Catholic church and the elaborate lengths that priests and their leaders have gone to cover up the crimes.

“I’m fine with whatever religion you want to have,” Petty said, “but it can’t tell anybody it’s OK to kill people, and it can’t abuse children systematically for God knows how many years.”

Petty went on to say that he doesn’t understand why people continue to donate to the church, which has paid out millions of dollars in legal settlements to the victims of child-molesting priests.

“If I was in a club, and I found out that there had been generations of people abusing children, and then that club was covering that up, I would quit the club. And I wouldn’t give them any more money,” he said.

“Religion seems to me to be at the base of all wars,” said the Florida-born singer and guitarist. “I’ve nothing against defending yourself, but I don’t think, spiritually speaking, that there’s any conception of God that should be telling you to be violent. It seems to me that no one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians.”

Petty’s career has spanned more than 30 years, spawning multiple gold and platinum records, including the hit singles “Refugee,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Won’t Back Down.” He has performed as a solo artist, with his band the Heartbreakers and as a member of the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys alongside rock legend Roy Orbison, ELO founder Jeff Lynne and George Harrison of the Beatles.

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Neighbors complain of excessive noise from Catholic church

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Listening to free entertainment courtesy of St. Anne Catholic Church on Maryland Parkway was anything but music to Therese Pelligrini’s ears.

Abuse Documentary: The Shame of the Catholic Church | Retro Report | The New York Times

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Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has been making headlines for years. Some priests have been punished, but what about the bishops who shielded them?

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Abuse Documentary: The Shame of the Catholic Church | Retro Report | The New York Times

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez CSB – Las Cruces, NM

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Bill O’Donnell, producer of Spirituality TV, interviews Bishop Ricardo Ramirez.


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Here is an example of the El Paso City Government’s attacks on all churches. This attack here is by representative Beto O’rourke against the Catholic Church, the Pope and Father Michael Rodriguez. The attacks have been relentless. Beto’s attack was made while he was a lame duck. He choose this occasion to make the remarks. The following week, Elizabeth Branham, a Catholic, while making a permitted comment to defend the Catholic Church, was cutoff during her alotted time by Mayor Cook. He in a rage told her to take her freedom of speech outside. Within a month one of his comrades, Representative Rachel Quintana, was found guilty and sentenced for forgery. Most El Paso citizens are now asking for the recalls of the extremely liberal progressives John Cook, Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega. Their egoism is without bound. Their spending of other people’s money is out of control. It is said that they have doubled the city’s debt in just 5 years to 1.3 billion dollars.

Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, Mass 6-29-2014

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The Reverend Andrew C. Smith, Jr., aka Father Drew the Pastor of Holy Angels Catholic Church, presides over the Mass conducted at Holy Angels Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois, on the fifth anniversary of his ordination as a Roman Catholic priest, June 29, 2014. An African American Roman Catholic Church with Deacon Bruce McElrath, Deacon Mervin O Johnson, Mr Tyrone Pittman Minister of Music and Executive Director of Music of the Chicago Black Catholic Choir along with the parishioners of Holy Angels Catholic Church. Featuring guest vocalist, Robin Watson former member of Holy Angels Catholic Church and current member of Saint Malachy and The Chicago Black Catholic Choir with her husband (Deacon) Rev Mr. Dexter Watson.

Guest Photograph: Rosa Parks

Videographers.: Christine Bowden and Gregory Callaway, Photographer: Gregory Callaway, Webmaster: Rex Djere
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Corpus Christi Mass & Procession 2018

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The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for “Body of Christ”) is a solemnity celebrating the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in the Eucharist. Corpus Christi emphasises the joy of the Eucharist being the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

At the end of Holy Mass, there is often a procession of the Blessed Sacrament. The procession is followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

LIVESTREAM on 03 Jun 2018 at 5.30pm
From the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

Staff and volunteers of the hosting parish, staff and volunteers (VITA) of ArchProductions, and the Communications Office, Archbishop’s Office, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

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• Facebook – Archdiocese :
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LIVE broadcasts of Masses via the Internet help Catholics to pray and is especially useful with those who are homebound, sick or cannot attend Mass for valid reasons.
“… those who hear or view these broadcasts should be aware that, under normal circumstances, they do not fulfill the obligation of attending Mass. Visual images can represent reality, but they do not actually reproduce it.(177) While it is most praiseworthy that the elderly and the sick participate in Sunday Mass through radio and television, the same cannot be said of those who think that such broadcasts dispense them from going to church and sharing in the eucharistic assembly in the living Church.” (57. SACRAMENTUM CARITATIS. Pope BENEDICT XVI)

Corpus Christi Procession @ Holy Innocents Church, NYC. 2015

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The annual feast of Corpus Christi Procession @ Holy Innocents Church, New York City. Thursday, June 4th 2015.


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Thought we were late for the first Sunday mass (9AM Eastern Time), but turned out we were an hour early. LOL. Oh well, it was good then. Was able to take some videos and photos of the beautiful church.

Saints Peter and Paul Basilica is a historic Roman Catholic church at 214 E. 8th Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was founded in January 1852. It was raised to a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI and inaugurated by Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville on October 22, 2011.