Dolbadarn Castle – Llanberis – DJI Mavic Pro 4K Footage Matthew Way

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Continuation of the winter in Wales series I did before Christmas.
Dolbadarn castle is a welsh fortification built in the 13th century

This is a beautiful area of Wales and I hope that one day you visit too!

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Real Haunted Castle Hidden In the Hills of East Tennessee

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The Greenback Castle is such a unique place to visit so i encourage you to come here with your family.

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Pine Castle UMC – Joel Grantham Jan. 25,2015

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Pastor Scott invites Pastor Joel Grantham of Mobile, Alabama to minister at Pine Castle United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida. Pastor Joel adds to Pastor Scott’s sermon series “Seeing The Spirit At Work In Your Life”

Pastor Joel Grantham: “7 Revelations of the Holy Spirit”

4k UHD 20.05.2017 Gen.6 Mustang meeting Luxembourg Joyride Cruchten – Vianden

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A nice ride with Generation 6 Mustangs from Europe that met in Luxembourg. Start in Cruchten, arrival at a stop near Vianden Castle

Beach Castle Condo in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Presented by Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty

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Magnificent, expansive, panoramic view of the Chesapeake Bay! Imagine living in this beautiful penthouse condo that covers an entire 3rd of the building w/ extraordinary views from every window. Features a high open liv. rm, stunning master w/ vaulted ceiling, spa bath, & wrap around deck. WOW!

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Austin Nevada – Part 2 “The Way It Was Grand Tour”

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It all started in 1862 when a pony express ride by the name of W.H. Talcott’s horse kicked up a rock at the mouth of pony canyon which turned out to be high grade silver and gold ore. This led to a silver rush by the time the mid 1860s rolled around this town boasted a lumber mill, saloons, brothels, assay office, banks, hospital, hotels, telegraph station, four hundred houses and at least 10k residents. Although floods, fires and elements have erased a large portion of this living ghost town what does remain are some of the finest structures in the wild west such as its frontier churches. Austin held the Lander County seat for many decades it also brought millions of dollars in silver revenue and for a short time hosted the Nevada Central Railroad. This was a town that boasted the good, bad and the ugly everything from epidemics to axe yielding men and frontier justice. Austin not only has one of the oldest saloons/hotels in the state but one of the last Greek revival court houses in the nation and one of the oldest operating Nevadan newspapers that still exist today. Today life has slowed down in Austin to about 200 residents. Many shops thrive on tourism and the sale of there jewelry. Life in this canyon dates back to 3,500 years ago when the Shoshone used Pony Canyon to hunt and sustain themselves. We welcome you to journey with us as I take our friends and viewers to the way it was!

Castle City – ghost town

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– Skyworks were privileged to be able to film over 60 hours of aerial footage from Montana and Wyoming in 2012. The ghost town of Castle City in Montana is a truly spectacular example of ghost towns – and filmed from the air, it looks quite eerie… we’ve given it a bit of a treatment to show how our aerial footage can be put to work. For more examples of our aerial video footage – all in full HD – go to

Haunting History of : Baranof Castle State Historic Site, Sitka, Alaska.

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Castle Hill also known as the American Flag-Raising Site and now as the Baranof Castle State Historic Site, is a National Historic Landmark and state park in Sitka, Alaska.

Many people forget that Alaska was once a Russian territory before being transferred to American possession in the 19th century. Though no structures from that period are standing, one historic site in Sitka holds the foundation of the ancient Baranof Castle, the home of Russian royalty who kept watch over their impressive lands after wresting them from native Tlingit tribesmen. When the United States’ purchase of the territory was finalized at Baranof Castle, the family in residence sailed away from their stately home.

Soon after the family’s departure, newspapers began to report the presence of a ghost – a beautiful and doomed Russian Princess haunting the site. Decked in a black robe of mourning and opulent jewels, the princess drifted through the castle during the night, sadly bemoaning her fate. Rumors and even news reports circulated that the princess had killed herself on her wedding night in order to avoid an arranged marriage with a man who was not her true love. Today, “Castle Hill” State Historic Site is a great place to catch a glimpse the ethereal Lady in Black.
But the account was not a true story according to John Alexander who published a novel in 1911 called The Lady in Blue, a Sitka Romance. According to him, the tale of the Baranof castle ghost came earlier than 1840, and the ghost was the beautiful daughter of a manager for the Russian-American Fur Company. She killed herself in the glass-enclosed cupola in the observation tower on the castle roof.

The story has been told by many at different times and is one of the romantic tales that cluster around the old metropolis of the fur trading days. Her lover was sent away or killed through the influence of an ober offitzer who sought her hand in marriage. Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, who wrote so delightfully of Sitka in her journeys in Alaska in 1883, says that, “By tradition the Lady in Black was the daughter of one of the old governors. On her wedding night she disappeared from the ballroom in the midst of the festivities, and after a long search was found dead in one of the small drawing rooms” (Andrews, 1922, p60).
Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the area, Castle Hill was occupied by families of the Kiksadi clan of Tlingits. Alexander Baranov, a leading figure in the Russian-American Company, arrived in the Sitka area in 1795, and sought to establish a trading post on the hill. He ended up establishing Redoubt St. Archangel Michael several miles away in 1799; this trading post was destroyed by the Tlingit in 1802. Baranov returned to Sitka in force in 1804, seized Castle Hill, from which the outnumbered Tlingit had withdrawn. After the six-day Battle of Sitka, the Tlingit formally ceded Castle Hill to the Russians.
In 1806 the Russians transferred the headquarters of the Russian-American Company and the seat of government of Russian Alaska to Sitka, and Castle Hill was the focal point of the company and government facilities until 1867. They destroyed the Tlingit houses on the hill, and built a succession of structures on the hill’s summit. The last of these, a two story brick building with a cupola on top known as the Governor’s House, was built in 1836 and was destroyed by fire in 1894.
In 1867, after the Alaska Purchase was negotiated, Russian Alaska was formally transferred to the United States in a ceremony held on Castle Hill. The Russian-built Governor’s House was occupied by United States Army commanders until 1877, and remained a center of US government administration until the building burned. In 1898 the hill was transferred to the United States Department of Agriculture, which built a structure on the hill which served as its Alaska headquarters until 1932. This building was then used for a variety of commercial purposes before it was demolished in 1955. The site was then designated a territorial park

Castle Dome Ghost Town – Yuma Arizona

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These ghost town buildings are the remains of a much larger town once housing 3000 people. The Castle dome mining district had roughly 300 mines mining silver and lead. But today it’s a museum with artifacts discovered in many of its mines. You have to drive through the Yuma proving grounds on a dirt road to get here. It’s about an hour northeast of Yuma, Arizona. It has old bars, a church, barbershop, hotel, bunk house, cemetery. There are about fifty buildings in total and you’ll need about two hours to see everything. There are thousands of mining era artifacts and it’s worth the trip.

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San Diego LDS (Mormon) Temple

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Majestic aerial views of the San Diego LDS temple in San Diego, California.

Shot 100% on the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition with the DJI Phantom 2, Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal, ImmersionRC Tx, and Black Pearl Monitor… all quite epic.

Song: Dreaming by Jurrivh

Shot in 2.7K at 24fps and edited in Final Cut Pro X