Undefeated 12 Egg “Ironman” Challenge at Broken Yolk Cafe in East Bakersfield | Freak Eating

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After running a personal best in the 2017 Bakersfield Half-Marathon, it was time for breakfast. I drove over to the new Broken Yolk Cafe in the Eastern part of Bakersfield and decided to take on their Ironman Challenge. As a bonus, it was still undefeated (I also completed it in the other Bakersfield location). I was hoping to become the first finisher. With no fanfare, no BS, and No Stalin, it’s time to fall in love with eggs, potatoes, and two massive biscuits. If I finished the platter, I’d get the $35 meal for free and score a sweet T-shirt as well.

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New Mexicos Hot Chefs tm Church Street Cafe, Calabacitas

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Chruch Street Cafe
Casa de Ruiz, which literally translates to “the house of Ruiz”, has a long and distinctive history. Unfortunately much of this history has been lost with the passage of time and that which remains is at best uncertain. The house was built during the founding of Albuquerque sometime after 1706. This would make Casa de Ruiz the oldest residence in Albuquerque and one of the oldest structures in the state of New Mexico.

The property was originally a residence built by the Ruiz family in the early 1700’s. It remained a residence until the last inhabitant, Rufina G. Ruiz died in 1991 at the age of 91. The house had never been sold and had remained in the Ruiz family since the early 18th century. The family can be traced back to Julianna Lucero and Francisco Ruiz both born around 1834. No record of their ancestors has been found but it is quite possible the dwelling was several generations old by this time. Their daughter Sarah Ruiz, born on February 22, 1880, was Rufina’s mother.

We are open everyday from 8 AM until 9 PM, except for Sundays in which we are open from 8 AM until 4 PM.

If you would like to make reservations for 6 or more please call us at (505) 247-8522.

JBF Awards 2010: Mary & Titos Cafe (Albuquerque, NM ), Americas Classic Award

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Mary & Titos Cafe
2711 Fourth St. N.W., Albuquerque, NM
Owners: Mary Gonzales and Antoinette Knight

Carne adovada—long-braised pork in red chile sauce—might be the most characteristic of New Mexicos robust and deceptively simple dishes. New Mexicans argue the merits of various carne adovada preparations statewide, but aficionados nearly always rank Mary & Titos tops. The Gonzales family serves the fork-tender meat as the centerpiece of a plate, in overstuffed burritos, and also as a filling for enchiladas and empanadas.

Native New Mexicans and husband and wife team Mary and Tito Gonzales started their adobe cafe just north of downtown Albuquerque in 1963. Tito was the original cook and creator of the recipes. When he passed away, Mary hired more cooks and continued to run the front of the house, oversee the business, and raise their family.

From the worn but clean booths, tables, and a handful of counter stools, diners gaze over family and patron photos, the kids and grandkids sports trophies, and other mementos of family accomplishments.
Now past 80, Mary still comes in daily to greet old friends and new, while her daughter Antoinette manages the cafe. Other daughters help out too, and various grandchildren wait tables when theyre not in school.

—Cheryl Jamison, Cookbook Author and Food Writer

Richard King “LIVE” “Let Me Not Offend Thee”-July 11, 2016-“Mia Cuppa Caffe” Fresno Ca.fe

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Up loaded on Aug. 8, 2016, 2nd “Live” video on youtube by, “Richard King”singing without the electric guitar. Richard King’s new CD is called: “Win The Battle”. Richard is now living in the Fresno Ca. Area. “Interested !! Churches, Managers, and Booking agents or anyone that want me to play Christian Music, please email “Richard King” at: [email protected] Leave phone number or I’ll just email you back. Also please check out “Jesus Is Real”,”How Great Thou Art”,”This Little Of Mine and “Your Maker”, “Live” by “Richard King” on youtube also just uploaded. Thank you and God bless you, Richard King

Exposure Of Corruption And Racism Of The Manna Cafe Clarksville Tennessee USA 37040

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This racism and unfair treatment of black people volunteering has got to stop if they want to continue to be part of the community, It WILL no longer be tolerated, Amen!

50,000 Silver Dollar Montana Gift Shop Cafe Casino Hotel Truck Stop I90 Idaho Road Trip Dollars

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50,000 Silver Dollar Gift Shop Casino Hotel Truck Stop World Famous I90 Idaho Montana On the way to deliver a car from Montana to Sacramento on the I90 between Missoula and Spokane there is the 50,000 Silver Dollar Store. They have a huge gift shop, cafe, casino, hotel, and truck stop. The gift shop has a very impressive amount of knives that you can buy. The gift shop is huge and has all sorts of different unique collectibles you can buy. This place is World Famous so I just had to stop there and do a video review of it. Would of been better during the day but don’t always get it how I want it. The walls of Silver Dollars is very impressive they have over 62,000 of them and have them all logged and if you gave them one they will know exactly where it is. Just a cool fun place.

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Ron Johnson at Cora Faye’s Cafe – Park Hill – Denver – Restoration Church

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Ron Johnson, head pastor at Restoration Community Church eating lunch at Cora Faye’s Cafe in Denver Colorado.

Old Town Albuquerque New Mexico

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In this episode I visit Old Town in Albuquerque New Mexico. Featured is the Rattlesnake Museum, and Rolling in Dough Bakery & Cafe.

Living in St. Matthews – Louisville, KY

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St. Matthews is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky due to its location in the heart of the east end inside the Watterson Expressway. Considered a suburb, St. Matthews homes still have an urban neighborhood feel. St. Matthews is a hub of bars, restaurants, parks, shopping, schools, churches, and plenty of entertainment. St. Matthews’ central location attracts plenty of home buyers and offers a variety of home styles and lot sizes; From a Cape Cod on a small lot, to a multi-million dollar home on 2 acres. Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty knows this area very well, and would love to show you the amazing homes for sale in St. Matthews.

Best Mexican Food | Las Cruces NM | Carrillos Cafe | 88001 | 575-523-9913| Reviews | Near Me

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(575) 523-9913 Carrillos Cafe Las Cruces NM reviews
Best Mexican Food Restaurant Las Cruces New Mexico
New 5 Star Reviews Rating

This place is delicious and to the point. It’s got consistently good food and is friendly family-run business. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for an order. I’m officially addicted and it’s only a one minute walk from my office which is a definite plus.

Locations Served:

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Carrillos Cafe
330 S Church St
Las Cruces NM

The July Church @ The 806 Amarillo, TX

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The July Church, Playing to the local Texan poets and Musicians at alterna Cafe, The 806. Skip Leon on Vocals and Manuel Ayala on Guitar. 12/7/11. Thank you too Flyin Ryin Lynch for working the video camera.


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Here we are in Paradise, that’s Tucson, Arizona on a beautiful afternoon at an outdoor cafe. It’s the corner of Church and Congress St and we can see the former Valley Bank Building, site of the 1956 movie “A Kiss Before Dying” starring Robert Wagner and Joanne Woodward. In the movie we see a beautiful panorama of the city more than 50 years ago right before he throws her off the top of the building. With us at the cafe is lovely Dorothy McCutcheon (Dorothy Haas), 1961 graduate of Catalina High School.