Driver rescued from burning car in Palmdale

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies Zachary Marshall, Jeremy Carlisle and Jonathan Schnereger, and good Samaritan David Perez, are credited with rescuing a 28-year-old man who was stuck in his burning car after it crashed into a wall outside a home in Palmdale on Thursday, May 12.

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Video: Ed Frommer

Church Street Railroad Crossing, Huntsville, AL Times Out & Gate hits Car

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Hadn’t really intended for this video to be a crossing video, so I’m not gonna put any crossing info in the description (check the next video that I’m about to upload if you want to see what this crossing has, or look at the link below). I had been expecting NS A81 to just pass through the crossing, but didn’t expect them to stop. However, due to them stopping, I was able to quickly turn around and get set-up to record this crossing. In fact, I likely wouldn’t’ve even uploaded this video had had I not recorded the gate landing on the guy’s car at the beginning.

Family inherits world-record classic car collection

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A millionaire leaves his kids 3,000 classic cars. They must decide what to do with them – while honoring their dad’s legacy.
Watch Jamie Colby talk about Auto, Estate Planning, Lifestyle Budget, and Retirement on Strange Inheritance.

#7 Sticky Fingers, Chattanooga, TN – GRILLA GRILLS BBQ WARS TOUR 2017

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#7 Sticky Fingers – Chattanooga, TN (final score 75/100)
Baked Beans:6
Mac & Cheese:6
Grand Total:68/100

Baked Beans:7
Mac & Cheese:7
Grand Total:80/100

Baked Beans:8
Mac & Cheese:7
Grand Total:78/100

Driving Into Clarksville

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This all-new production features recent digital video shot entirely with a Jazz DVZ 100 Digital Video Camera.

This was recorded on Thursday, September 2, 2010 while visiting family and friends in Tennessee:

Traveling from White House, Tennessee on my way to visit friends in Clarksville, I leave I-24 at Exit 11 in Montgomery County. I had previously prepared by placing the cam-corder up on the dash of my car to shoot through the windshield as I drive.

In this video, I capture the mid-day drive in Clarksville traveling towards downtown as seen from the driver’s point of view. You’ll travel along as I pull out on Madison Street and travel to Crossland Avenue, turning onto Talley Drive and finally onto Clark Street and to the home of my waiting friends.

The time-lapse effect was accomplished by recording in normal speed and then speeding the film to approximately 4 times the normal speed.

The original music is performed by Kevin MacLeod and it is provided royalty free from

The raw video was edited with Vegas 8. The credits were created with Windows Movie Maker.

Thank you for viewing.

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Used Car Donation : How to Donate a Car to Charity

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When donating a car to charity, make sure the charity is legitimate by ensuring that at least 75 percent of the proceeds from the car go to actual charity funding. Provide information on the car for a tax receipt and transfer the title to the charity with tips from an employee of the National Kidney Foundation in this free video on used car donation.

Expert: Luz Luis
Bio: Luz Luis has worked for the National Kidney Foundation since 1991.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

NZ Kiwi Road’s Dashcam’d #3 Taupo Bypass Bridge

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This is the third edition of Kiwi Road’s Dashcam’d.

Featuring some nice drives I’ve found.

This is a trip through over the new’ish Taupo Bypass Bridge heading south. And a large portion of the bypass road.

Entry is at the intersection of SH1 & SH5 to Rotorua. Exit is at the intersection of the Taupo to Napier highway

More will be added, at random intervals.

Used Car Donation : How to Donate a Car to Habitat for Humanity

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To donate a car to Habitat for Humanity, look on, find the title of the car and fill out information for a tax receipt. Help Habitat for Humanity build affordable housing by donating a car for funding with advice from an employee of the National Kidney Foundation in this free video on used car donation.

Expert: Luz Luis
Bio: Luz Luis has worked for the National Kidney Foundation since 1991.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton