Slide Rock & Cliff jump, Sedona Arizona with underwater camera

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Slide Rock State Park is a state park of Arizona, USA, taking its name from a natural water slide formed by the slippery bed of Oak Creek. The park is located in Oak Creek Canyon 7 miles (11 km) north of Sedona. Slide Rock State Park is located on Coconino National Forest land and is co-managed by the Arizona State Parks agency and the U.S. Forest Service. Tall red rock formations that are typical of the region also surround the park, which contains a 43-acre (17 ha) working apple farm.
The land was first developed by Frank L. Pendley, who arrived in the canyon in 1907 and acquired title to the land under the Homestead Act in 1910. Pendley developed an irrigation system (which is still in use today) and planted an apple orchard in 1912. The state completed a road through the canyon in 1914, and Pendley built rustic tourist cabins in 1933 that in part survive today. Several films were shot in the area: Angel and the Badman (1946), Broken Arrow (1950), Drum Beat (1954), and Gun Fury (1953).
The park was purchased by Arizona State Parks from the Arizona Parklands Foundation on July 10, 1985, and dedicated as Slide Rock State Park in October 1987. The Pendley Homestead Historic District was accepted onto the National Register of Historic Places on December 23, 1991. The apple farm is one of the few homesteads still preserved in Oak Creek Canyon.
There are three hiking trails in Slide Rock State Park: Pendley Homestead Trail (.25 miles), Slide Rock Route (.3 miles), and Clifftop Nature Trail (.25).
Slide Rock State Park attracted 254,584 visitors in 2005 and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Arizona.

Funny Scary Snowman Hidden Camera Practical Joke Top 50 Of All Time 2016

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Find out where I’m taking the snowman next and follow my diaily stories.

Freaky has traveled all over the country scaring the sugar plums out of people. Freaky’s stomping ground is Rhode Island where he was born and raised. In the last four years he has traveled from coast to coast including, Anaheim California, Columbus Ohio, Seaside Heights New Jersey, Boston Massachusetts, Orlando Florida, Frederick Maryland, and New York City.The Scary Snowman has been pranking since 2011 and has started his 5th season.

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We put together the best of the best for this top 50 compilation. We hope you love it!

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Caught on camera: Pregnant beggar with boy drives off in a Mercedes-Benz

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“Here they are counting money, laughing.”

SAN DIEGO – An outraged viewer contacted Team 10 after she watched a pregnant woman and a boy beg for money in a shopping center and then drive away in a Mercedes Benz.

Melissa Smith took pictures of the beggar, the boy and the Benz.

Smith said she saw the pregnant panhandler and the boy, who might have been the woman’s son, at Eastlake Village Center every weekend for two months. She said the woman’s husband or boyfriend would join them on the weekends.

Full story at ABC 10

BNSF/Amtrak Perham, MN East Camera LIVE! On and off a bonus footage from the “3rd Cam”!

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Perham, MN LIVE NOW! ☺ BNSF/Amtrak R/R LIVE Perham MN East Camera with over 10,760 entries to the “Road Number” MFG database of BNSF/Amtrak/Otter Tail Valley Railroad and others. We’re slowly adding pics to all the Road Numbers as well!

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Now with over 10,375 entries to the Road Number Database. To get the database just type in the train number with an exclamation point first (!1234) and the database will answer.

ATCS Monitor Staples Sub Server Host at CP1960

According to BNSF Staples sees 30 – 35 trains in a 24 hour period.

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Strange Creature grows tail and wings on camera – Perris, CA

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Strange Flying Creature Grows A Tail & Wings – UFO – Perris, CA
Your about to see something not from this world.or is it??


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