401 Trail // Mountain Biking in Crested Butte, Colorado

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When mountain bikers think about Crested Butte, Colorado, the 401 trail is most likely the first trail that comes to mind. We knew of more technical trails like Doctor Park, but everyone said 401 was Crested Butte’s most iconic trail. We can see why. Our mission was to make the 5-mile ascent to 11,000 feet without dying and bomb down as fast as possible. While there isn’t much in terms of “tech” on this trail, it’s still high risk in some spots due to off camber sections and extremely narrow single track. One miscorrection of the front wheel riding at speed is enough to send you down the flowery mountainside. The views are nothing short of spectacular. Keeping your eyes on the trail is really tough when you’re in the middle of arguably the most beautiful trail in Colorado. We had an absolute blast on this trail and will definitely be back to explore more of what Crested Butte as to offer!

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Father Russell talks about the Serbian culture in Butte

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Presentation by Fr. Russell Radoicich entitled “The Blossoming of a Culture.” The lecture will explore the Serbian culture, mind-set, art, music, language, history and its direct connection to Orthodox Christianity.

Father Russell Radoicich is an Orthodox Christian Priest in Butte Montana, currently launching 5 new Orthodox Christian parishes in Montana. He has a weekly Prison Ministry at Deer Lodge State Penitentiary, and has been a member of Board of Ethics for St. James hospital. Schooled in New York at Saint Vladimir’s Theological Seminary, graduating in 1999 with a Masters of Divinity, Fr. Russell was ordained to the Diaconate and then the Priesthood. Fr. Russell has an undergraduate Bachelors’ of Science degree from California State University of Fresno. Married in 1988, Fr. Russell and his wife have four (4) children, ages 9 to 22. Fr. Russell was raised on a farm and worked in Agribusiness prior to seminary.

2009 National Folk Fest. Butte, Montana.

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Check out the annual National Folk Fest in Butte, Montana.

49er Fan Pastor Tim’s 1-Minute Worship Service (Jan. 12, 2014)

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**FYI: He DID do a normal service right after this*
The very abbreviated worship service created by Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church (Butte, Montana) for the 11 AM service taking place at the exact same time as kickoff for the 49ers – Panthers NFL playoff game.

2015 Montana Tech Graduation – Butte, MT

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Commencement exercises for Montana Tech’s Class of 2015. Ceremony held at the Butte Civic Center and streamed live via Ustream.


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Vera Lee With Swamp Dogg Band singing WALKING AND TALKING Butte Montana Folk Festival TAKING US BACK TO CHURCH She’s On Fire! at 93! Produced by MoogStar Clemon & Swamp Dogg Williams
Executive Producer- Dr. Jeri Y. Williams
Edited/Camera Operator-MoogStar Clemon
Stoney Dixon Bass Guitar
Craig Kimbrough Drums
Lucky Lloyd Guitar
Michael Murphy Keyboards
MoogStar Clemon Keyboards
Charles Hayes Tenor Saxophone
For S.D.E.G. Records & Films